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geoffrey Welcome sports fanatics to another edition of Crisis


Travis Boy do we have a sold out crowd here in SANTA FE!


geoffrey Fans from all over New Mexico join us tonight.


Travis So what's the difference between New Mexico and Old Mexico?


geoffrey Taco prices.


Travis That's a little rasict Geoff, should we just assume all Mexicans like making Taco's?


geoffrey No you idiot it's right here in this leaflet I got at the hotel giftshop, see? *Holds the book upto Travis*


Travis *Reading* All latin women love anal sex. *Looks up at Geoffrey* You my friend are a dirty little son of a bitch, but I can deal with that!


geoffrey We start tonights action with Katinzo Hatachi taking on Mugen.


Travis No run down?


geoffrey My throat really hurts.





Katinzo Hatachi VS Mugen


geoffrey So many directions he can come at you with that move.

Travis I don't think he's ready to go to the back yet Geoff.

Katinzo walks over and ask for a mic

The time keeper gets up and hands a mic to Katinzo.

Katinzo walking front center leaning on the ropes breathing heavily

Katinzo: I want you to take a good look at Hatachi now CCW & take a look at who is a mess over there on the ground.

Hatachi points behind him over at Mugen.

Katinzo: I heard this Tuesday the man I beat in this very ring tonight has got himself into a numba one conenda match.

Hatachi tucks the mic under his arm for a moment to clap and applaud him.

Katinzo: I am happy for him and his oppertunity but now Hatachi has beatin him so let that sink in. For Next Hatachi tells you this, I put forth a open challenge to any heavywieght in the CCW locker next week on Crisis.

The crowd pops for the challenge.

Katinzo: Hatachi is prepared so are you scared? I'll be here next week awaiting my challenger.

Katinzo Hatachi puts down the mic and exits the ring and begins to clap and react with the crowd as cameras go back to the commentary.

geoffrey I wonder if anybody in the back will take up his challenge.

Trips is seen backstage walking too his lockerroom. He opens the lockerroom door and walks towards his locker. Upon opening his locker a small leaflet falls out

Trips: He did I put a leaflet of myself in my own locker? Hmm it's a bit different colour though.

Trips opens the leaflet and reads it!

Dear Trips,

I am asking you as a tagteam partner too stop the violence. The sneak attack you did in the lockerroom on Matt Spears was one thing, but the sneak attack you did last Turmoil on Matt Spears was over the top. You gave him a trip too the hospital. That's something not even Matt Spears deserve. We are all in this business too entertain the crowd not too slain each other in the hospital. So stop the unnecessary violence and better your life!


Your Tagteam partner

The Air

After carefully reading it Trips smirks and shakes his head then throws the paper in the garbage container closeby




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