CCW Turmoil Unleashed


The following was recorded last week, after Riot.


Chris Ryder is lying down on a water bed, in the middle of a large pool, outside a big house in some unknown area. Chris is wearing swimming shorts, and STILL has his Shades on above his eyes. Kip Conrad can be seen lying on a tanning bed in the background, holding a sun reflector.

Ryder: "I said where the hell is that Taco I ordered?!"

Kip shrugs, without even looking over his reflector.

Ryder: "I don't care, I need a god damn Taco, and I need it now"

Chris attempts to get out of the Water bed, struggling a little, he starts to slide around on it, before falling on his belly on top of it. He stops for a second, and thinks about his next moves, before attempting to slide off, and in the process, flips over right into the water. Kip looks over at Ryder for a second, before going back to his tanning.

Chris makes his way out of the water, without his Shades, he feels his head and realises this.

yder: "Where the hell are my Shades?! .... KIP!"

Chris turns around to Kip, who calmly looks over at Ryder.

Conrad: "NoHomo"

Conrad goes back to tanning, as Chris face palms.

Ryder: "Why did I even bother asking"

Chris climbs out of the water, and looks around for his shades, he see's them in the water. He then begins to look around the garden outside the pooling area.

Ryder: "Where's the help? .... I SAID WHERE'S THE HELP!"

Suddenly, a small man rushes on-screen and stands next to Ryder.

Help: "You called?"

Ryder: "HEY, you're standing in front of the next OCW TAG TEAM CHAMPION! Salute me!"

The man raises an eyebrow.

The Help: "I'm sorr-"


The man quickly goes into a salute, Chris sighs.

Ryder: "Why the hell are you saluting me?"

The Help: "But you-"

Ryder: "I thought I asked you to help me get my shades out of the water!"

Before the man can respond, Chris grabs him by the shirt, and proceeds to throw him into the pool. Kip, still silent, can be heard chuckling at the situation. After a few seconds of bubbles coming out of the water, the man pops back up, he looks around and after a few seconds, he finds Ryder's Shades.

Ryder: "You found them? Good, give them to me"

The man hands Chris his Shades, before swimming over to the steps that lead out of the pool. Chris looks at his Shades, before his eyes go wide.


Chris walks over to the steps, and before the man can get out of the pool, he kicks him back in, and holds his Shades up to him.

Ryder: "Don't you EVER get my Shades wet, again! Got it?!"

The Man pops his head out of the pool again, as Chris grins.

Ryder: "Good"

Chris wipes his Shades, before putting them above his head again. At this point, Kip finally looks up at Ryder.

Conrad: "Shouldn't have done that"

Chris shrugs.

Ryder: "Why the hell not?"

Kip points behind Ryder, the Camera spins around to see that a large man is stood behind Chris. It seems to be the same man that did the stunt acting in the movie both men were in, last week.

Stunt Man: "So, you like to pick on my brother?"

Chris closes his eyes and gulps, before taking off his shades slowly. Chris then quickly low blows the man behind him, before trying to run away, but before he can, his foot slips on the wet floor and he goes flying into the pool. The man jumps in after him, as Chris starts to swim around the large pool, to avoid him.


Kip looks over at the Pool.

Conrad: "You think I'm going near that man and his extremely wet and large muscles?"

Chris stops swimming and looks at Kip, confused. Kip's eyes widen, he begins to look around nervously.

Conrad: "NoHomo"

Kip quickly goes back to tanning, as Chris is hit in the back of the head. He starts getting ducked under the water, as the camera fades to black.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Live from the National Stadium in Warschau




Trips: Man does it feel good to be back, other than being kicked in the head that is. Speaking of which, how’s the ribs doing Leon?

* Trips grabs his ribs and jokingly doubles over in “pain.” *

Trips: Seriously though ladies and gentlemen Leonheart has had a magnificent year in 2008 and despite everything that has happened between us, whether it be way back in the day where he took my television title or my two victories over him and hell even as recent as last week’s title match, despite all that, the man deserves respect.

Trips: He won the future investment match, something I have never done. He won the world championship which I have never done and hell he’s won it twice. But most memorable of all the things he has done that I have never is kissed the ass of a no walking, computer-talking, QUEERBATE!

Trips: You look at me three years ago when I just started out in this company and I was on my own working my ass off. You look at two years ago I got my one favour to be the general manager for a day yet I was ‘instructed’ to NOT give myself a title match. Go back one year and I’m the Television Champion. And this year just back and feeling great. Through all of that, I see no qeerbates giving me a shove up the ass to get me up that ladder.

Trips: Riot was just the beginning of this Leon and sooner or later you’ll find out why I have such a track record with titles. When I want it and I get a taste of it, I usually, no scratch that, I always get it.

Trips: You’re on notice Leon and after I wipe the floor with my opponents tonight I’m on the road back to that championship. Wrestlution four is the main target for all wrestlers in the company at this time of year which is why someone who acts using his head can slip in under everyone and grab the opportunity during these months leading up to it. Everyone is worried about their Lution spot but nobody thinks about the fact they can still win the world championship NOW.

Trips: I for one say, why wait till Lution?

*Trips removes his glasses and stares into the camera*

Trips: Leonheart mark my words I will get that championship and I will make it my mission to become World Champion before Wrestlution Four. That gives me until…

*He pulls out his ‘OCWFED 2009 PPV Schedule’ out of his suit pocket.*

Trips: March 29th. Fifty-five days to become champion of the world. And with me being here over one thousand days without achieving that I’m going to have to prove something to each and every one of you.

*Points to a large bearded man in the front row.*

Trips: With Tracy here as my witness I swear to capture the world championship from the hands of Leonheart and Queerbate. Whether you like it or not I’m here to be your hero.

*He throws the mic to the timekeeper before pointing at ‘Tracy’ again and then his watch.*






*scene opens to the Ronin in the locker room as Black Dragon is streatching for his match*

*Omega walks in*

BD: Happy New Year man

OD: Same to you. Have you made any resolutions yet?

BD: Not yet man, but one would to have us win the tag titles

OD: You had that chance man .. and you blew it

BD: yeah, i know man .. sorry about that

OD: Yeah, you should be, how about you make a resolution to get a win this year

BD: Hey!!! this year will be nothing like last year. this will BE the year of the Dragon

OD: Somehow i don't belive you .. last year we made a promise to eachother, to stop the fan favorite bull shit and go back to our roots, the hardcore style of japanese wrestling, the BRUTAL style, and thats what i want to see from you tonight

BD: Yeah.. YEAH!! your right man.. no more mister nice guy

*Omega Slaps Black Dragon*

OD: what??

BD: What was that for

*Omega slaps Black Dragon again*

OD: WHERES the Black Dragon i remember

BD: He's right in front of you

*Omega Slaps Black Dragon even harder*

OD: WHERE!!!???

*Black Dragon lifts Omega by his shirt and pins him against the wall*

BD: RIGHT HERE!!! You want to see the old, BRUTAL, Black Dragon.. YOU GOT HIM ..

OD: Show me!! I want to see you destroy you opponent

BD: FINE!! *Black Dragon releases Omega* but his blood, will be on YOUR hands Omega!!

*Black Dragon leaves the room and slams the door behind him*

OD: This should be fun to watch *laughs*

Scene fades to black


Welcome too the new year and the city of freedom, Amsterdam. Where the police help you too light your joint ...

... and the Red Light District shines bright for tourists like us.

I bet you slept with that one toothed hooker again, didn't you?

That's a lie, she had none at all!

Oh, so she finally lost that last one too.

Yeah, never had a better blowj...

ALLRIGHT People. Let's get back too the chaos that is Turmoil. Wait what's that in your hands?

This is a bag of weed.

That shit is illigal on non-Dutch Television.

How come? The Steve has a gimmick with it.

The Steve has supplements. Totally different thing. Talking bout the Steve. Watch out here he comes.

Huh what? *Rivers checks over his shoulder, then Double S quickly snatches the bag of weed from him * He, where's my weed gone?

Told you too watch out for the Steve.

Damn that Steve, he's a quick bastard when it comes too his supplements.

On too the matches of tonight first we have first-time rookie D. Jones facing off against an experienced rookie Black Dragon. We'll see what these two will bring too the ring.

And further more we got an EX Battle Royal surprise.

Yeah, right! Bet the surprise will be the fact that we're not getting one.

Sarcastic Bastard!!!

No-toothed hooker fucker!!!

Oh nice one! Let's continue with the card. Death Row faces off against a mystery team. Should be a good tag.

And in our Main Event we got previous IC Champion Aries facing off against previous EX Champion Chris Ryder! Transitional bitches!

He, why isn't your language getting bleeped out!

We're in the Netherlands remember! Now let me smoke this thing ...

Oh, right! Wait is that my weed your smoking?

Chill out man and let's watch this rookie match!

That's right! D. Jones vs Black Dragon coming up now!



D. Jones vs Black Dragon




That was enjoying!

Indeed that was a good rookie match and a great win for him!

No man! Talking bout this smoke here.

It is my weed your smoking isn't it?




The camera zooms in on a office door. The door Reads Tiffany Ortiz as you already hear conversation going on inside. As the door opens you see the face of Tiffany Glaring into the face of none other than Smythe DaWonder. Tiffany is surprisingly upbeat and satisfied which is strange because the hate, tolerate relationship between these two took a turn for the worst leading into Devil's Night.

Smythe: You can't possibly see this as a good idea??? This is insanity... woman you are playing with FIRE... and the extracuricular lives of the entire squad... I understand your husband has a little problem... and he has trouble holding his weight when it really matters... I watched him get buried by his oposition... and yes... it was sad sweetie... it really was...

Tiffany: Smythe!!! I know where your going. Stop it!!!

Smythe: My guess, Tiffany is that he's had this problem before...

Tiffany sighs while getting a lil more irritated

Tiffany: Smythe!!!

Smythe: You know... holding his weight... unloading too fast... getting dominated...

Tiffany throws her hands up in the air

Tiffany: Where do you come up with!!!

Smythe: And I understand that if before when these problems arise you add a few people to help him get the job done... but really in this situation my dear... were talking the Bloodline here... How many of us can you take at a...

Tiffany having enough shoots off her chair sending Smythe into a laughing frenzy.

Tiffany: Enough of that. My Husband handles himself much better than ANY member of the Bloodline ever can as far as I'm concerned.

Smythe: I'm sure he handles himself consistantly and the most persistance possible... and seriously how many members of the Bloodline have you seen handle themselves?? huh???

Tiffany: ohhhhhhhh your disgusting. But this deal is simple. Before you did the deeds of my father, because, he gave you access to anything you wanted. Now Smythe I control the company treasury, I control the access and I want to control the Bloodline.

Smythe makes a dirty face which would usually award him with a slap from Tiffany but she stays poised and serious

Smythe: ohhhh you are vile and ambitious... which I think is sooo hot... it's a sweet deal Tiff... except that one problem with the beard that no sells death...

Tiffany: It won't be a problem Smythie! Nate came up with the idea. He's tired of having nowone when it really matters and for the last year whenever it mattered to my father you were there. The Bloodline is the most dangerous set of men that OCW has to offer. YOU ARE THE X-FACTOR in Nate making things right.

Smythe's obvious weakness is his over inflated ego one stroke of that makes the mans brain forget everything.

Smythe: I'm going to consult my advisors about this... you'll have my answer when I decide to give it... and I'll talk to the never dead man directly...

As Smythe walks out of the office. Tiffany can't help but to smile. Putting Smythe in a corner is one of her favourite things to do!!!




Scene opens as Black Dragon returns to the lockerroom

*Omega is seen Clapping his hands*

OD: Not half bad .. i'm surprised you didnt put him in a body bag

BD: as i said, his blood is on your hands. you awoke the fire within and this dragon will not be slain so easily.

OD: that's a little better *laughs*

BD: now lets see if you can do the same *throws a small chop to Omega's chest*

OD *laughing cuts and begins to stare at BD* what?!?!

BD: did i stutter?? I want to see what you can do.. next week, if you can hold your end of our agreement

OD: Oh don't worry, i will.. *laughs and extends his hand* i will

BD: *grasps Omega's hand* to a new and brutal year

*Scene ends as Omega and Black dragon shake hands laughing*








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