CCW Crisis: Sometimes not fitting in is cool.


The scene fades into Ed Reed’s locker room. Reed is packing up and ready to leave the arena when he hears a knock at his door. He walks over and opens it- and there stands Richard Blood, in his tan suit with the Extremist Championship over his shoulder. He’s carrying a black duffel bag.

Reed: “What the hell do you want?”

Blood: “Oh come on now, don’t be so hostile. I come in goodwill.”

Reed: “Uh huh, and Gary Anthony Young is heterosexual.”

Blood: “That’s a running gag for another set of people, Edward. I’m here to welcome you to CCW.”

Reed: “By laughing in my face?”

Blood: “On the contrary.”

Blood shows himself in, much to Reed’s annoyance. He places his black duffel bag on the table. He opens it up and removes a deck of cards.

Blood: “Would you perhaps enjoy a game of Rummy? Blackjack? …Go Fish?”

Reed just stares at Blood as if he were insane.

Blood: “What? You don’t want some friendly competition?”

Reed just continues to stare. Blood puts the deck of cards down and pulls out a long box- a board game- Monopoly.

Blood: “Don’t like cards? How about some Monopoly?”

Reed: “What the hell are you doing here, DICK!?”

Blood: “Just here for few games with my good friend…”

Reed: “…Seriously.”

Blood: “See? See what I get? I try to be courteous to people, and this is how they act!”

Reed: “Because you’re about as genuine as Michael Heaton’s credibility!”

Blood: “I came in here to do you a favor. To let you compete in something where you can beat me. I mean, you may get lucky and beat me at cards- maybe you can get Boardwalk in Monopoly.”

Reed: “I’ll be more than glad to take my win over you in the ring.”

Blood: “Hah, keep living in denial. I gave you your chance. For a fleeting moment, you could experience victory over someone who is simply better than you. You have to take the little pleasures in life when you simply can’t attain the major ones.”

Reed: “Pride comes before the fall Dick. Pride comes before the fall.”

Blood: “Whatever you need to tell yourself to keep yourself going. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get yourself into that ring for yet another loss. Whatever you need to tell yourself that you aren’t wasting your own, mine, and all of these people’s time.”

Blood places the board game and the deck of cards back into his duffel bag. He stops for a second.

Blood: “I have CandyLand too. It’s so simple and so dependant on luck that you’re just bound to win a game of it eventually.”


Blood smirks, and follows Reed’s orders. Reed just shakes his head.

geoffrey Sunday will be all about pride when those 2 men face each other for the highly decorated World EX Championship.




geoffrey I wish you wouldn't do that.


Travis Get laid already!


geoffrey Our next match sees veteran substance abuser The Steve meeting new to his gimmick Coach Neal.


Travis You think he'll be as good of a Coach as Coach Bombay or Coach O'Rion or even Coach O'Shea


geoffrey If he makes it past The Steve.




Coach Neal VS The Steve


geoffrey That was close.

Travis New music to suit his new attitude.

Scene opens with Versus and Seth walking into the arena parking lot, carrying one bag each.

Seth - So, why are we walking again?

Vs - To embrace the essence of our surroundings. To experience all that this world has to offer.

Seth - I see. *Notices one of the cute little interns* Ay princess, what are YOUUUU doin...*Looks at Vs*

Vs - >_>

Seth - Namaste princess!!

Vs - Eh, you're making progress. Respect should be given to all women, they hold the capsule of life.

Seth - What if they nail your best friend, let Michael Vick dogsit for you, give you an std and steal all of your stuff?

Vs - The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Seth nods

Seth - You know, this may sound ridiculous, but I'm beginning to understand that.

Ed walks around the corner with a cocktail in hand

Ed - What's crackin potna!!

Seth - ED!!

Ed - What's up Versus!

Ed walks over to Versus and they shake hands

Vs - Now Ed, don't be like that.

Ed - You ready for your match with Otomo tonight? Big customer that one!

Vs - Ed, please, greet Seth.

Ed - Yeah. *Nods a little*

Vs - Ed?

Ed - You expect me to just be cool with the guy who attacked you from behind? No.

Seth - The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Ed - Forgive this!! *flips Seth the bird and walks off.*

*Looks at Vs* You think he heard me?

Vs - Probably not.

Seth - He was like 20 feet away.

Vs - Time's done a number on his hearing.

Seth - Old age huh?

Vs - No, he loves Pink Floyd and listens to it full blast on his ipod all the time.

Seth - Well, at least the old man's got a decent taste in music.

Vs - I'm glad you didn't react irrationally when Ed insulted you just then. Shows me that you are learning!

Seth - So how long until he makes me one of those cocktails?

Versus looks at Seth with an "are you kidding" face, as they walk into the Meditation Chamber.



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