CCW Crisis, not just for kids anymore!



Geoffrey: Hey there folks and welcome to another exciting edition of Crisis, I'm your guide in this Revolution Mr. Geoffrey Osbourne and as always I'm joined by resident funny man Travis Morgan.


Travis: Hello Brooklyn!

Geoffrey: Tonights Crisis is packed full of wrestling goodness, we start the night with the debut of Katsuo Nakamura whos has allegedly won many titles in his former promotion and now he looks to tackle the western leagues he starts off against fellow new comer Matt Spears.


Travis: and in our second match, Guyton as he now calls himself will square off against Hunkamania Deano Horse. Why is he pretending to be Guy Fausto?


Geoffrey: I just work here I don't interact with ToP or TiTs.


Travis: Apparently not.....


Geoffrey: You shut up! our third match of the night, Gavin Slade against our friendly neighbor hood drunk Double A.


Travis: So nothing witty to mention about either wrestler?


Geoffrey: I called Double A a drunk what more do you want?


Travis: Nothing, nothing it's just if we're going to beat the Riot ratings you could add a little more enegery to it.


Geoffrey: Fine, also in action tonight newly crowned number one contender for the TV Title Chris Ryder takes on Irusho Takunashi, a win for either man could give them a huge confidence boost heading into Consequence this sunday. Better?


Travis: Perfect, our Main Event tonight pits reigning CCW Champion against reigning Television Champion, Nathan Gaines meets The Steve in their first match since The Clash 2006 when The Steve defeated Nathan in a Ladder match for the Leadership to the defunct faction The Young Bloods.


Geoffrey: Nathan looking to even the score once and for all, The Steve looks to add another win over his former faction mate.


Travis: and tonights icing on the cake, The first of what I'm sure will be many, The Versus Bar comes to CCW! but first Asian Rookie versus Non-Asian Rookie


Matt Spears Vs Katsuo Nakamura


Geoffrey: Afew more performances like that and he'll be on his way to gold in no time, unique finisher too.


As the camera comes into focus, we see The Steve standing by his locker. He begins to put his bag in his locker when someone knocks on the door.

Voice: Hello? I’m looking for The Steve. I have a special package for him that I must deliver in person.

The Steve: This better be good. Enter.

The door opens and a CCW staff member walks in the locker with a flat, black canvas bag in his hand.

The Steve: Is that what The Steve thinks it is?

CCW Staffer: I don’t know, sir.

The CCW staffer hands The Steve the package.

The Steve: You may go now.

As the staffer leaves the locker room, The Steve unzips the bag and looks inside.

The Steve: Now this definitely worthy of The Steve. It seems too clean though.

The Steve ponders for a moment.

The Steve: Ah, The Steve knows who to see about this.

The Steve zips up the bag, closes his locker, and leaves the locker room. He proceeds down the hallway until he comes to the Versus’ Bar. In front is a set of velvet ropes, and in between the ropes is a line of people 25 deep, and in front of the line are 2 large security guards.

The Steve: What the f*** is this s***?

Security Guard 1: Your invitation, please.

The Steve: What invitation? The Steve does not need an invitation, for he is The Steve, and he is better than you.

Security Guard 2: No invitation, no entry. Get outta here.

The Steve: Get outta here? Get outta here!?!? Who the flying f*** do you think you are? The Steve will not put up with this crap! You will let The Steve in NOW!

Just then, due to all the commotion The Steve is causing, Versus steps outside.

Versus: Is there a problem here?

The Steve: Yea there’s a f***ing problem! These two potty-trained gorillas you hired to work the door won’t let The Steve enter.

Security Guard 1: He doesn’t have an invitation, sir.

Versus: It’s ok boys. He’s cool. Let him in.

The Steve: Well it’s about damn time!

Versus heads back into the bar while The Steve shoots the guards a dirty look before entering himself, still clutching the black canvas bag he received earlier.


Everyone In The Bar: (in unison) SHUT THE F*** UP!

The Steve: (looking a little dejected) The Steve hates you all.

The Steve walks over to the bar and sits down on one of the new cushioned bar stools. Versus is standing behind the bar.

Versus: Pick yer poison.

The Steve: The Steve has a match coming up, so he needs to take it easy. Give him a Grey Goose and cranberry.

Versus quickly makes The Steve his drink and sets it in front of him. The Steve picks up the glass and shoots it down like a shot.

The Steve: That hit the spot. Anyway, the reason The Steve has decided to bless you with his presence is because The Steve has received a shiny new toy and, well…it’s too shiny. The Steve needs the crevases of his new toy filled with finely ground hydroponics. Since The Steve forgot his at the hotel room, he figures that you could help him out.

Versus: Now, you know I have no problem helping you out there. However, I am gonna make you show off your new toy.

The Steve: If you insist…

The Steve unzips the zipper and opens the black canvas bag so Versus can look at what‘s inside.

The Steve: She’s beautiful, ain’t she?

Versus: That’s what it looks like? After your big friggin’ speech about how the old one wasn’t good enough, you get it to look like that?

The Steve: What? The Steve said on Tuesday that the old one was a good lookin’ title.

Versus: Whatever man. I don’t care. Ed, gimme a bag of the dank, some papers and a torch. We're about to kick this party off co-rrect!





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