The CCW Revolution Marches On!



The opening pyro for Crisis explodes at the entranceway, the camera pans around the arena showing the masses of fans that’ve attended the show.

Geoffrey: Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Geoffrey Osbourne and I welcome you to CCW Crisis, the revolution marches on here in Bossier City tonight! and as always I'm joined by Mr. Too Cool to go to School Travis Morgan

Travis: That's true Geoff I never had much use for school, the teachers didn't like me and let just say the feelings were mutual.

Geoffrey: When I was in school all the teachers loved me, I got straight A's and won many Science awards.

Travis: But somehow you ended up here and you still live with your mom, I bet she's proud of the life you have Geoff.

Geoffrey: Well folks we have 2 great matches lined up for this evening, you'd think with no Turmoil this week that Crisis could just swoop in and make a name for itself...... sadly that's not the case.

Travis: We do get paid alot for the little work we do. If word ever got out about how little we actually do, we'd be getting paid as much as the janitors

Geoffrey: Indeed and then I would never be able to get out of mothers house.

Travis: That being said, thanks to the people who did show up tonight we are able to put together a show that still kicks the ass of any Sports Entertainment you see on Sci-Fi every Tuesday night.

Geoffrey: Exactly and tonight we have J Yo taking on Tony Crass, personally I've been looking forward to this all week.

Travis: Our second match and Main Event features CCW Champion Malu Polamalu and a mystery partner against Number One Contender Nathan Gaines and his mystery partner.

Geoffrey: The interesting thing here is that Malu will choose Nathans partner and vice versa.

Travis: Will Nathan finally be able to beat the man who defeated him at Wrestlution or will Malu continue his dominance and show Gaines exactly what he's in for when they eventually collide.

We goto a wide shot of the red hot Louisiana Crowd. The are waving home made signs and are chanting "Crisis". The energy and excitment can be felt through the electricity of the crowd. All of a sudden The music of Turmoil General Manager Gabe Richards begins to play. He makes his way down to the ring, walking with a purpose. He has a microphone in hand and a smile on his face.

Richards: Well I'm sure all of you did not expect to see me here on Crisis. As you know I have a very deep rooted interest you could say in the Nathan Gaines Malu Polamalu feud. You see last week on Turmoil Malu laid his hands upon me and attacked me. You do not get away with that Tubby. You may think that you are powerful, but you have crossed the wrong man. I have the absolute power to make your life a living hell. Next week on Turmoil Nathan and I will make a special announcement that will show you that you dont' get away with your actions. Tonight however, I'm here in Louisiana to watch Nathan Gaines kick your ass

**Crowd Pops**

Richards' music hits again and he waves to the crowd and exits the ring.

Travis: You don't see Mr. Revan appearing on Turmoil.....





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