Live for the first time Its CCW's Tuesday Night Turmoil in Charlotte North Carolina!


Johnathan Rivers: Hello and Welcome to Tuesday Night Turmoil, TNT for short Im your host, Johnathan Rivers.

Stephen Strayer: And Ill be helping out John, My name is Stephen Strayer! Freinds call me Double S.

Rivers: Alright Double S how about we get started!

Double S: I dont think we have met before. Call me Mr. Strayer!

Rivers: Okay.. Anyway, We are both very exicted to be here for the first night of TNT. Tonights Main Event is Malu, a big star that crossed over from OCW, our big brother takes on a man named Justin Time. We dont know much about Mr. Time but this is a huge chance for him.

Double S: We also have Nathan Gaines taking on David Jackson, Tony Crass versus Thanatos!

Rivers: And our opening match is Scott Hanlon vs Jose P Liddel! They should be comming out- Wait someone in my headset is saying that our GM Derick Winters will be comming to the ring first before the match!

Double S: What a honor!

**Derick Winters makes his way down the ramp. Around his waist is the CCW Heavyweight title. He climbs the steps and into the ring.**

Winters: Hello everyone and welcome to the show. Im going to make this short and sweet. Tonight is a big night but so will every Turmoil show be. See this belt around me? This is what everyone wants. To win this you must obviously win matches.

The crowd is silent.

Winters: But there are other ways of getting a shot. You dont anways have to win matches. Depending on how the match looks, the behavoir you have backstage and your interviewing skills will determine your rank here in CCW. Every show that titantron up there will show the top five wrestlers based on this catagories. Seeing as how there is no champion. Whenever I think its time for a title shot numbers one and two will go at it for the title. After that Only being number one will get you a title shot.

The crowd seem to like this system has they cheer for it.


Winters: And the rankings start tonight! So everyone please sit back and enjoy the show. Guys in the back! Good luck!

**Winters drops the mic and leaves up the ramp.**

Rivers: Wow what a way to get a title shot. I can tell you folks whoever is champion really deserves it. Now lets get this show started with the first match of the night. Scott Hanlon taking on Jose P Liddel!