The CCW Revolution Marches On!



The opening pyro for Crisis explodes at the entranceway, the camera pans around the arena showing the masses of fans that’ve attended the show.

Geoffrey: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, girls and everyone in between we welcome you to a special edition of CCW Crisis. Tonight will feature both CCW weekly shows as for this special occassion we're Live on TWO CHANNELS! My name is Geoffrey Osbourne and will me as always Travis Mor

Travis: *interupts* MORGAN! It's great to be here in mardi gras city Geoff this is my favourite place to be especially when we have the plessure of calling a card like this one.

Geoffrey: Indeed it is, we're not alone tonight as we're joined by Tuesday night rival commentators Double S and J. Rivers. Over to you guys in Lafayette .

Camera switches over to Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, Louisiana where we're standing by with Double S and John Rivers.

Double S: Thank You Geoff

Cameria quickly switches back over to Geoffrey Osbourne as he face palms.

Double: It's great to be here on a Thursday night, just because this isn't our usual day doesn't mean we don't have our usual PRIME TIME worthy action for those of you at home, you got anything to say?

Rivers: Only that I wish Gabe had us in New Orleans tonight, but since I cannot change that I guess it's great to be here.

Camera cuts back to Geoffrey and Travis

Geoffrey: We have a combined total of 7 matches tonight for this super showso we'd better get a move on, up first Deano Horse the self proclaimed Hunkamaniac takes on Chris Ryder.

Travis: Hunkamania running wild on Crisis!

Deano Horse w/Simmons vs. Chris Ryder w/Cruz


Travis: DANGER DANGER! That match was explosive.

Geoffrey: As always we kick off Crisis with a stunnin opener, not much else needs to be said.

J Yos music hits you see him walking down to the ring with a clipboard in hand he gets to the ring and asks for a microphone and starts to talk. is seen . You see the roster of ccw on the list as J-Yo scratches off Scott hanlon,Carlos Cruz, Andre Simmons, Tyrel Carter.

J-Yo: People around the world will respect me for I am J-Yo I am

undeafeated I am dominating CCW. I have beat Scott Hanlon, Andre

Simmons, Tryel Carter, Carlos Cruz and the list will go on till I

have personaly beat down everysingle person in CCW and Im issuing a

challenge to anyone watching this to step up and try there luck

against me. For there is not one of you who can stop me I am the

biggest star there is for J Yo is

staring in the most best action flick scence time The Rollen Boss.

And Next week on Crisis I will debut the movie. J Yo out.

J Yo leaves the ring

Travis: See kids he is the reason why it's soo important to stay in school and go to every English class, the silver streak does not represent a basic education.









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