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Live From New York City , New York

Welcome all, to an Action Packed edition of CCW Turmoil - live here tonight, from New York City. Tonight, we'll witness CCW history, as Chris Mania signs his first contract in that ring

And... we get to see Bauer cave someones head in again

Well... Probably not, as that was diplorable.

Maybe I like diplorable?

CCW General Manager Robert Owen is standing in the ring holding a microphone in 1 hand and a clipboard/contract in the other theres a table set up in the center as we kick off Turmoil.

Owen: Evening folks, as you read on OCWFED.NET it is infact true that Chris Mania jumped on board the SS.Revolution that is Cyber Championship Wrestling.

Crowd pop

Owen: My lawyers and I have been going through this contract all day *holds up contract* and now infront of you in the crowd and infront of you at home let's make it official. Chris would you please join me in the ring.

Mania appears on the Xtron

Mania: To make my transaction into CCW a lot cooler I decided to set up a one of a kind CCW debut entrance, you guys are going to love this!

Robert Owen stands in the ring, befuddled. The crowd is silent besides a few conversations and other mumblings. Suddenly, a spotlight shines high above the entrance ramp. Into the light, Spoon comes gliding down harnessed to a wire.

The crowd erupts as Spoon makes his way across the arena sky. Spoon looks down into the ring, to see Robert Owen shaking his head. Robert begins to speak.

Robert Owen: Uhhh, Chris. Remember a certain Heartbreak Kid?

Spoons facial expression immediately changes to sadness. Approximately halfway through the arena, Spoon loses momentum and comes to a compelete hault halfway down the wire. Now, at a standstill, the audience remains completely silent.

No music, no noises, just Spoon in a spotlight, looking sad, hanging from a harness on a wire. Spoon takes a deep breath, and begins to pull himself back up the wire.

As he does, the crowd remains silent as the slow, sad, squeak of the pulley seem to get louder and louder as Spoon pulls himself closer to the platform from which he began. Spoon unharnesses himself, and picks up a microphone coincidently placed on top of the platform.

Mania: I think I'll just come to the ring normally.

Owen: Yeah…

Owen: You ok?

Mania: Yeah it's cool, flying in from the roof is kinda lame anyway.

Owen: Yes, it's very over-rated.

Mania: and not at all safe, I heard a guy died from doing it once.

Owen: Really?

Mania: Yeah big tragedy, his family sued the company was all over the news.

Owen: No kidding.

Mania looks down at his wrist as if he's looking at an invisible watch.

Mania: So should we do this then?

Owen: Ok Chris just sign on the dotted line and then you're official CCW property. *Mania looks at Owen* uh did I say property? I meant you'll be representing CCW.

Bauer calls for a mic as Mania stares a hole through him. Bauer paces back and forth in his usual style, and Mania never takes his eyes off of him...following back and forth. Robert Owen mouths something to Bauer but cannot be heard without a mic.

Be quiet Robbie...I've got the magic stick, wait your goddamn turn.

Bauer turns his back on Mania and Owen. The crowd boos as Bauer drapes an arm over the top rope and leans into it. He continues on, looking up the ramp and into the crowd showing an obvious lack of respect for Mania by leaving his back turned. He looks up at the wiring rig that Mania was just fooling around on.

That entrance was nothing short of spectacular... When I saw it 10 years ago

CROWD BOOS. Bauer turns to look at Mania briefly, smiles and then turns back to the ramp leaning forward on the ropes.

Chris Mania...ICE ICE Baby....Nice Hair cut sir.

CROWD POP. Mania picks up the microphone that he laid on the table previously. He taps it to make sure it's on.

You know, I heard you cut yours because you got tired of people asking you for MY Autograph.


Well Spoon...Can I call you Spoon?

You can turn around and address me like a man...instead of allowing your fear to look me eye to eye get the better of you.

It's not that I don't like you Spoon...because I do. It's just, I can't take you seriously when I'm in the ring with you. How can I when you're nicknamed after something I keep in my silverware drawer.

I seem to remember knocking your head off the last time we occupied the same ring.

Living in the past now are we? Alot has changed since then. Versus got off the recreational stuff, Steve Jones is pretty much retired, Nathan Gaines has been through 6 new factions, and Double A had THE operation in Tiajuana - you...You've just signed a contract to reside in the house that Bauer built. CCW is my show...like it or not... *He shrugs his shoulders* Hell, I'm not that fond of it myself, but the fact remains...These people tune in each week to see Brad Bauer...BRADBauer!!!

No Brad, the reason people tune in each week is in the hope that you get your ass kicked just like the week before.

Bauer makes his way over to the corner, continuing to show a lack of respect for Mania, he props himself up on the top turnbuckle and has a seat.

I think I'll just make myself comfortable while I'm here.

I would think that you would show more respect to the man that held the OCW North American Championship longer than any man in the history of the company.

This isn't OCW....Chris, I hate to tell you this, but unless you're Michael J. Fox and you've got a sick ass flying Delorian, it's not cool to keep going back into the past. Now that Michael J. Fox...he was cool. Too bad about that Parkinsons...

Bauer draws a C....C...W with his free hand in the air and then pulls an HBK/Eddie Guerrero and lays across the top ropes in the corner. He yawns and rolls his eyes. The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Time to come back to the present, and take a look at the Future.

If you’re the future I’m not impressed because all I see in your future is a Closeline from Cardiff.

Crowd Pop

Owen asks for the microphone from Mania, who obliges.

I figured after you received the news earlier tonight that you would be facing Deano Horse and The Air in a 2 on 1 handicap match, that you would have learned not to get on my bad side.

Bauer sits back up and hops down off the turnbuckle. He walks over to the table and stands across from Mania and Robert Owen. Bauer picks up Mania's contract and starts thumbing through it, careful not to drop the mic.

Interesting...So Robbie, let's see what you're paying Chris here.

Mania snatches his contract back and stuffs it into Owen's chest...in turn, he grabs the Mic back as well.

Are you done yet? I can't speak for this crowd, but I for one am sick of hearing you flap your gums.

Bauer looks at Owen.

You've got what you came for you little snake.

Bauer grabs the table and flips it over the top rope onto the ringside floor.

Unless you plan on eating a Closeline from that can only come from Cardiff, I'm going to suggest that you try to make your little impact elsewhere.

Bauer drops his microphone and kicks it out of his way. Mania tosses his to the mat. The crowd erupts as they stand eye to eye. Robert Owen wisely chooses to leave the ring in a hurry.

Bauer and Mania stare down for 10 sec's. Bauer slaps Mania in his face. Nothing...Bauer shrugs his shoulders and slaps Mania in the face again...still nothing. Bauer goes for the hat trick with a third slap and Mania grabs his hand. Bauer looks to turn away and leave the ring but fakes it and trys for a swing on Mania. Mania blocks it and delivers a big right hand sending Bauer to his backside. Bauer gets up quick and Mania hits him with another. Bauer gets up quickly again stumbling about this time. Mania sets him up for an irish whip. Bauer comes off the far side and ducks the Closeline from Cardiff! He goes for the Headliner, Mania Blocks and counters into his other patented Move. Bauer get's "STIRRED". The crowd pops as Mania's music hits. Bauer is laid out in the middle of the ring. Mania celebrates with the crowd on the way back up the ramp.



The Count Vs Mugen




Losin Your Mind starts to play in the arena as Banjo Grimm steps out on to the entrance ramp,mic in hand

Howdy Pad'ner....The Cowboy has a question for yall....
Now Mr.Crowe..after our victory last week,this cowboy has a question for ya....what say me and you tag up and shake things up in this here business?...ya'll know it makes sense....

Lucas calls for a Mic

Mr.Grimm...you pose an interesting offer.....The Count & The Cowboy...together side by side..this could be the most fitting pairing in CCW history.....
Banjo..my answer is....

Crowe holds his hands up and clicks his fingers,the lights in the arena go out....the lights come on again after a few seconds and Crowe is gone..there is just his mic layed in the middle of the ring

The camera pans back to Banjo who is stood looking puzzled, after a few seconds he waves to the crowd,shrugs his shoulders and walks back behind the curtain




Tyro Kraven is already standing in the ring as the show opens, the fans are still going nuts as the camera pans the arena. Kraven paces around the ring - he calls for a Mic

Tyro Kraven? Back ? I have never seen this guy before?! Who is this guy? Well i give you people that answer right now...

He pauses and looks at the blank faces of the crowd

Nobody... *Pauses* I came here a few months back to CCW.., i had a good streak going but then i lost and couldnt break the chain. I wanted to proove that i had what it takes but then familiy issue's took my out of the picture. But im back now im gonna do it right this time.... Tyro Kraven is back..and this time i WILL make people remember that name...

He begins to leave the ring as we cut to the announce table





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