CCW Turmoil Unleashed





*Leonheart stands in the center of the ring with the OCW title around his right shoulder. The fans go nuts.*

Leonheart: I have to say it feels pretty damn good standing here STILL your O C W Champion!!

*Leon raises the title high up into the air. The cheers get louder and louder.*

Leonheart: Many people have had doubts about me, but last night i proved the critics wrong. I have been put into title defense after title defense since I won this little gold lady. And in each and every one of those matches, the end was the same, "Upset, it's an upset! Leonheart wins!!" Well...from now on, I suppose it'll just be "Leon wins...again!"

*The cheers continue to grow.*

Leonheart: Ever since i came to OCW... I go into that ring with one intention and one intention only. That is to leave you all with something you'll remember til the day you die.

In some other cases maybe an emo, as people like to call me.

*The fans laugh. Leon starts to get a serious look on his face.*

Now at S2R, I watched Nate Ortiz come down to this ring. A guy who just a few weeks ago put me in an STFU till I passed out.

*A mixed reaction from the crowd as boos and cheers are heard from the fans.*

Now me and Nate are not exactly friends but at S2R he did bring up some valid points. One being that for this last month a certain someone has let the power go to his head. He has abused this in ever way he can.

Leonheart: He has made my life as champion not an easy one... He has put me in many title matches but when it's said and done.

*Leon raises the OCW world title right up into the air yet again.*

I am still the champion and believe me when i say... This isn't going to change.

Leonheart: Now as for Sensation being the number one contender. I dunno what schemes you and him are up too but just like my past matches i will whoop ass and send Jay jobbing. Why...

*Leon gets cut off.*

*Versus theme hits as he makes his way down to ringside.*

VFM: Hey congrats on your win champ.

*Leon walks up to VFM as both are going head to head.*

Yeah...I would go ahead and take a step back if you know what is good for you.

*Leon pushes VFM to the ropes. VFM looks shocked as the fans cheer at Leon.*

You step back for a change.

You better remember who I am?

Leonheart: An asshole?

VFM: *Laughs*
That was pretty good but let me remind you that the next time you put your hands on me. I will strip you of your OCW title, and you can join Nate working at Pizza Hut, you got that?

*Leonheart looks as if he is trying to hide is rage. He just stares at VFM.*

VFM: Good... Now get out of my ring.

*Leonheart clenches his fist, and stares angrily at VFM.*

Again if you as lay a finger on me not only will I strip you of your title but I will personally fire all your I-Gen buddies. Now get out of my ring.

Your a sad, sad man.

*Leonheart drops the mic as he leaves the ring.*

You know I don't even want you in my building tonight. Security get out here and take our champ away.

*Security rush out as they all surround Leon. Leon gives an evil look at VFM as he's escorted backstage and outside the arena.*



Main Event Time!

Wonder what we get?

You think Smythe is in it?

* shakes head * Nevermind!



Main Event

Deano Horse vs Chris Mania



A main event in every single sense of the word!!

If both of these men are on their game, you'll get a match of the year almost every single time.

Well, this week went relatively smooth, wouldn't you say?

Yeah...what...why's that envelope been sitting in front of you all night?

Paternity results.

What? For who?

Me and a certain someone.

Chloe? Stacey? Gary?

Mrs. Rivers...let's give it a look!




The scene zooms out of commentary and you'd think the show is over, but then suddenly the screen switches too V.F.M. Who walks into his office and is surprised to see someone sitting in his chair. As he takes a step forward the chair swings around and it is Nate Ortiz sitting down. Versus closes his door and takes a step back as Nate speaks.

V.F.M.: Didn’t you get enough on Sunday.

Nate: Calm down I’m not here to fight you. If I was you’d already be out on the ground. I’m here to talk about what happened earlier with my wife.

V.F.M.: Yea I saw that… She shouldn’t have been in the ring its dangerous (laughes)

This angers Nate but he calmly rises from his seat.

Nate: No Smythe shouldn’t have put his hands on her. Now I want him in the ring.

V.F.M.: Did my slap scramble your brain again? You are inactive and I am not reinstating you.

Nate: You know they must be for me thinking after all we've been through even with your new attitude that you'd do the right thing. But hey make it unsanctioned, take it off the books whatever. I just want what I do to that man to be legal.

V.F.M.: Why should I do this for you? I have nothing to gain from this, I’m only making you happy. And I don’t like you so hmm no.

Nate: You should do this because if you do I’ll walk away from it all. I’ll retire, sign papers and live out the rest of my life away from OCW. It’s a win, win for you. I put my body on the line and win lose or draw I’m out of your hair come next week.

V.F.M. cocks his eye brow.

V.F.M.: Done eh?

Nate: Retired, finished, done…

V.F.M.: Ok done, but… This isn’t happening on Riot or next week. This is happening on Pay-Per View. This is going to make me a lot of money, now get the hell out of my office.

Nate glares at Versus before walking out of the office door smirking as the scene fades.



The End!?

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