CCW Crisis doing what others can't


The scene opens showing the door to Versus Bar. The door opens, allowing the cameraman to enter. Versus is seen on the couch talking to Ed. Ed's sitting on the recliner, drinking a Keeferade.

Ed: So who am I serving tonight on the Bar?

Versus: Nobody.

Ed: What?

Versus: Yeah, I...I just didn't have it in me.

Ed: Why?

Versus: Meh. Still kinda buzzin over what happened on Consequence.

Ed: You wanted that title huh?

Versus: Actually...not really. Well, after I got in the ring, not really. When I was standing there, looking at all of these guys who I've been to hell and back with, knowing that my main objective is to beat the hell out of them...I don't know man. Sent me for a loop.

Ed: It's not like you haven't fought them before.

Versus: Yeah, but it didn't have the same feeling. It's like when Tom Brady retires...

Ed: HEY!!! Don't speak like that!!

Versus: Sorry, but you get it. The feeling that a dynasty is over. I didn't think it would end like that. (Versus grabs his joint, takes a hit and stares into space)

Ed: You gotta move on. Now, you know I'm not one to pat you on the ass and tell your shit smells better than everyone elses. But you carried the Revolution for a while. Nate was out, Blade was nowhere, Kage just turncoated. And who was left there to carry on the Revolutions name in the ring and out?

Versus: You're probably right. Uuuuughhhhhh. I gotta shake this off man. Seriously.

Ed: You have to face the champ tonight. So yeah, I'd say you gotta shake this off.

Versus: Ohhh right, Seth's the champ now. Should be a good match, unless he slips up more than once, then it's a squashfest, but whatever. Should be good.

Versus sits back and takes a hit. Ed takes a sip of his Keeferade, and leans forward.

Ed: Did you ever really introduce yourself to these people?

Versus: Huh?

Ed: The CCW audience. Did you ever go say hello to them?

Versus: What, individually? That's just crazy talk. You need to lay off the Keeferade.

Ed: Quit being stupid, you know what I'm talking about.

Versus: You're right, you're right. What's going on in the ring now?

Ed: (looks at the tv showing the action in the ring) Looks like the announcer guy's fluffing the audience. What a tool. (Stands up and imitates the annoying balding audience fluffer) "Are you ready to be blown away!?! KAPOW!!!!!"

Versus: hahahah!!! Dude, he doesn't say Kapow!

Ed: Whatever, he annoys me. Go talk to the people already.

Versus: Fine, fine.


Looks back to Ed as he's leaving the bar. Ed tosses Versus a fat joint. Versus catches it, puts it snugly behind his ear and makes his way to the ring.



Geoffrey: Hello and welcome to another star studded, action packed edition of Crisis. I'm Geoffrey Osbourne and as always I'm joined by Travis Morgan who got out of hospital this morning what happend in the closing moments of last weeks Crisis.


Travis: If I ever come face to face with that ED I'm going to kill him!


Geoffrey: Sure ya will, tonights show will feature....... Hold on I'm being informed that Versus is about to make his way to the ring, I wonder what this could be about? His match with newly crowned CCW Champion Seth Irving isn't until later.


Wheres The Weed At? hits the over the PA System as Versus walks through the curtain in his street clothes and holding a microphone, he taunts and poses to the crowd before getting in the ring. Versus stands in the ring as the crowd gives him a rousing ovation. Versus motions for the crowd to die down so he can talk.

Wow. Thank you. Seriously, thanks. I'm feelin the love!! CAN YOU FEEL IT?!!! (Crowd goes nuts, and some "Fire it up" chants begin) Ahhhh, I needed that. Now before I begin to preach, you're probably wondering why I'm not sitting at the bar. Well, I decided it was time for me to come out here, and show you the respect you deserve, and officially say hello to all of you. So, with that being said....Hello. (Crowd yells back "Hello" and "What's up". One knucklehead can be heard speaking it in spanish, but he's a little pale redheaded boy, clearly not spanish.)

I stand before you, a new man. An individual who helped form, and maintain the single strongest force known to the ewrestling world today. Revolution Inc. (crowd pops) From the grassroots in OCW, ousting garbage like NgX, standing up and taking down TDS, to laying down the law on Theatre of Pain, needing only 2 of our men, to win the first ever faction gauntlet. Hell we could have taken down Team Xerox by ourselves if we had a free weekend, even a free afternoon!

But that was another lifetime. On OCW's Riot this week, there was a tearjerking tribute video dedicated to Revolution Inc. I'll admit, I shed a tear. Thinking about the years spent fighting the good fight, making ewrestling what it is today. Then thinking about how something so powerful can end just like that. I sat there in that ring that night. When the crowds diminished, and the wrestlers went home, I stayed. I looked at the blood spots on the ring from the Battle Royal, and realized right then, that from this point on, there's no Nate to talk to, there's no Blade to shoot the breeze with, there's no more brotherhood. I'm left with me, and everything that I've taken from my experiences with Rev Inc. So I take this, grow, and move my new home, my new life.

Versus stands with the mic by his side, and looks around the arena, as the crowds cheers build up a bit.

Versus: And what a LIFE it's GONNA BE!!!

Versus takes the joint from behind his ear and gives it a sniff as the crowd chants "Fire it up, fire it up"

Versus: This marks a new day for the Bionic Stoner, and a new evolutionary period for CCW! Now I may have come in a cloud of smoke, but you better believe I'm bringin nothin but fire!!

Versus puts the joint in his mouth and lights it. The crowd goes nuts and chants "Fire it up"

Versus: NOW that the sun has RISEN! (Holds the joint up) And the clouds have cleared! (Versus breaths out a giant cloud of smoke) And I have reports...yes, the weather looks clean, clear, except the occasional cloud of kind bud smoke pouring out from the bar, because Versus and Versus Bar have a new home! CCW, GET READY CUZ I'M ALL MOVED IN AND READY TO START SUMN!

Crowd goes nuts, as Versus walks around the ring getting more intense as he speaks.

Versus: Now to address some issues at hand. (Takes a quick hit and goes quickly back into speaking to the crowd) Kage, you dumb son of a bitch. Did you think for a second you'd leave Consequence without blood dripping off your stupid Britney Spears, Kojak on steroids and estrogen pills, generation X piercing having, cumbowl you call your head? Ohhh, you should know better. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you should know better. Now, I know I ain't seen the last of you, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind carving a little "Pen15" action in your other mitt if you try anything stupid again. You know how to find me. Pass by the Old Folks Home (OCW), take a right, then a left, then another left, and then take Kage Dug His Own Grave Rd., pass by S-Jobber's House of Nothing, take a right at Nate Ortiz's All White Clothing Store, and you'll be on High Street. By then I'll already have smelled the Garlic comin off you, so I'll just call you an ambulance before I come outside to greet you with another Dime Bag. But, if you're smart, you'll just wait to see what the GM's at OCW have in mind for you. They're giving us one more go at each other, well, they're giving me one more go. They're giving you and execution date. Now, on to more current matters...

Versus takes another hit from his joint, and releases it quickly

Versus: Seth F'n Irving. The CCW Champion!! Well, "champ", that's probably what you call yourself now I bet. I got a little message for you, hell, and all of the guys out back. I told the people out here tonight marks a new age, a new evolution for CCW, and now I'm telling you. Tonight, I make it known just how dangerous of a person I can be in this ring, without The Inc. And if you think what I did with Revolution Inc, was "Revolutionary." aint' seen sh*t yet.

Versus drops the microphone and walks down the ramp, shaking hands and usual.

Travis: The stoner is quite the talker isn't he?



Otomo Musashi reachs for the mic and clears his throat... he begins to speak.

Otomo: Konichiwa ..excuse me... Greetings OCW My name is Otomo Musashi. I have been sent here from OJW in OSAKA JAPAN from my employer to replace Iroshu Takunashi.

The crowd boos!

Otomo: Yes I agree. He brought pain and suffering to the hearts of many in Japan. Seeing this Japan has sent a great equalizer. In OJW I was part of "THE NEW YAKUZA" Tag Team Champions Otomo Musashi and Katsuo Nakamura.

It was only a matter of time before The New Yakuza would come to OCW but my employer had contracts with OCW and Certain Japanese wreslters. Takunashi did not live up tp the hopes of OJW and Japan, so by removing him from his contract I have now be released to come ot CCW. Now it is Myself and Katsuo who will prove that "The New Yakuza" are the greatest tag team in the world.

I look forward to making my debut in CCW, and when I lock my opponent in the "Kamikaze Clutch" Like many before him he will tap out, and like many who have came before The New Yakuza they shall fall to their knees also.

Otomo Musashi bows and exits the ring to boos!


Geoffrey: Looks like The New Yakuza is now apart of CCW.


Travis: The New Yakuza? sounds like something from Grand Theft Auto. Are we ever getting to our first match?


Geoffrey: We'll be right back after this short commercial break.






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