The CCW Revolution Marches On!


Live From Oklahoma City Oklahoma.

The opening pyro for Crisis explodes at the entranceway, the camera pans around the arena showing the masses of fans that’ve attended the show.

Geoffrey: Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Geoffrey Osbourne welcoming you to the 3rd installment of CCW Crisis I'm joined by my colleague Travis Morgan, over to you Travis.

Travis: Thanks Geoff we have an exciting show of blood, sweat and mowhawks for the fans here tonight.

Geoffrey: Indeed we do, but unfortunately not all of our competitors could be here tonight it seems that there was an issue with the catering on Turmoil which caused half of the guys to have food poisoning.

Travis: This is why I never trust free food Geoff.

Geoffrey: Can you please start using my full name? It's Geoffrey.

Travis: Sorry Geoff that I cannot do, anyway whats wrong with Geoff? It's makes you sound cool, hip and young

Geoffrey: I'm 47 years old.......

Travis: REALLY?!?! only 47? damn Geoff you don't still live with your mother do you?

Geoffrey: I don't have to answer that.

Travis: I'll take that as a yes.

Geoffrey: Look can we just get on with the show?

Travis: Ok Geoff take it away.

Geoffrey: Tonights line up consists of 3 exciting contests, Tyrael Carter takes on J Yo in what is sure to be un uphill struggle

Travis: It's all about the mowhawk Geoff, a mowhawk represents power I'm thinking of getting one myself

Geoffrey: Our 2nd match features KC Gibson who will take on an OCW Veteran and the Rated ARRRRRRRRRRRRR Superstar the returning Chris Baxter in the second interpromotional match in Crisis history.

Travis: Can KC Gibson make a name for himself against the Pirate or will Baxter add his name to the list of people who have walked the plank.

Geoffrey: And in tonights Main Event USA vs Mexico, Gavin Slade is in action against Carlos Cruz.

Travis: I'ma get me a Taco when that match is over!

Geoffrey: I think it's about time we got this show started, lets go to ringside for our first match of the evening

Tyrael Carter vs. J Yo


Travis: I bet he'll feel that in the morning.

Geoffrey: Agreed, I'm sure that those 2 men will meet again in the future and they will put on another great spectacle of a match.

Travis: I can't believe you still live with your mom that's just sad man.

Geoffrey: Shut up!






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