CCW Crisis late but still the best show you'll see tonight!



The scene opens up backstage with Chris Ryder standing in street clothes. He has the TV Title slung over his shoulder, and is on the phone.

Ryder: Alright man glad to see you're ok we'll talk later. I'll do my best.....Alright you too.

Just then Ed Reed and Sean Strider walk over to Chris Ryder. Both men are in their high fashion street clothes, and have sunglasses on. Reed and Strider walk right over to Chris Ryder and corner him so to speak. Reed begins to rub as Ryder's Title. Ryder pulls away a little bit but Sean Strider puts his hand on Ryder's shoulder and lightly pushes him back.

Strider: What Nathan's not here this time? Last time wasn't he the one who told Reed and myself to go take what we want. What happens if we want this TV Title? Should we just take it now?

Ryder: Anytime you wanna step in the ring I'll show you why I have this title and you don't

Strider: A little fisty there aren't we? Look Nathan called Reed and myself out at Consequence, and we stepped up to the plate on Riot last week. So I know Nathan's all messed up in the hospital, so I figure maybe we'll make an example of you.

Ryder: I'm not afraid to take both of you right now

Ryder drops the title belt and gets ready to fight. Strider and Reed begin to back up a little bit

Strider: Look we're not here to fight. We won our match at Riot, so now its your turn to prove what you got. Nathan obviously couldn't back up his own words, so why don't you show us that you got what it takes

Ryder: I'll prove to you and everyone else why I'm TV Champion

Strider puts his hand on Ryder's shoulder and looks him in the eye**

Strider: Looking forward to it....Champ

Reed and Strider begin to back away as Ryder is still focused in on both men



Geoffrey: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Crisis, I'm Geoffrey Osbourne and along side me is the crazy son of a bitch with a slight itch it's Travis Morgan.


Travis: It's these japanese prostitutes Geoff, I think I picked up something.


Geoffrey: You should see a doctor


Travis: I will as soon as we get back to the states I don't trust these foreign doctors.


Geoffrey: Okie dokie, tonight guys and gals we continue the World Tag Team Grand Prix as El Tiago teams up with Morleck to take on Deano Horse who has to find himself a new tag partner due to Max Monero's recent suspension.


Travis: and in the second match of tonights WTTGP sees newcomers and free agents The Heartbreakers who will go against Versus and his un-named partner.


Geoffrey: Nice to see you're no longer holding your grudge against Versus for not letting you into the grand opening of his Versus Bar.


Travis: Mr. Revan said that I was suppost to just shut up and call matches or he'd fire me.


Geoffrey: Also in action tonight Eddie "EA" Allen will try to even the score with the man who defeated him upon returning to OCW way back in January that man was The Steve.


Travis: and tonights Main Event features CCW Champion Seth Irving versus current number 1 contender for the Television Championship Carlos Cruz.


Geoffrey: We kick things off now with the first of tonights World Tag Team Grand Prix quarter finals, lets go to ringsiiiiii.... I'm being told that Morleck has yet to show up.

The scene cuts to El Tiago, CCW's very own flash. El Tiago is sat in his lockeroom. He is waiting for his Tag Team partner Morleck. Morleck and El Tiago are due to compete in a match for the World Tag Team Grand Prix.

El Tiago: Common Morleck..its almost time..

El Tiago begins to pace up and down his locker room.

...damm i guess i have to head out alone..

El Tiago leaves his locker room. He begins to walk the corridors of CCW passing a few superstars on his way. He comes to the office of CCW Manager, Alexander Revan.

El Tiago knocks on the door.

Revan shouts "come in" from the other side of the door.

Tiago opens the door and approaches Alexander who is sat in his luxurious grand office chair.

Mr. Revan: Take a seat Tiago, how can I help you?

El T: My tag partner, Morleck, hasnt turned up tonigh...

As Tiago and Revan are speaking Deano bursts through the door of the office he takes a quick glance at El Tiago. Without saying a word Deano pulls up a chair, sits in it then places his feet ontop of Revan's desk.

Revan: What the hell do you think your doing. How dare you come strolling into my office like that.

Deano: Hey ease up Alex. Don't you know that increased stress levels can lead to bad skin, greasy hair and diarrhea? And I know you dont want that

Revan: Your an idiot and don't call me Alex it's Mr. Revan to you right Mr. Revan...

Deano: Lets not throw insults back and forth I have an issue that needs addressing and you shouldnt speak to The Excellence Of Sexcellence like that.

Deano reaches over onto the desk and pulls a cigar from Revans cigar case. He puts it in his mouth. He then turns to Tiago.

Deano (to tiago): Got a light?

Tiago looks on in amazement and then palms his head.

Revan: You should watch how you speak to the man who holds your career in his hands. What are you doing in my office anyway?

Deano: I'm glad you asked. We have a little problem. My tag partner has been unable to be present here tonight for reasons that I would not like to discuss. Therefore I am unable to compete tonight. Maybe its for the best I have a tanning session early tomorrow and I have a photoshoot for a couple of magazines in the afternoon. So im gonna go pack my stuff...

Revan: Deano, you may not have a partner for a tag match but neither does your opponent. Morleck hasn't showed tonight either. So Deano, no need to pack your stuff get your ring gear on you have a match...

Deano stares blankly at Revan...

Revan: 1 on 1, you will each represent your tag team whoever wins is responsible for progressing their team into the next round. Deano 'Horse' Vs El Tiago.

El Tiago: Thank you for this fantastic opportunity Mr. Revan. Deano, I look forward to meeting you in the ring it will be a great match for the fans...

Deano: Yeah... whatever. Just watch my face dude, like I said I have that photoshoot tomorrow and I dont need any bruises...

Deano looks down at El Tiago.

Deano: ... although I can't really see that being an issue.

El Tiago leaves the office.

Revan: What the hell are you still doing here you have a match coming up next. Get your feet off of my table! Get that damn cigar out of your mouth AND GET OUT OF MY OFFICE.

Deano stands up.

Deano: Im keeping the cigar... its a good look.

Deano turns around and leaves Revans office shutting the door on his way out.

Revan slumps back in his chair shaking his head.

Geoffrey: So Deano Horse will now face El Tiago in singles competition each man representing their team, who will advance?


El Tiago VS Deano Horse


geoffrey He hits his opponent with his finishing manoeuver and it's over just like that. He advances his team into the next round.

Travis Good effort but it just wasn't enough.





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