CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Kirchberg, Luxembourg

Live from d'Coque stadium in Kirchberg, Luxembourg


Another arena, another office, another door… the same decision makers. Nate and Tiffany Ortiz await the arrival of a third party as Nate plays the role of husband.

TIFFANY: Thank you for staying… I didn’t want to be alone with him.

NATE: No problem. I kind of wanted to see how he takes the news, anyways. Should be interesting.

TIFFANY: Ugh, what I wouldn’t give to work with normal people.

NATE: {under his breath} What most of us wouldn’t give to be normal…


NATE: Nothing… just thinking out loud again.

Before Tiffany can dive deeper into her husbands thoughts, their guest arrives, instantly changing her demeanor and focus.

MORRISON: Knock, knock. By the way, I like what you did with the door here.

Morrison motions towards the set of new, prison grade, locks placed on the office door.

MORRISON: You can never be too careful these days; lots of crazies out there.

TIFFANY: Yes, and thank you for the donation you made towards the new locks. You’ll notice the deduction out of your next paycheck stub.

Morrison chuckles like a rich man receiving a speeding ticket. He tosses himself onto one of the sofas positioned against the office wall -- with one of Nate’s PPV posters hanging over it.

MORRISON: You got me all wrong, Tiff -- unlike Seth “Pay to Play” Irving -- money is simply a means to get by… but not what I need to get by, if you catch my drift, Tiff.

TIFFANY: Funny that you feel that way.

MORRISON: And I always thought it was funny how people feel anything at all.

Morrison shoots a look towards Nate that wonders if the Franchize agrees with his last statement.

TIFFANY: {sarcastically} Oh, that’s deep. Really, riveting stuff.

MORRISON: I don’t need this crap! You called me here, remember? If I wanted to be emasculated, I’d have another match with Kip Cockram and send the footage to my ex-girl so she can post it on her MySpace page! Trish always was a vengeful bitch!

Nate notices that Morrison’s irritated state is making his wife slightly uncomfortable and steps in.

NATE: Calm down, Morrison.

MORRISON: Say what, Casper?

TIFFANY: That’s enough!

Morrison smiles and eyeballs Nate to make sure he adheres to his wife’s wishes. As the tension slowly dies down, Tiffany brings the conversation back on track.

TIFFANY: I noticed you shaved and got a hair cut, Morrison.

MORRISON: Just taking some motherly advice from Deadboy over there.

TIFFANY: Well, it turns out that my husband gives good advice. Your new “look” has caught the attention of quite a few people –- people with lots of money.

Morrison’s face suddenly takes quick dive into concern.

MORRISON: Are… are you saying you want to be my pimp? Are you trying to sell my mad ass to rich, old men? What kind of organization are you two running here?

TIFFANY: {annoyed} No… that’s not what I’m saying, you irritating soar of a man. I’m talking about people in the fashion industry. Apparently, you’ve become somewhat of a hit with top designers; even the art scene is all about the Madness, as you might say.

MORRISON: Smoke another one, why don’t ya.

TIFFANY: I’m sorry?

MORRISON: You should be. Who the f*** do I look like? Heaton? Ma’Jin? You got me f***ed up if you think I’m parading myself for these jagoffs. They wanna cash-in on my image, my name?

Morrison laughs as he rises from the couch and motions his hand towards Nate.

MORRISON: You need to talk to your woman, Nate… next she’ll ask Deano to promote safe sex, or The Steve to promote child safety regulations.

NATE: This deal would bring allot of money to OCW and put my wife in a good position with the board, Morrison.

MORRISON: There’s only one position she needs to know and the only board she needs to worry about is a headboard. Go fu…

When Morrison turns to leave, Nate rushes towards him and pins him against the wall.

NATE: I warned you about the words you use when referring to my wife. Now I expect you to play ball on this, because I won’t let you screw this up, after everything I put into…

Nate seems to catch himself and immediately refrains himself from saying anymore. The smile returns to Morrison’s face, as if the final piece to a nagging puzzle was finally put into place.

MORRISON: Interesting…

TIFFANY: Nate? Nate… please let him go. I appreciate the concern, but there’s nothing he can say that will affect me anymore.

MORRISON: {staring at Tiffany} I bet you’re a squirter, aren’t ya? I can always tell by the strong sme…

Nate suddenly applies more weight onto Morrison’s chest, causing him to wince as the wall presses against his spine.

TIFFANY: Nate! I said that’s enough. Please.

Nate releases Morrison, who falls to the floor, laughing as the air rushes back into his lungs.

MORRISON: Oh… that’s… good. Was it… good for you too… Nate? I think I felt… a little chubby from your hubby… Tiff.

Tiffany applies the Sensational face palm and shakes her head.

TIFFANY: Are you two finished?

Nate fixes his tie and adjusts his suit before making his way back to his wife’s side. Morrison decides to stand and stretches his back, which pops in various locations.

TIFFANY: Now, Morrison, how can I put this: The more pull I have with the board… the easier it will be for all parties involved to get what they want; including you.

Morrison takes a moment to think it through.


TIFFANY: Good. So, I’ve scheduled you for some shoots and one-on-ones with possible groups of interest. They really want to sell the slick, but raw energy that you give. A kind of “sexy” with a hint of danger and unpredictability.


TIFFANY: Just try to look hot, I guess is what I’m saying.

MORRISON: Great… freakin’ Mad Modeling Mike at your service.


GOOOOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Welcome to the 2nd episode of Turmoil, 2009 coming to you live from beautiful Luxemborg!

What? We're in Luxemborg? Where the hell is Luxemborg?

I told you not to 'have too much fun' in Amsterdam, didn't I?

I didn't have enough fun! But seriously, where the hell is Luxemborg?

That's right everyone, tonight is a fun filled night in gorgeous Luxemborg, filled with an incredible lineup of matches. Tonight, we get to see a couple of nice old school matches, an ex match and a tag match.

That's a hell of an assortment. It's almost like the vast assortment of ganja I smoked last week. I'm telling you, I could have given any stoner in the company a run for his money.

I'm not sure what you mean, you had 2 hits off of a little tiny joint, and the next thing I knew you were shirtless begging people to give you space cakes.


And you were asking a church congregation.

Ahhhhh, good times....good times.

Let's stop with your overblown good times, and let's get to the card shall we?

Let's shall.

Some ex action starts us off tonight.

Omega Dragon is scheduled to fight Takeshi Kariya, but we know how unreliable those rookies are. Let's see how this pans out before I get my Ex division boner just yet.

Ok, well we have an old school matchup, when Blade faces the master of madness, MMM.

Well, Blade can't win to save his life, and MMM's rocking a beard. I'm gonna go with MMM for the win.

Then, some Taaaaag action. As the combination of Ryder and Kip Conrad...

No Homo.

Team up to face iGen!

Buncha homos.

Great, might as well start off 2009 with a sexual harassment charge, nice. Following what is sure to be a great tag match will be old vs. annoying, when Smythe DaWonder faces off against the minister of macabre, Mayhem.

I've seen Mayhem dominate, I've seen Mayhem get dominated. I've seen Smythe never shut his mouth regardless, so my prediction for this match is Mayhem not saying much, and Smythe never shutting the hell up. SDW for the Win!

And finally, quite the impromptu matchup. Vice President VFM goes one on one with the squalid return of Guy Fausto...the Hobo.

He's outside still, and all I can do is smell him somehow.

That's your upper lip. OHHHHH SNAP SON, YOU GOT TOOOOOLD!

I need a new job.

Let's get on with the show!!

The scene opens backstage where Justin Rox is walking toward the entrance ramp for his upcoming match. Matt Lamonika rushes into the frame with a mic held to his face and follows Rox.

Matt Lamonika:
Justin Rox, I don't know if you've heard about this, but Jim Black was kidnapped on Riot. Sources believe the person responsible is tied to--

Rox quickly stops and turns around to look at Lamonika.

Justin Rox: Woah woah woah, hold on right there. Let me ask YOU a question. Do you know what it's like coming into OCW with high hopes, only to be publicly humiliated by some guy that seems to have an obsession with hotdogs? Or seems to think I have an obsession with hotdogs?

Matt Lamonika: Well--

Justin Rox: I didn't think so. But you see, there is a silver lining, something every rookie will get if they're lucky enough to be like me. This Sunday at The Clash, I have the opportunity of a lifetime, to win championship gold here in OCW. The Gods of Rock have to be impressed.

Justin Rox: As for tonight, I compete in a match to further showcase why I am deserving of that Ex Championship match. I've heard what the other Ex Division stars have been saying... 'He's a rookie, he doesn't deserve a title shot.'

Justin Rox:
{chuckles} They're all wrong Matt, every last one of them. And tonight, I will show them WHY they are wrong. As a great metal band once said, 'Run your mouth when I'm not around, it's easy to achieve. You cry to weak friends that sympathize, can you hear the violins playing your song? Those same friends tell me your every word.'

Justin Rox: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a match to get to.

Rox turns to leave.

Matt Lamonika: W-what about Jim Black?

Rox stops and turns his head in disgust, as if he's trying to ignore the question. Then he turns back and violently grabs Lamonika by his suit jacket.

Justin Rox: Don't you get it you idiot?? I'm not concerning myself with that situation anymore! If some deadhead is going to be allowed to run ramped, annoying people, embarrassing people, and kidnapping interviewers... Then that's OCW's problem... NOT MINE!

Rox releases Lamonika. Lamonika straightens his jacket as Rox exits the frame.





*Scene opens as the Ronin are stretching in the locker room*

Black Dragon: So.. you got a match against a new rookie this time. Apparently, he also hails from the land of the rising sun. what was his name againOmega Dragon: Meh... Takeshi Kariya. I do believe.

Omega Dragon: I'm looking forward to this match, I want to destroy this guy and show him that the Ronin are Japan's elite here in OCW.

Black Dragon: I hear you, i want you to hold up your end of the deal. i would hate it if he were to come in and knock off a former Ex Champion his first day

Omega Dragon: Ha!!!

Omega Dragon: I don't think so

Omega Dragon: I'am on my way back to the top, Trance is facing a nobody a peon a.....

*Right as Omega Dragon was in the middle of his rant there's a knock on the door and a envelope that slides underneath.*

*Black Dragon walks over, picks it up and opens the envelope.*

Omega Dragon: What does it say?

Black Dragon: *reading the letter* It's from the weapons of mass destruction

Black Dragon: Hmmm....

*black dragon starts laughing*

Black Dragon: I think this is something you should read yourself *hands Omega the letter**Omega take the letter and starts reading it.*

Omega Dragon: Omega we really wanted to be there to show you how real Japanese wrestlers fight, but instead we thought it would be a bit more mental anguish for you if you had to face another opponent we had in mind. Seeing how you have chased the EX Title after losing it and beaten the number one contender last time we thought it would be funny to see if you could do it again with no reward.

*Omega stops reading for a second.*

Omega Dragon: Black Dragon are you serious did you read what these guys are saying!

*Omega Dragon continues to read.*

Omega Dragon: We have talked to the GM and have arranged for you to fight Justin Rox the number one contender for the EX Title, Have fun

Weapons of Mass Destruction.

*Crowd pops*

*Omega Dragon crumbles up the letter trowing it at the wall.*

Omega Dragon: You got to be kidding me!!!!

*Omega Dragon looks at Black Dragon.*

Omega Dragon: And you thought this was funny!?

Black Dragon: It is clear that they are afraid of you man. I would run scared myself if i was them.. but look at it this way .. you knock off the number one contender then...

*Omega cuts off Black Dragon*

Omega Dragon: What part of no reward did you not understand!

Omega Dragon: Damn it!!!!

*Scene fades out with Omega frustrated and Black Dragon looking forth with a disgruntled face.*


Justin Rox vs Omega Dragon




I told you about those rookies.

Especially the Oriental ones.

Oriental? What is this 1843?
Better than goo...




**The Scene opens up with Nathan Gaines standing in the parking lot talking with three security guards. Gaines is in blue jeans, a button down black pinstripe shirt, with a leather jacket opened on. Slung over his shoulder is a black leather bag that is assumed to hold his wrestling gear. The three security guards all differ in size two of the men appear to be about 6'4" rather large, muscular security guard. The third is a rather short fat man who is sporting a mustache, and slicked back greasy hair. All three men are reviewing paper work that it is assumed that Nathan Gaines has handed to them**

Gaines: Now I don't wanna insult you fellas, but Sammy and Nick usually just let me in plain and simple. You boys know how to read?

Security Guard 1: Sir we're going to have to ask you to keep quiet and wait for this process to be done. Your credentials don't match up

Gaines: Don't match up? Let's see Former CCW Champion, Member of the best looking tag team in history, and manager of the greatest faction in the world. Those seem to match up and equate to the fact that I should be let into the god damn building.

Security Guard 2: Hey look if you're going to mouth off we'll see that as verbal assault against an officer

Gaines: Look I just want to get in the building and get ready for my match

Security Guard 3: We said wait sir!!!

Security Guard 1: Yeah see right here this is a problem

**As Gaines is listening to the Security Guards talk amongst themselves, he looks into the security guard booth and notices that Sam, the normal security guard laying face down in the booth. Gaines' eyes light up realizing that he's being set up.**

Gaines: Hey look I think I have something in my bag that could help out.

**Gaines takes off his bag and places it on the ground. As he's standing up he slugs the short, fat security guard with a right knocking him down. The two other guards are stunned. Nathan, keeping up with what he knows is going on elbows the guard on the right, and kicks the guard on the left. As Gaines spins around to take down the guard he elbowed, the short fat guard gets up and catches Gaines off guard with a shot to had side with a night stick. As Gaines is hunched over in pain, the guard from the right hits Gaines with a devistating uppercut sending him to the floor. As Gaines reaches the floor, all three guards begin to kick Gaines on the floor. As Gaines is seen on the floor bruised and bloodies, the guards look down at their work. As they are, the short fat guard reaches into his pocket and dials his cellphone**

Security Guard 1: Hey, he's taken care of. He definitely won't be a factor, so you're clear to go.











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