The CCW Revolution Marches On!


Live From Orlando Florida.

The opening pyro for Crisis explodes at the entranceway, the camera pans around the arena showing the masses of fans that’ve attended the show.

Alexander Revan appears from behind the curtain holding a microphone.

Mr. Revan: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your General Manager Mr. Alexander Revan and this is CCW Crisis!

Crowd pops, Mr Revan continues speaking

Mr. Revan : Tonight we have an exciting line up to keep you adrenaline junkies on the edge of your seats, but first and foremost I’m out here tonight to introduce to you the CCW Crisis announce team.

Two men walk out from behind the curtain and stand either side of Mr. Revan, holding the mic with his right hand he points to the man on the left of him.

Mr. Revan: On my left a man who has a way with words and storytelling that would rival William Shakespeare, ladies and gentlemen I give to you our Play by Play and Voice of CCW Crisis Mr.Geoffrey Osbourne

Geoffrey Osbourne steps into the light and waves to the crowd before taking his seat at the Announce Booth.

Mr. Revan puts the mic in his left hand and points to the man standing to his right.

Mr. Revan: And on my right…*he looks at the man*… our mandatory color commentator, who had better not screw up or he will be fired Mr. Travis Morgan

Travis Morgan nervously steps into the light and waves to the crowd, he then stumbles over to his seat.

Mr. Revan: There you have it the CCW Crisis announce team, enjoy the show.

Mr. Revan steps back behind the curtain

The Camera pans back to the announce booth.

Travis:  Uh why does he hate me already? It’s only my first day.

Geoffrey: I guess that's the impression you give when you reverse into your employers car.

Travis: Well it's in the past now, lets just get on with it.

Geoffrey: Indeed, onto our first match of the evening Roadaka versus Chris Callhoun and I'm being told that their already in the ring

Roadaka vs. Chris Callhoun


Geoffrey: A great match to kick off Tonights Crisis .

Travis: Great match? who the hell were those guys Geoff? they just appeared in the ring......

Geoffrey: It's Geoffrey actually







Alexander Revan

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