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Geoffrey: Good evening and welcome to Crisis back on a Thursday night.


Travis: As it should be Geoff.


Geoffrey: As usual we have an exciting showcase of matches for your viewing pleasure this evening.


Travis: That's right Geoff we at Crisis do our very best to bring you the fans exactly what you want to see in a wrestling show, none of that 4 minute squash match crap.


Geoffrey: Tonight we find out who will advance to the Finals of the World Tag Team Grand Prix when The Munchies take on Deano Horse and his unnamed partner.


Travis: The team that wins tonight will face off against The Team Of Champions on Turmoil for all the marbles.


Geoffrey: Trips makes his long awaited return to the ring tonight as he faces the resident alcoholic and one half of the OCW Tag Team Champions the Drunken to the Disorderly Double A.


Travis: That's one hell of an opponent to return to, also don't forget that Trips was running his mouth last week about how he should automatically be the number 1 superstar in CCW. A win here just might impress the GMs.


Geoffrey: Also in action tonight the Doctor of Fearonomics makes his CCW debut against the 2nd half ot the OCW Tag Team Champions, when Robert Fearo tries to pull and upset win over Brad Bauer.


Travis: BradBAUER! You can't teach me!


Geoffrey: There seems to be some complications with our first match, let's go backstage and see what's occuring.


A shot of the outside of General Manager Revan's door can be seen.  The camera pans inside and we see Mr Revan working with some papers he has on his desk.  There comes a rather hard and brutal knock at the door.

Revan: Come.

The door flys open and Trips storms into the room.

Trips: You wanted to see me?

Revan: I wanted to see you yes.  It seems that I may have to hold off your match with Double A.

Trips: What?!

Revan: Well there's a certain superstar in the CCW locker room who was less than impressed with your little speech last week and wants to take you on in your returning match, he feels that you're just the boost he needs to make a name for himself.  Come in Matt.

The door opens and Matt Spears enters with a cocky stride.

Trips: Look what the cat didn't waste it's energy dragging in.

Matt: Yeah whatever, you think you can just wander back in here whenever you like and take the title shots for yourself?  Think again.

Trips: Who's going to stop me?  You!?  I don't think so.

Revan: Alright you two please this isn't the place or the time, because the place is in the ring and the time is right now, GET OUT!



Trips VS Matt Spears


geoffrey And he stands triumphant after a hard fought battle.

Travis Good effort but it just wasn't enough.

Geoffrey You said that last week too.

TravisIt's still true isn't it?

Trips calls for the mic as he stands victorious in the ring.

Trips: Revan you see that?  I'm now one and zero in your precious CCW, one hundred percent record.  I think now I deserve to be presented with a little more of a challenge.

Alexander Revan appears on the Xtron as he did the previous week.

Trips: Come down here and face me like a man Revan.

Revan: You don't deserve that.  Sure you won a match big wow so have a lot of the people around CCW and yet a lot of them don't get title shots.  One win is not enough and after one win you cannot begin to brag...again!

Trips: Now, now I feel I have proven that I'm not just all talk and I'm going to make myself known here in CCW.

Revan: Trips that was just one match, where do you think you are The E? where you can just jump over the guard rail and win a title on your first night? NO that's not how we do business in here. You want to make a name for yourself you're going to have to do alot more than 1 victory to your name. Next week Trips you'll once again try to prove yourself to me when you will take on (Revan smirks) Versus!

Trips: This is out of order.

Trips launches the mic back to the time keeper and storms up the ramp, Revan shakes his head before the Xtron blanks out.


Scene opens to Malu and Versus pigging out on Puca Pies.

Versus: These really are good!!

Malu: Pass me a pie.

Versus: You weren't kidding when you said that there should be a lot of Puca Pies here.  Thank god I always order extra. 

Malu: You need more.

Versus: I already ordered them champ, you just calm down.  So, is this what you did in your time off?

Malu: It's how I cope.

Versus: With what?

Malu: Everything.

Versus: Well, that's healthy.  End sarcas....

Malu: You're not typing. 

Versus: Right.  Sometimes I forget.

Malu: Where did you get these?  They're not too bad.

Versus: I got them shipped in from England.  I don't buy anything less than the best.  We're all gonna die anyway, might as well use all the best shit til you do.

Malu: That's deep.  Makes me want another Puca.

Versus: Comin right up....

Just then, Dick Blood busts through the door of Versus Bar looking dissheveled.  His beard long, and blonde, his hair a wreck.  Bags under his eyes, and his skin is so greasy it shines.  He walks over to Versus, and shoves a gym bag in his chest.  Looks down, and grabs another gym bag labeled "Dick Blood".  He stares awkwardly at Versus, then makes his way out.  Versus looks in the bag...

Versus: Hey.  Where are my rolling papers? 

Dick looks back, and stares at Versus.  Then walks away.

Malu: Huh?

Versus: I don't know.

Malu: Is that your gear?

Versus: Yeah, seems that way.  Let me check...**looking through the bag** bong, bong, hat, bong, pipe, bong, blunt, blunt, blunt, strawberry blunt, tights, kneepads, bowl, elbow pads, vaporizer, boots.  Yeah, looks to be mine.

You didn't know it was gone?

Versus: No.  But I guess this explains the draft I kept feeling in the ring.

Malu and Versus continue to eat the Puca Pies as the camera fades out.




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