We're here, you're queer, get used to it.


Live From Birmingham , Alabama

Turmoil kicks off backstage in Brad Bauer's locker-room. Bauer's head peers around the corner before coming out from the showers.

Just a camera guy...phew, no Deano Horse. There is a god.

Crowd Pop

Bauer struts out in just a towel. He heads on over to his locker.

Bauer struts out in just a towel. He heads on over to his locker.

Just as Bauer is removing his towel.

To see.....

Bauer is startled and his towel falls off. The camera catches him bare assed.

Crowd Pop for Bare Assed Bauer

Wesley Adams Poe enters the frame...

Or Not to see...apparently in your case.

Bauer quickly covers his frontals.

You know, they have pills for problems like yours.

Bauer looks at his twig and berries...and then frowns at Poe.

Listen here you twisted freak!

Poe continues to look down at Bauer's manlines

Relax Brad Bauer. I'm here to wish you luck tonight in my very first match on CCW Turmoil..

The Crowd pop

Luck...heh. I don't need luck kid. What I need is for you to take your meat gazers out of here so I can get ready for that wrestling lesson I'm going to be giving you in a few minutes.

Poe: Well then, no luck for you, until we meet in the ring, I bid you adue.

Bauer turns to open his locker. Poe reappears and hands Bauer his wrestling tights. Bauer snatches them and quickly covers up again.

Where'd you get those?!

Poe: Your mess was here before I came to appear.

Brad: What the-

Bauer looks around and sees the mess of his things strewn out about the room. He quickly turns around and opens his locker.

The crowd crys out with laughter as what must be over a hundred spoons fall out of Bauer's locker. Poe begins laughing as he walks away.

Bauer puts his towel back on and frantically starts picking up spoons.

Brad: Tea spoons....table spoons...measuring spoons...soup spoons...baby spoons...giant spoons...SPOOOOOONS!!!!!!

Bauer stands up with two fistfuls of spoons. Like a mad man he looks around.


Bauer pauses as the crowd continues to erupt in laughter.

Brad: No it couldn't have been the new guy...I'm going to get to the bottom of this! Nobody screws with Brad Bauer.....BRADBauer!!!!!

The Crowd shout BRADBauer.


Bauer finally lost it?

Lost it, but he's still smarter than you



The Count Vs Vindicator

Crowe rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic

Banjo Grimm......I have thought long and hard about your offer,I feel that we both have something to prove here in CCW,you need to build up a legacy and prove to the gm's why you should be booked at Wrestleution...and whilst I am UNDEFEATED here in CCW, We have something to prove....

It seems that just because of the lifestyle we lead,some people round here don't take us seriously.....you think just because he is a gothic cowboy and I follow vampirysm we are jokes?freaks?... Our phsycal appearance is a representation of the lifestyle we lead!....(shouting)..WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE TO JUDGE US????

Look at OCW for instance...their champion is a cross dresser who wears pink lipstick for christ sake! Just because something is different it doesn't mean its wrong!...Do not fear what you do not understand..embrace the unusual......You want to hold us back just because of how we choose to look? I have just come off a gruelling match at Indy Live 5...Ministry and myself went to hell and back....and what are people saying about it? dam they need some sun'....'Man he thinks he's a vampire'...'holly shit...2 white ass crackers!'

Crowe clears his throat

What the hell is wrong with you people!...I have never claimed to be anything since I arrived here...but I will tell you this..I WILL NOT BE UNDER ESTIMATED!...ignore me at your own risk CCW!

Banjo Grimm........I ACCEPT!

The Count slams the mic down and leaves the ring




Interesting stuff from the Count, anyway... onto brighter things

Like them whiteass crackers' skin? get some damn sun!

Robert Owen is on the phone in his office when the door opens and in walks Smythe DaWonder and Parker Stevens. Smythe sits in a chair infront of Owen`s Desk while Stevens stands and looks around the office with the Hardcore title across his shoulder. Owen with a look of disgust on his face gets off the phone


Smythe:Listen Owen... I know what your thinking... I know what`s running through your head right now... were here early to maybe start negotiations....

Owen: What are you talking about???

Stevens: You wants us. You want us both and we know it!!!

Owen is completely confused he gives Smythe a WTF face

Smythe: You were at Indy Style weren`t you??? we are the hottest commodities in the business right now... Stevens beat the OCW champion... the champ... beat him 1,2,3... and I beat your top star in Brad Bauer... whispers BRADBAUER...

Owen: Brad Bauer is not our...

Smythe cuts him off

Smythe: let`s keep the small talk to a minimum huh??? here`s the deal you can do what you want but the contracts we need to sign are gonna start at a cool million a year each... and that`s for Smythe Stevens and Leon... were a package... whenever Leon gets back into action...

Owen: hmmm... let me see... I can have the OCW`s resident Jobber.... a masked psycho and the shoe stealer for 3 million a year... for about the same price I can have a mansion in Maui... a Mercedes Benz... and more women than Deano horse on his best day... I`ll have to pass... and I`ll also have to ask you degenerate morons to leave my office... and if you OCW scum interrupt any matches at all... you will both be suspended for the clash... get it Boys...

Stevens picks up a statue in the office and looks at Smythe

Smythe: Dude c`mon we`d get in serious trouble if we whacked the GM in his office... good idea but we have to pass...

Stevens: next time Owens... you speak with more FEAR...

Owen no really... Get out...

Smythe: as you say Owen... but remember it`s 1 million a year... and if you don`t watch your mouth something bad can happen...

Stevens: by the way... nice office...

Owen: Is that a threat you chocolate Maggot???

Smythe: I wouldn`t dream of threatening you... it`s advice...

Smythe and Stevens leave Robert Owen`s office quietly... as Owen gets on the phone with security to watch the two OCW trouble makers...






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