CCW Crisis we need to beat OCW in the ratings, quick flash your breasts!






geoffrey You know the show, you know the announcers, lets skip the usual and move onto the show.


Travis Fine by me Geoff.


geoffrey As usual we have a good show, we don't need to tell you this but we will give a quick rundown of the things to come and then you'll only hear from us when we need to break the silence.


Travis And when we give our 2cents that you pay little attention to after each match .


geoffrey Exactly, so tonight we Morleck who fill face Deano Horse.


Travis Wasn't he suppost to be facing Coach Neil?


geoffrey Yes but The Coach was stuck in the gym doing laps.


Travis Ah well.


geoffrey We have the 2007 recreation of David versus Goliath when El Tiago battles Otomo.


Travis Giants can be beaten with slingshots, let's hope he brought his.


geoffrey We have our own mystery match when Matt Spears takes on an unknown opponent.


TravisI have heard some rumors going around tonight that it's....... *Travis' microphone cuts out*

geoffreyAnd we wrap up tonight show with our cross promotional main event, OCW's S Bomber will try to last longer than 6 minutes against the Hall Of Famer CCW's own Versus!


TravisCCW..... CCW..... CCW

geoffreyTheres nothing I could have said better than that Travis.


Scene opens on a sunny beach. It is a warm day with not a cloud in the sky. A attractive woman is sun-bathing. Meanwhile a Co-Ed Vollyball game has just heated up. A family is making sand castle's, waiting for mom to finish making the picnic lunch.

"SURF'S UP" shouts a eager youngster as he grabs his board and runs to the ocean. Off in the distance, stands Eddie Allen, standing on the beach where the ocean waves meet the earth. His eyes closed, hands extended, looking towards the sky. "Releasing the doves. \_0_/"

Suddenly, a big spike in the vollyball match sends the ball all way down the beach and lands just a few yards away from Eddie Allen

"A little help?!?" Shouts a player but gets no response. Allen Continues to stand looking towards the heaven's. \_0_/

"What the heck is his deal" As a youngster gets closer to the ball, he notices the man caught in this pose was CCW Wrestler Eddie Allen.

"Mr. Allen! Mr. Allen!! Can I please get your autograph!"
The small crowd starts to notice the little boys excitement and begins to walk toward Eddie Allen .

"Are you returning to CCW!!" Shouts one fan with excitement.

"What are you doing here?" shouts another with some confusion. As the crowd's excitement rises, Allen continues ... \_0_/

Confusion speads in the crowd. With no reaction from Allen, the crowd, slowly and quietly leaves and returns to their activities. The high tide is starting to crash in and each wave rises larger than the next. All the while, Allen continues to look toward the sky, quietly \_0_/

geoffreyWords cannot describe what just took place. Travis you have anything to say?






Morleck VS Deano Horse


geoffrey We kick off the show with a great match as always.

Travis I agree Geoff.

The camera pans to backstage where Matt Spears is seen walking into Revans office. Matt barges through and confronts Revan.

Matt Spear: Revan what the hell is this?

Revan: What the hell is what?

Matt Spears: This mystery opponent, who the hell is it?

Revan: You will find out when you got out there.

Matt Spears: I am sick of you Gms; you never think about what I want do you?

Revan: Not really, you’re here to put on matches that I give you.

Matt Spears: Tonight I am going to make the Mystery Opponent look bad, you hear?

Revan: Just get out of my office your presence is starting to annoy me.

Matt Spears:
Annoy you? DO you know who I am?

Revan: A more annoying TIT than Heaton?

Matt Spears: How dare you compare to that… thing.

Revan: Get out.

Matt Spears: I hate you.

Matt leaves the office and slams the door really loud on the way out.




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