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geoffrey Helllllllllllllllllllo Arizona and welcome to another edition of Crisis. I'm Geoffrey Osbourne and he is Travis Morgan.


Travis You ever noticed how we just follow Turmoil around from place to place?


geoffrey Well I heard that Revan and Richards flip a coin every month to decide who chooses where CCW will go each week.


Travis So Revan has lost all of them?


geoffrey It appears that way my friend.


Travis Ha, Loser!


geoffrey You'd better hope he doesn't hear you say that.


Travis I'm not scared, but for the sake of the show let's just get on with the run down Geoff.


geoffrey Ok. Tonight for your viewing pleasure we have a stellar card of high paced competition like nothing you've seen before. The Air will meet Eddie Allen in tonights opening contest, Air returned to action last week and he has already made himself an enemy in Matt Spears. Eddie Allen just looks to continue letting people know that he's awesome.


Travis \_0_/


geoffrey Will you stop doing that? sheesh..... also tonight we have the first meeting of The Steve and Banjo Grimm, they've bother worked in this business now for 2 years and not once have they ever faced each other so General Manager Revan decided it was time for it to happen.


TravisWhat will The Steve do?

geoffreyWhatever The Steve damn well pleases..... with Revans permission ofcourse. We have 2 of CCW's most technical competitors battling it out for the unofficial crown of Submission King, Richard Blood and Trips square off later tonight.


TravisThe continuing rivalry of the Scots and the English and we get to show you the viewers for a small percentage!

geoffreyTonights final match is a rematch from OCW Consequence now with the tables turned will Seth Irving who was victorious 2 months ago be able to repeat his performance or will Nathan Gaines start his movement back to the top of the CCW mountain? Seth Irving versus Nathan Gaines is tonights Crisis Main Event!






The Air VS Eddie Allen


geoffrey Bizarre ending to a terrific match.

Travis \_0_/

The Steve is seen exiting the ToP locker room. He has a scowl on his face and seems to be talking to himself.

The Steve: The Steve’s first week back from his vacation and he had to face the TiT two days ago and now The Steve has to face some gothic cowboy? The Steve has better things to do, like smoking that fresh batch of Vancouver green or popping some more Flexerils...or doing some more bumps.

The Steve looks at the clock hanging on the wall in the hallway.

The Steve: Well, since The Steve has some time…

The Steve heads back inside the ToP locker room and heads straight for his locker. He unlocks it, opens the door, and sticks his head completely inside the locker. A few seconds later we hear the sounds of sniffing, with The Steve reemerging from his locker rubbing white residue off of his nose and his eyes are bugging out and pupils dilated. The Steve slams his locker and paces around the locker room for a minute before exclaiming…

The Steve: F*** that gothic cowboy fagot! *SNIFF* He thinks he can upstage The Steve… *SNIFF* ...THE STEVE?!?! The Steve doesn’t f***ing think so… *SNIFF* ...The Steve will show him.

The Steve heads to the locker room door and yells down the hallway.

The Steve: Someone go tell the Marlbor-emo man this ain't flavor country, *SNIFF* this is The Steve Country…and in The Steve country, *SNIFF* we don't take kindly to gender confused younguns.

The Steve then closes the locker room door and heads back to his locker, opens it up, and begins to pull out clothes. As the camera fades to black we hear The Steve say something.

The Steve: The Steve will not job to John Wayne Fallout Boy, *SNIFF* The Steve will tell you that right now.

The camera fades out as you can hear one final *SNIFF*





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