CCW Crisis Just stay out of my way or you'll pay, listen to what I say.






geoffrey Ladies and Gentlemen my name is Geoffrey Osbourne his is Travis Morgan and we welcome you to another edition of Crisis.


Travis We've been here 2 days now and I still haven't found anything interesting to do in Minneapolis.


geoffrey Couldn't find a gay bar?


Travis You're so clever........... ass.


geoffrey As always we have an exciting show to bring to you this evening.




geoffrey Our first match sees Carlos Cruz trying to take himself back up the ladder when he faces new comer Mugen.


Travis What the hell is a Mugen?


geoffrey Trips versus Mad Michael Morrison, War of The Facepaint.


Travis Doesn't sound like you put much effort into that Geoff, just like here we have a match with 2 people who wear makeup nothing special.


geoffrey I'm sorry I have a headache.


TravisThe Steve will meet Deano Horse in a match specially booked by Revan.

geoffreyAnd we close the show with the number one contender for the CCW Championship Versus who faces the current Television Champion Chris Ryder.


TravisThat's the rundown, now let's see some action!


*Scene starts with Chloe Taylor outside the locker room belonging to CCW's resident mexican Carlos Cruz*

Chloe: Good evening CCW fans, I am outside Carlos Cruz's locker room to have a few words about his match tonight against Mugen and also because it is also a special day for Carlos Cruz. Lets go and see him shall we.

*Chloe pushes the door open to reveal Carlos surrounded by his familia with a birthday cake in centre on them all with them singing a traditional mexican birthday song called 'Las Mañanitas.' while Chloe stays stood in the door entrance*

Everyone: Estas son las mananitas que cantaba el Rey David, a los muchachos bonitos se las cantamos aqui. Despierta, muy bien, despierta
mira que ya amanecio ya los pajarillos cantan y la luna ya se metio. Que linda esta la manana en que vengo a saludarte venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte. El dia en que tu naciste nacieron todas las flores en la fila del bautismo cantaron los ruisenores. Ya viene amaneciendo y a la luz del dia nos vio levantarte de manana mira que ya amanecio.

Carlos: Ahh Familia, its so good to see you out here on my birthday, nothing could top this moment.. *Chloe interupts Carlos*

Chloe: Excuse me Carlos, Can I have a few words about your match tonight.

Carlos: What!... who the hell are you? and to answer your question, no you cant, dont you see I have company

Chloe: Ermmm I'm Chloe Taylor CCW Crisis Interviewer and I know this is a bad time, so I'll come back later.

Carlos: Never heard of you or seen you before and no its fine I can spare a few moments

*Carlos is seen whispering into his Pape's ear whilst the rest of the familia leave the room with Carlos's pape leaving last*

Carlos: Go on then

Chloe: Oh sorry, first things first. I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday Carlos.

Carlos: Muchas Gracias

Chloe: Right, Onto the questions. Last week you faced The Steve on this very show which resulted in a loss. Do you have anything to say about this?

Carlos: Ok, To be honest, I didnt really care what the outcome of the match was, I was just ravishing the fact I got to face one of the best wrestlers in this buisness. I would have loved to have won the match, but he's not called The Steve for nothing is he.

Chloe: I suppose your right. Next Question, The Clash held a very important match for you, the match where you could have walked out as CCW's Tv Champion, but just like last thursday the match resulted in a loss, any comments?

*Carlos stares down to the floor whilst rubbing his hands back and forth over his head*

Carlos: That match.... I deserved to win that match, that title should be mine, it should be around my waist, not around that british S.O.B. I was one hundred percent in that match and I somehow lost, and god how much I laughed after that attack. Ryder, dont think you've seen the last of me just because you defeated me at The Clash, I will be hoping to come back for that title at some point in my career or any title that you will hold as you just dont deserve them you Naco.

Chloe: Are you finished.

Carlos: Yes I'm done.

Chloe: Ok, next question. your match in a few moments against Mugen, Do you have anything to say?.

Carlos: Who?

Chloe: Mugen.

Carlos: Mucus

Chloe: No Mugen, Oh I give up.

Carlos: Ohhhh Mugen, I dont know alot about you at this moment in time as well, you've only had a few matchs here and well I couldnt care less to watch you because i've had more important things in mind, but dont think I will go easy on you. *A few seconds pass* Now if you wouldnt mind leaving so I can go back to celebrating and getting ready for my match.

Chloe: Oh right, no problem. Do you want me to send your family back in.

Carlos: Por favor

Chloe: Ok, lets see if I get this right. Buena suerte for tonight.

Carlos: Habla usted español?

Chloe: No, thats all I know and thank you for your time.

*The camera follows Chloe out of the locker room and shows her telling Carlos's familia to go back in as the screen turns black*







Carlos Cruz VS Mugen


geoffrey Impressive.

Travis I agree Geoff.

Geoffrey Not going to say it tonight?

Travis You can't just blurt out a catchphrase at any moment Geoff.

Geoffrey Why not?

Travis Because then it becomes predictible and the crowd say it along with you.

Geoffrey Isn't that the point though?

Travis Not for me.

Geoffrey Ok we'll be right back after this short break.




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