The CCW Revolution Marches On!


Live From The Manhattan Center in New York, New York It’s Tuesday Night Turmoil Crisis!

The opening pyro explodes at the entranceway, the camera pans around the arena showing the masses of fans that’ve attended the show.


Geoffrey: We're back with another special edition of CCW Crisis, once again we pair up with Tuesday Night Turmoil to deliver Tuesday Night Turmoil Crisis.

Travis: That's not such a great name though is it Geoff?


Geoffrey: Not for the caliber of show we have tonight, 2 nights removed from Damnation we return with hard hitting action that will make even the holiest nuns wet with excitement.


Travis looks at Geoffrey in complete shock


Geoffrey: Tonight we have been promised a HUGE announcment regarding the future of CCW.

Travis: Why do I get the feeling that Revan is going to fire someone?

Geoffrey: And we will also find out who will be next in line for a Title Shot as Andre Simmons battles Scott Hanlon.

Travis: Two men who clearly have dominated here in CCW go head to head in what should be an excellent contest.

Geoffrey: Also on the cards tonight 2 CCW Superstars return to action, 1 man pulls double duty and in our main event Chris Ryder will face Justin Time.

Travis: I don't know about you but I'm excited lets start the show.

Geoffrey: Up first the returning David Jackson collides with the bull who will be pulling double duty tonight lets hope this doesn't come back to bite him in the ass it's Andre Simmons.

Andre Simmons vs. David Jackson


Travis: Welcome back D-Jack

Alexander Revan enters the ring as the crowd chants CCW CCW CCW

Alex: I hope everyone is digging the super show

The crowd cheers

Alex: I have pressing matters to attend to, as announced by Mr.Sensation at Damnation 2 nights ago we learned that the final onslaught will begin.

Alex: Very soon a draft will take place among OCW and CCW and it looks like judging from the boys in the back anything can happen. Nathan Gaines can wind up in OCW!

The Crowd Boos

Alex: Nate Ortiz can wind up in CCW

The Crowd Pops

Alex: Hell CCW can even get Infamous!

The Crowd begins to chant STIEEEENER, STIEEEENER

Alex: Fact is anything can happen and it fills me with a new sense of invigoration. I know CCW has been off to the rockiest of starts, 1st wrestlers and now even General Managers. I know Mr.Sensation is frothing at the pit hoping things work out.

Alexander paces about the ring

Alex: I am here to let everyone know that CCW will succeed I will pour my heart, my soul, my blood into this company and make it the very best it can be, you knock us down we get right back up! All I need is the boyz in the back, Make a stand and lets take the fight to the big time I know with your help we can set out what we set to do. So with that I say this, CCW The Revolution Will rise AGAIN!!!!

Alexander pumps his fist into the air as the crowd explodes in chants of CCW CCW CCW CCW.








Alexander Revan

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