The CCW Revolution Marches On!


Geoffrey: A week off to prepare for the upcoming draft, I didn't expect it.


Travis: It's alright nothing spectacular I bet we don't even get paid.


The scene comes inside the office of Gabe Richards and Alexander Revan, both men appear to be in a heated conversation with much hair pulling and nail biting.

Revan: What about Hoppus? People love CJ, he would trigger a lot of media attention as well as a large fan base.

Gabe: I’d pencil him down, you are correct about all those statements but I am not 100% sure CJ is a right choice.


Gabe: I’m picky.

Revan: No sh…

Alex turns his attention to the camera peeking through the door crack.

Revan: Can we help you?

The door slowly makes its way open and Trisha then makes her way into the office.

Trisha: Terribly sorry Mr. Richards and Mr. Revan but the entire locker room is in a giant uproar about the OCW – CCW Draft taking place next week. And seeing as none of the wrestlers can give me a legit story I thought I’d bring it to the top two men in CCW.

Gabe: What would you like to know? The chances of either of us telling you the choices we haven’t even come close to making yet won’t happen.

Revan: Well if someone would be cooperative we might be on our way back to our hotels.

Gabe: I don’t want us to rush into anything here Alex, we make one wrong move and BAM CCW is extinct, gone, buh-bye. And then were both broke.

Trisha: Gentlemen?

Revan: Oh give me a break, the talent is flawless that has been placed in this draft any choice would be a good one.

Gabe: Oh really?

Gabe grabs a sheet of paper and holds it in front of Alex’s face pointing to a name highlighted in yellow.

Revan: I retract my previous statement.

Trisha: Well could you at least share some thoughts on who you’d like to join CCW? Both of your separate opinions, of course.

Revan: Well Trisha, I’m looking for the money maker. Someone who is going to bring the media to CCW and have it following it nonstop along with a huge fan base and personally I feel many men in OCW could do that, and I do not just mean the main event crew. Many men still struggling to find there place could find it right here in CCW and become the star they always dreamed of becoming. And I strongly believe CJ Hoppus and Michael Heaton have those qualities.

Trisha: Those could be quite the addition to the CCW roster, now what about you Mr. Richards?

Gabe: Unlike Alexander, I am looking for men who live and breathe this business, not someone who is used a marketing ploy. I want men who can put forth contests the crowd will be stunned by and leave them wanting more, from then on we will build a fan base due to our wrestling skills not the glitz and glamour. Though I am not 100% sure, my favorites would have to go to Seth Irving and Matt Wilson.

Trisha: Wow, both of those ideas would make CCW a much stronger federation than it already is. But another big topic is who do you think is on their way out of CCW and what kind of impact that will leave?

Gabe: That was defiantly a button pusher wondering who would on their way to OCW and we did think about that very carefully. It is safe to say our CCW Champion will stay put, but I’d have to say losing anyone from CCW will leave a damper in the locker room.

Revan: Couldn’t have said it better myself. Though we will be gaining some tremendous talent from OCW, we will be losing some class talent ourselves which will be hard to deal with when they go. I can’t say who the OCW GM’s have there minds set on but I’d think there top picks would be Malu and Justin Time.

Trisha: Well I think I have got what I needed to gather, thank you two so much for sharing such curtail information with me.

Revan: No problem at all, but if you shall excuse us we have a lot more discussing to get to.

Trisha: No problem at all, thanks again!

Trisha exits the office with a giant smile on her face.

Gabe: Alright back to the drawing board.

Revan: Not so fast.

Gabe: For the last time I don’t want to play Monopoly.

Revan: No, no. In fact this will help ease the mind and help us get through this.

Gabe: Did you pick up off Versus?

Revan: Something like that.

Alexander pulls out two large cigars and hands one over to Gabe then removing a lighter.

Revan: Cubans! Only the best!

Gabe: You are a wonderful man Revan, a wonderful man!

The scene fades out as both men toast with the cigars before lighting them.

Travis: Where's my cigar? damnit I want a cuban.


Geoffrey: Both GM's seem to be working out a short list. I wonder what Revans announcment is later on.


Travis: He's finally going to give me the keycode for the snack machines.


Geoffrey: Doubtful anyway coming up next Jose Liddel makes his return to CCW and he takes on Gavin Slade

Gavin Slade vs. Jose P Liddel


Travis: Eat your heart out Ex Division.

Geoffrey: Imagine if he got traded to OCW? I'm sure he'd turn some heads after a Win like that.

Gavin Slade is seen walking backstage after his match with Liddel. Suddenly he hears someone clapping their hands.

Nice win tonight Slade.

The camera pans behind Gavin to reveal Scott Hanlon

Hanlon: Must have been really tough considering the size difference. It's amazing you pulled it off.

Slade: Is that a touch of sarcasm in your voice or is it just me?

Hanlon: Sarcasm? No, not me.

Slade: Don't you have a Leprechaun convention to be getting to or something?

Crowd laughs

Hanlon: Unfortunately I don't Gavin. I'll be busy celebrating my #1 contendership for the CCW title. It's only a matter of time before I become champion. So what have you been doing lately?

Slade: ...

Hanlon cuts Slade off.

Hanlon: Nothing! That's what. You talk sh** about leprechauns and pubs. That's all you can do Gavin is talk sh**. You keep talking and I'll keep winning.

Slade: I ...

Hanlon: Save it kid. You're not worth my time. I have a match to win.

Hanlon walks off as Slade is left speechless.









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