CCW Crisis: Goodbye To You!



Sacramento, California



:: Scene opens as someone on a motorcycle is pulling into the arena. As the individual gets closer, and the camera tries to zoom in, it appears its Double A. Crowd starts to cheer. Double A gets off his Harley, as an OCW crew member comes running up to Double A, clearly out of breath. ::

Crew Member - Mr Double, I mean Mr A, I mean er…..

AA– Its okay Jan, Double A is here, and yes ill sign an autograph.

Crew Mbr – But my name is Bill, I work here. I was told to find you. It seems someone broke into your locker and spray painted, “ MADD “ on your locker,. It also seems they also stole your ring gear.

:: Double A laughs ::

Bill – Arent you mad?

:: AA puts arm on Bills shoulder ::

AA – Brock, when your Double A, your never mad. It seems that “Mammals Against Daredevil Driving”, aren't happy with me right now. Maybe that's because they knew I was riding with my feet on the seat.

Bill – But sir, my name is Bill, and that's “ Mothers Against Drunk Driving” , they are upset because of your recent drunk driving case that's is pending against you.

AA – Look Bob, in any case, it doesn't matter. Tonight marks the return of Double A. Im not going to let some “obsessed” fan ruin what the fans came to see. That's a good old fashion ass whipping im going to put on Seth Irving.

:: Crowd cheers ::

AA – Anyways Barney, can you take my stuff. I need to make sure im ready later.

:: Bag clinks, and clanks. Bill seems to have a problem carrying the bag. ::

Bill – But sir what is in here, it seems to be really heavy, and has some sort of glass in it.

AA – Boris, that's my 6 bottles of Jack. I need to warm up for my match. So be a good lad, and make sure this DOESN'T get vandalized.

:: Bill starts to walk away ::

AA – Oh, and Barry, make sure you find the 2 finest ladies in the arena and bring them to my room. Also, make sure their dirty, and that they have low self esteem. Thanks.

:: AA walks away, and scene fades ::

geoffrey The Drunken wonder has returned to Crisis in our final episode I am Geoffrey Osbourne joined always by my hetero lifemate Travis Morgan


Travis I dont want to be fired, havent we not done a good job why do we have to stop broadcasting?


geoffrey Dont cry we will still have jobs Mr.Sensation isnt a total meany!


TravisISays you, but if we are going to go out we are going to go out with a bang, Rookies Battle Air takes on Ed Reed, The Man with Jack Daniels on speed dial returns to face the former champ. And Crybaby Trips gets his hand on the Karma Police man known as Versus.




Cam pans around to a general lockeroom. The CCW Superstars are in varying states of malaise. The Cam turns to the massive figure of coop who is adjusting his ring gear.

The Coop stands up and walks out of the lockeroom headed to the ring, when Chole Tayler stops him! Chole looks a little wary at stopping Alex Cooper due to his sheer size, but the Pixie is determined non the less!

Chole: Coop!!!!

Cooper looks left and right!! confused

Chole : Coop Down here!

Cooper : LADY!!!

Chole Smiles The Crowd Laughs

Chole: Hi Coop, We haven't been formerly Introduced I am Chole Taylor! Ace Interviewer for Crisis.........and soon to hopefully be for Turmoil.

Cooper continues to look down and begins to get angry. As he speaks.

Cooper: 1st of all YOU can call me Mr.Cooper!!, 2nd off I dont give a dam about your job!

Chole Asserts herself!

Chole: HEY!!!

Cooper stunned giggles a little bit confusing Chole.

Cooper: Sorry bout that lady, Ever since I got here I figured all the big guys have to be these big mean, monsters, thats not me but I thought it would be funny, you shoulda seen the look on your face lady.

Chole: HMPH!!!

Cooper: I said I was sorry!

Cooper drops to his knees and is still plenty taller than Chole, she points her finger into his chest!

Chole : Are we going to do this or what.

Cooper Smiles

Cooper: Right here right now?

Chole: Yes!

Cooper: Are you sure!

Chole: Yes!

Cooper: Are you positive!

Chole: YES thats what they pay me to do!

Cooper: They told me CCW was diffrent but jeeez!!!!

The Crowd Laughs

Chole Starts putting 2 and 2 together. While cooper dashes a devilish grin.

Chole: Hey Wait!!!!! I didnt mean that you big horn dog!!!!!!!!, who do I look like Casey Paine

The Crowd Laughs

Cooper: Hey Im not the one making demands!!!!!, for here and now! lady!

Chole: Bah!!!

Chole nods her head from side to side and lets out a little smile before she Walks off, Cooper yells as she is walking away.

I like your HAT!!!

The Crowd Laughs

Cooper Smiles to himself and heads to ringside.





Alex Cooper VS Tyro Kraven


geoffrey Big win for him.

Travis Yeah.......


The Steve and Casey stand outside of the arena, handing out picket signs to fans coming in.

Steve - Come, meet The Steve, get a sign, join the Revolution!

Youngster - Hey Mr. The Steve, can I have your autograph?

Steve - The Steve isn't here to sign autographs. The Steve said, get a sign, do you want a sign?

Youngster - What does it say?

Steve - Let The Steve see. **begins flipping through the signs, reading the quotes** "Don't be a fag, take a drag." "Hookers and blow, the way to go." "Versus is wrong, light the bong." Here...take this one.

Youngster - But I like Versus. Can I have the save the whales sign?

Steve - How does that keep getting in there!?! You get nothing kid, now scram, you're bothering The Steve. **shoo's the kid away** Signs, get your Versus is a manipulating hippie mother f'er picket signs!!!

**A group of teenaged boys come up to the Steve.**

Teen Tony - Ayyy, look at this malook!! **Teen reaches for a sign without asking.**

Steve - You interested in joining my anti-Versus campaign? Clearly you're Kage fans.

Teen Tony - Ayyy, how you mean!

Steve - Well, let's see. The Steve saw you pull up in an I-Roc, you're dressed like All 4 One meets Crisco and Malibu's Most Wanted. Not to mention the distinct smell of garlic clogging The Steve's breathing passages.

Teen Tony - You know Kage!?! Ay stoonads, he knows Kage!!

Steve - The Steve doesn't have any idea who you're talking about. The Steve did hear that they're giving out free Pasta Fazool at the diner over....

**The group runs off to get free Pasta Fazool**

Steve - The Steve is a flippin genius!! Casey, how many more signs do you have to...Casey?

**Casey comes out from behind the corner with a biker gentleman named Zeek.**

Casey - Um...yeah...sorry. Zeek was just showing me his hog.

Steve - But his bikes ov... **shivvers** Ok, fine, the Steve will take care of all of the signs! You just focus on getting more std's. END SARCASM! **Steve gets angry and grabs his box of signs, and walks to another area**



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