Live from the Tennessee State University Gentry Center in Nashville Tennessee! Its Tuesday Night Turmoil!

After the great debut of CCW last week, a lot of the company's new raising "stars" are feeling the hype. But it seems one new member isn't affected by this much, as we go live backstage, where he is currently in his work-out session.

We see Chris Ryder lifting weights, we see sweat soring off of his face, as he counts how many times he's lifted the weights.

Ryder - "69....70....71...72...Ah"

Just then, Ryder drops the weights. He puts them back on the rack, as he goes to get his drink. On his way there, he notices the camara.

Ryder - "Oh hey, whats up?.......ah right. No problem, I was just finishing up anyway. Just give me a minute"

Ryder walks off to get a drink, as the camara fades out. It fades back in again, as Ryder is sat down drinking a bottle of water. He checks with the camaraman, and asks if it's all ready. The camaraman gives the all clear.

Ryder - "Ladies and Gentlemen of CCW, you may know me as one of CCW's many new wrestling competitors. My name is Chris Ryder, and I am here in the united states to give it my all, and show you that I am who many say I am. The Unforgivable Saint"

I have forced many to tap, and at the same time earned there respect. For showing the will to win, and never giving up when being in doubt from others. I fought to get where I am today, and i'll keep fighting untill I earn the respect of everyone of you. And if I die before I can do it, then i'll be happy to have fought the people i've fought"

"Tonight, I face Brian Enigma. Now I saw what he did last week, and I won't let it go unjustified. What he did was uncalled for, and he should be punished for it"

Chris looks right at the camara

"Brian, tonight. You are going to get the absolute BEST of Chris Ryder, and I promice you.....your unforgivable!

And with that, Chris picks up his duffle bag, and walks out of shot as the camara fades out.


Johnathan Rivers: Hello and welcome to Tuesday night Turmoil Im Johnathan Rivers and sitting by myside is-

Stephen Strayer: Stephen Strayer also known as Double S. Rivers you will not be calling me Double S. Just because this is our 2nd show together doesnt mean anything!

Rivers: Well we will be seeing a lot of eachother. Nobody is going anywhere.

Double S: Im stuck with you. That doesnt make us freinds Johnny.

Rivers: Anyway we got a great looking card tonight. A lot of intresting stuff went down on our first show and we got four brand new matches for you tonight.... Well three anyway.


Double S: Thats right folks Tonights main event is something you've already seen! Nathan Gaines wanted a rematch tonight against David Jackson. Seriously do we need to see this crap again? We saw what happen last week. David Jackson going 2 and 0 and Gaines happened to be one of the victums!

Rivers: We also have Vincent Valmont getting his shot at Malu. I huge force here in CCW already.

Double S: Huge is a understatment. This guy is HUGE!

Rivers: Right.. But first up is Brain Enigma and Chris Ryder. Brain last week brutally attacked Justin Time in the Main event last week. Hes here to make a statement. Lets see if he cant win his first match.




Brain Enigma vs Chris Ryder

Download Here!

Rivers:A great first win!

Double S: That will shut the kid up.

Rivers: A lot of talk but not enough walk.


*As the camera goes backstage a seemingly angered Tony Crass enters the building, still with his street clothes on and his bag slung over his shoulder as he continues to temper-tantrum his way to his locker CCW's own roving reporter Trisha Waldrop tries to catch up with Tony for a word*

Tony......Tony Crass

*Tony turns a full 180 degrees and adresses the CCW reporter*

Oh and just who in the hell might you be???

I am Trisha Waldrop, I just saw you make your way into the CCW arena and from the looks of it you didn't seem to enthused.....whats the deal?

"Well ya see, Trish, I challanged a certain someone to a match......and how was I treated......I was not only told no by the particpant himself, but when I asked the powers that be here in CCW to set up the match......they gave me the same answer.....and I said last week that if I didn't get my answer.....THE ANSWER I WANTED..that I would find my answer somewhere else.... and just to add insult to injury.....I wasn't even included in the card tonight.......I AM the world has to offer.....and yet I still must sit by while has-beens like Mr.Gaines get the main-event glory.............Now if you'll excuse me....I am going to get ready for my match....."

*As Tony walks away Trisha seemingly confused speaks*

What match? I thought you just said you weren't booked tonight"

*As the reporter sends the action back ringside to CCW's fine announce team, a look of confusion is glazed over Trisha eyes as the camera switches back to ringside*


Double S: I think hes gone a little insane. Last I checked he got his assed kicked by a man in a mask and he does not have a match tonight.

Rivers: Well... I just got word that David Jackson did not make it to the arena so the main event is now Tony Crass will be fighting Mr. Gaines.

Double S: BAH! What the hell is this? I dont want to see two losers fight!

Rivers: Well I think its now time to do the first ever CCW Top Five. Please turn your attention to the Titantron!



1. David Jackson

2. Malu

3. Scott Hanlon

4. Nathan Gaines

5. Justin Time