The CCW Revolution Marches On!


Live From Miami Florida.

A Cascade of mild pyro-technics encompass the arena to initiate the very 1st ever Crisis show.

Mr.Sensation appears at the ramp way and walks to the announce booth. He grabs a microphone and points to the C-Tron(Projection Screen) The Camera Fixates on the Image of Mr.Sensation as he begins to speak.

Mr.Sensation: Good evening ladies and gentleman, I will make this brief this is Cyber Championship Wrestling!, The New Revolution in Online Wrestling!. As such CCW is about hard hitting action.

Mr.Sensation continues

Mr.Sensation: Tonight we kick off the VERY 1st CCW PRESENTS CRISIS TAPING. And to get things moving I would like to introduce to you my co-announcer for the evening and you're new General Manager Starting next week, Alexander Revan!

The Crowd gives Mr.Revan a grand ovation as Mr.Revan with a Mic of his own begins to speak.

Mr.Revan: Myself and Mr.Sensation have been friends for quite some time. He mentioned CCW and I jumped at the chance, the reason is quite simple. CCW is the future! CCW will become the NEXT OCW!. With my help the Revolution will continue!

Both Men wave to the crowd and sit down as the show is about to begin.

Mr.Sensation: Looks like its me and you tonight.

Mr.Revan: 3 Big matches and the kick off of something great, I think we will be just fine!

Brad Bauer enters the arena through the security sector in the backstage area.  He's in street clothes, Vincent Valmont is right behind him carrying the bags.  The fans boo and jeer at the site of Bauer showing up on a CCW event.  CCW's own Trisha Waltrip is standing by waiting for the exclusive ::

Trisha:  Brad Bauer!!  Over here, Brad..

:: Bauer's annoyed, he pulls his sunglasses off and stops to talk to Trisha ::

Trisha:  Welcome to CCW CRISIS!

Bauer:  Relax are getting a little too excited for me...take a few deep breaths, and try to control yourself. 

Vincent:  (chimes in)  Sorry Brad, it's not everyday CCW gets starpower like this.

:: Bauer and Trisha both stop and look at Vincent with a puzzled gaze ::

Trisha:  I understand that you are scheduled to face Herbie Johnson in tonight's main event?

Bauer:  That's right gorgeous.  Double B's are going to be the last thing he sees before he's looking up at the ring lights wondering what happened.

Trisha:  Don't you think you might be taking him a little too lightly?

Bauer:  Let's talk about something more serious Trisha....

Trisha:  Like?

Bauer:  Like last night on Riot where I beat the OCW Television champion 1...2....3!

Trisha:  That was an impressive win, understanding that Hardcore wrestling is not your style.

Bauer:  Hardcore and wrestling do not belong in the same sentence together...nonetheless, I overcame the odds and proved to the world that I should be the OCW Television Champion.  I'm hearing some rule about American's not being sanctioned to compete for the TV title, however, and I'm here to take that up with Mr. Sensation himself, as I understand he will be in the building.

:: Fans boo...not sure if they are booing the Chairman or Bauer...they are just booing ::

Trisha:  You've heard it hear first folks...Brad Bauer, the OCW Television Title, and most importantly, the main event right here tonight!

The Camera pans back to the announce booth

Mr.Sensation: (Palms his face)Sigh, I feel a headache coming on .

Mr.Revan: Well this might make you feel better up Next Andre The Bull Simmons, takes on the Excellence of Sexellence, the Man that the Ladies Paid to see and the guys wish they could be the man who is single handedly bringing Hunkamania to CCW, Deano Horse!

Andre Simmons Vs. Deano Horse


Mr.Sensation: He overcame the odds BAW GAWD!.

Mr.Revan: No he didnt!

Mr.Sensation: Excellent point.....







Alexander Revan

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