CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Toronto, Canada

Live from the Air Canada Centre, Toronto


Smythe stands in the ring looking very serious. His shades are completely over his eyes and he takes off his tag title slings it over his shoulder. The Fans are going insane for Smythe as were in his home town of Toronto Canada. But Smythe doesn't care he is furious.

Smythe: I am throwing the biggest Party in Toronto tonight at Tonic on Richmond Street.... But I'm not happy... I have the most Blinged out title in OCW today over my shoulder... but I'm not happy... I am the single most entertaining wrestler in OCW today... the winningest wrestler in this calender year... and perhaps the badest man to ever grace an OCW ring...... But I'm not happy...

I'm not Happy because 2 nights ago at September to Remember I did not win the OCW world title... but I'm not upset... I mean why should I be??? I'm still the man to beat in this business even if I didn't win the World title... Leon may have beat me on Sunday but that only proved one thing... and it's Not that Leonheart is better than Smythe Dawonder cause that wasn't proven at all... all it proved is that When Smythe Dawonder is at less than 50% because he had to defend his tag title just an hour before... and he had to wrestle a greuling cage match just 3 days prior that he can't beat Leonheart at 100% for the OCW World title... and I can accept that... even tho I won two matches at King of OCW... I can't be spreading myself paper thin Pay Per View after Pay Per View...

in the crowd there is a small boy who is screaming at the top of his lungs "you suck" turning Smythe around slowly to the boy getting a rise out of the crowd.

Smythe: What did you juvenile delinquent mouth say??? I suck... look in the books kid... look at the last time I lost a match... it was the King of OCW final... I had the longest current active undefeated streak in OCW before Sunday... and It will start again... you putrid piece of spew...

Smythe climbs the turnbuckle in a rage.

and I'll tell you something True Wrestling fans of the great North Crowd erupts for Smythe I am not sad at all I am actually controlling myself... controlling myself from going backstage and beating the crap out of all of those I-Gen Homos and making Leon a bloody mess... controlling myself from demanding another shot at the OCW World title... because I know the man I work for!!!! I know Sensation has a plan... and I'm gonna sit back and Watch at Devil's night. I'm gonna watch...




Good evening everyone and welcome to OCW Turmoil!! Coming to you LIVE from the Air Canada Center, 3 nights removed from September 2 Remember!!

What are you rambling on aboot?

Ahhh, I see what you were doing there.

I don't know what you're talking aboot, ay?

oh god...let's not even get into this. Tonight, we have an "ALL SURPRISE" card! As you all know the card released didn't say anything about tonight. Will we JCS wrestling tonight?! WHO KNOWS!! Anything's possible. But, I did just get the card lineup for tonight, so lets get down to b...

*takes the card* I'll do the announcing, I hate waiting for surprises. First up, K. D'Angelo goes one on one with the new german fella Maxamillian Magnus. Next up Carlos Cruz goes 1 on 1 with Kip Conrad...what?! For the PRIDE CHAMPIONSHIP!?!?!


And finally we have the main event, seemingly disturbed Chris Mania goes 1 on 1 with the Excellence of Sexcellence, Deano Horse!!

Now THAT is something I look forward to.

Nobody cares, so shut up and let's start the show.

Hopefully VFM free.



Maximillan Magnus vs K. Dangelo




Not the greatest showing from the big man.

Which big man?

Touche little boy, touche.


*The camera pans to the back where Trips is sitting in his locker room typing away at a laptop. The camera pans round to see the screen. Trips is logged onto* He looks up from the screen and motions for the camera to take a closer look.*

Trips: Thee Rick Rude has informed me that I lost my chance at the world title because I don’t have a kick ass moustache. Something must be done about this.

*There is a knock at the door*

Trips: Come in.

*The door swings open and a staff member walks in.*

Staff member: Trips there’s someone here for you.

Trips: Whom?

Staff Member: A Mr Roman R…..

Trips: Roman?

*The staff member nods.*

Trips: Send him in.

*The staff member motions to Roman outside the room. Roman walks in as Trips rises to greet him. They have an awkward stare before Trips grabs Roman in a hug.*

Trips: How the hell are you man?

Roman: I’m crushed thanks for asking.

Trips: Good to hear it.

Roman: Have you finally come to your senses?

*Trips rubs his forehead awkwardly.*

Trips: Yeah man I don’t know what I was thinking before I guess it was just nearing the end of a great era and I was in a bad place.

Roman: But you’re better now?

Trips: It’s taken a few months to work everything out with my career but yeah I think I’m ready to step it back up again.

Roman: Well I’m here again. Remember when I had your back before?

Trips: Hell yeah, I held that TV Title for the longest I ever have. I appreciate having you back alongside me Roman. Between you and my moustache I can’t lose!

Roman: You don’t have a moustache.


*The shot fades out as Trips shows Roman the site on the laptop.*




We cut backstage to see Chris Ryder, bandaged and all, walking down the hall with a purpose. His face tells the story of what happened this past Sunday at September 2 Remember, as he constantly looks left and right, through the halls. He walks upto a member of staff, who's talking to someone off-screen, he grabs him by his shirt neck and spins him around.

Ryder: "Now listen up twatbag, you better know where Carlos is, or so help me I'll make that shirt you're wearing, your own personal noose"

Staff: "I don't know, really I don't!"

Ryder: "Well if you DO see him, you let me know ASAP"

Staff: "Yes sir!"

Ryder: "Don't call me that"

Staff: "What? Sir?"

Ryder: "Do I look like a Sir to you?"

Staff: "No, not at all"

Ryder: "Damn bloody right"

Chris pushes the Staff Member off-screen, as he continues his search for Carlos.




The Screen fades in and we see I-Gen, Valmont is on a bench working out (Which he said he must have!) and Deano is at the bar looking at a Naughty Nuns magazine. Kang & Leon are gone but where is unsure. After a while tho Deano's cell phone rings, he grabs it to look who it is... Gives a face like he can't recgonize the number so get up outta his seat and walks to the exit of the I-Gen locker room, presses the talk button and puts the phone to his ear.

Deano: Screw an OCW Superstar today, this is Deano speaking how can he screw you?

There is a slight pause as if someone was saying something on the other line of the phone but the fans can't hear it.

Deano: Wait... Wait, who the hell is this... Susan? You still have a deep ass voice Susan!

Another pause...

Deano: No shit, is it really!?! Holy shit! I haven't talked to your ass in a while, whats happening man!?!


Deano: When Today!?! No, you serious!?! Damn, thanks for giving me a short notice you ass!


Deano: Yea man, I'll talk with Kang about it but he should be fine with it.


Deano: Yea see you in an hour, later man.

Deano clicks the hang up button on his cell phone and gives out a slight smile as he walks back into the I-Gen locker room and the screen slowly fades back to black.









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