CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Tokyo, Japan

Live from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo




Judas stands in the ring to cheers from the crowd inTokyo. Judas has spent time wrestling in Japan and has a good following there. He looks into the crowd while being handed a Microphone.

I know what their saying at home tonight. What you all are saying in the crowd. WHAT TOOK JUDAS SO LONG TO GET BACK TO OCW.

The crowd cheer as Judas shoots his hand into the air.

Simply put people, I was seeing the world. I went to Alaska and climbed the coldest mountains. Then to Austrailia to surf the waves and everywhere in between. But the one thing I really need to do had brought be here tonight.

That is to OWN The OCW's EX division.

Another roar from the Hallows faithful.

So, it's put up or shut up time. Line them up and watch me knock them down. Judas Hallows has returned to OCW, to claim what will soon be mine. The EX division title.

Judas climbs the turnbuckle to strike a pose as his theme music hits.


Well Judas Hallows returned and he's going too own the EX Division. Yup, that's what he's going to do.

Yeah, right! Only guy that owned the EX was Sean Strider with his 4,5 month reign.

The Air came close though with a reign of 4 months, before he lost it in a 4-way Steel cage match too Ed Reed.

I wish the old EX times came back!

No matter I'm sure the new breed wil do there best.

Too much talk too few actions if you ask me.

No matter! Konichiwa everyone, welcome to tonights OCW Turmoil, coming to you live from Tokyo, JAPAN! After all the events at the Clash, this is SURE to be an explosive night!

So many little fortune cookies, it's unreal.

I haven't seen one fortune cookie. They only serve those in American, Chinese restaurants.

No, look. **points to a hot lil Asian girl** There's a fortune cookie...**points to another** there's another fortune cookie...and another and another...

Have you checked your mail recently? Because I'm certain you must have at least 10 lawsuits, stemming from the last two shows.

There's nothing wrong with spreading the love Rivers...and my seed.

Great, you're creating a whole nation of assholes. Lovely. Ok, well, now that ODB is done telling us how he plans on impregnating the world, let's get to why we're all here!


No you friggin nympho. The wrestling. Tonight we have a fantastic mesh of rookies, veterans, more than one main event quality matches and mystery opponents!

And the whole night starts with a refreshed Vindicator and Frank Smith. Frank better keep 1 eye open, after what's been going on with him and Trips.

Right! Next up Kip Conrad...


I'm waiting.

I'm not gonna be blamed for beating a good joke into the ground. Keep talking Nancy.

Kip Conrad goes 1 on 1 with the captain of the ship, Smythe DaWonder.

Yo ho, yo ho, it's time to kiss a man!

That doesn't rhyme.

And you suck at commentary, but we allow you to do it.

Moving on. After Deano's showing at the Clash, he moves directly from the frying pan, and into the flame, when he faces off against yet another face of Nate Ortiz.

Yeah, but this new face comes with a full tank of ass kicking. So nothing's really changed but the paints.

Finally tonight, we have iGen, the true "faces" of OCW, going against OCW Champion and Pride Champion, Leonheart and a partner of his choosing.

I'm not sure what Leon's plan is, but I'm sure it's not good for iGen. Which keeps me happy! cookie, get on over here.

Ok, well as Double S tries to get some action, let's get the action!


Frank Smith vs Vindicator




Tap, tap, tapparoooooo!

A great match, I wasn't sure if he had the strength to hold that long enough, but damned if I wasn't wrong. vague and uninsightful.




Turmoil has just gotten underway and the camera cuts to the cold parking lot of the Tokyo arena. Crewmembers stand around pretending to be doing something as a long black limousine pulls up stopping a few feet away from the entrance to the backstage area. The driver of the limo exits the front seat to open the passengers do but is stopped as his hand reaches to open the door. A familiar voice speaks.

???: Your boss and I need to have a little talk.

The driver backs off as the person opens the door and takes a seat in the limo. The camera cuts to an inside the limo where the person who entered the vehical is revealed to be Nate Ortiz. And sitting next to him in stunned silence is the OCW Champion Leonheart.

Nate: Good year isn’t it?

Leon begins to speak but Nate puts his had up in a “shs” motion signaling for Leon to be quiet.

Nate: Biggest night of 2009 by far you. Retaining the OCW Championship, adding Pride Championship to your long list of accomplishments, and last but certainly not least, choking my wife.

Nate brings his hand to his face and shakes his head. He then runs his hands through his beard as he continues to speak.

Nate: Number 1 and number 2 of your accomplishments of 2009 I can live with. You’re a worthless sickening piece of trash, who has to tell himself he means something, but I can live with it. But putting your hands on my wife is something that I cannot let go on. If it were up to me you’d be lying in a puddle of your own blood, but sadly Tiffany just asked me to talk to you. So I will give you these words of wisdom. I will say this slowly for you.

You are having a good year. You are a dual champion. And everything you’ve touched this year has turned to go. Go with it and stop focusing on me. I’m going to let you in on a secret. At this point in time you are not on my radar. But one more slipup and you will be. Don’t play with fire Leon or you will get burned.

Nate exits the limo shutting the door behind him. He straitens up his tie and walks away. Camera Fades…

Nate's turned into a biker! **imitating southern drawl** Hey, I thought I told ya. Keep yer hands off mah womin!

Well, what would you do if someone struck your wife?
I'd say "Back in the kitchen, and quit yer bitchin" then yell out "Yeeee haw" and make whip craking noises.
Have a good time in hell.




*Scene opens with the Weapons of Mass Destruction center stage*

Takeshi Kariya: First meetings usually warrant introductions. That being said I am Takeshi Kariya and this is my tag partner, Yoshida Takeda. Together we are the Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Yoshida Takeda: Now perhaps rumors have flown around since our little interaction with Omega last week or perhaps not. Regardless, hype is of little concern to us. We’ve not come out tonight to make brash claims of superiority or make brazen challenges for authority; instead we’ve chosen tonight, in our home country, as the perfect opportunity to make our intentions clear.

Takeshi Kariya: Simply put, we are here to establish OCW as an international power. You see, we came from Japan to find the best and we believe that we have found the best…Americans. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with this, but we know that OCW can stand for more than that, it can be more than that, and it will be more than that.

Yoshida Takeda: Now this is not something that will occur overnight. Every building must have a firm foundation and be built brick by brick. We’ve spent the last month or so in OCW staying under the radar. Our time has been occupied by scouting and studying those whom we will choose to align ourselves with. I use the word align carefully because I don’t want things to get confused. This is not about an, us versus them, type of scenario where we have some sort of delusion of grandeur. What we have in mind is for the good and the growth of the company.

Takeshi Kariya: You see our little stunt last week with Omega was done for the simple purpose of testing one of our own, our brethren, an international superstar, and an established OCW competitor. We’ve also had the pleasure of watching another countryman of ours, in Black Dragon, compete and were equally impressed.

Yoshida Takeda: So what we are purposing is a series of exhibition matches in which the Ronin will compete against the Weapons of Mass Destruction. We intend to put on a display of what the international talent in OCW has to offer and to pioneer a new front for OCW. Gentlemen, to use an American phrase: the ball is in your court. We await your response.

*End scene*


International showcase of talent, I love it!
Pay attention jackass.








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