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geoffrey Hello and welcome to Crisis live from Del Rio Texas! I'm Geoffrey Osbourne and as always I'm joined by that weirdo with a beardo Travis Morgan.


Travis You and your mother saw Evan Almighty this week huh?


geoffrey No she had bingo.


Travis So who did you go with?


geoffrey Just me myself.........again.


Travis That sucks Geoff.


geoffrey Yes it does, but you know what doesn't suck?


Travis Tonights show?


geoffrey Exactly, tonight for you folks at home we have 3 hard hitting, fast paced, technically sound wrestling bouts on the cards.


Travis We would have 4 but somebody didn't show up here so we've cancelled the match, Revan will not be happy.


geoffrey So I'll quickly give a run down of tonights show and then we'll get things underway.


TravisAnd I'll comment between each match in a funnier manor than that guy you hear on a Wednesday.


geoffreyRight so tonights card consists of Versus the green leaf blazer taking on Trips the green leaf saviour, this match was made last week when Trips once again voiced his opinion about how he should be the star of this company...... So Mr. Revan had no choice but to throw him to the Man O'Herb.


TravisSo uh 3 men walk into a bar, I say 3 could be 4 or 5.....


geoffrey(looks at Travis confused then looks back at the camera to continue) Our Main Event will be the number 1 contender for the Television Title facing off with the former Television Champion, Carlos Crus vs The Steve. Both men have an opportunity to win GOLD at The Clash on sunday.


TravisSo 5 men walk into the bar, now I say 5 it could be 10 maybe 15....


geoffrey10? 15? What?


TravisWell the more I think about it, it could have been 50, Ok so 100 men walk into a bar......


geoffreyBut up first Japans biggest export since Nintendo, Otomo Musashi will do battle with Eddie Allen who only wants to be in the game and it's time to go to ringside!


TravisOk so 5,000 men walk into a bar and the first man goes upto the bar and says "I'll get the first round"........ What an idiot.





Otomo Musashi VS Eddie Allen


geoffrey He had a huge disadvantage going into this match but he was able to put up a decent fight and made his opponent have to work.

Travis Good effort but it just wasn't enough.

Geoffrey You said that last week and the week before.

Travis I think it works, all the best announcers have their own catchphrases.

Geoffrey I don't have a catchphrase.

Travis and that is why you'll be backstage and I'll be calling the Main Event of Wrestlution 3.




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