CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Topeka, Kansas

Live from the Kansas Expo Centre, Topeka

We cut backstage to find Stacy Clark, knocking on Chris Ryder's Lockeroom door, she starts looking around tje area off-screen, confused.

Clark: "Where is he?"

Stacy turns to the guy behind the Camera, it seems he doesn't know where Chris is either. Suddenly, Stacy looks off-screen again, and raises an eyebrow.

Clark: "What on earth ... "

The Camera turns right, we see Chris Ryder, wearing a long Blonde wig, wearing loose blue jeans, and holding a Guitar in his hand. He seems to be walking with a slump, as he makes his way over to his Lockeroom.

Clark: "Errr ... Chris?"

Ryder: "Hey Stacy, sup'?"

Clark: "Well I was hoping to talk to you about your 90's Style match-up, with Magnus tonight ... are you okay?"

Ryder: "You don't get it yet, do you?"

Chris grins, as Stacy continues to look confused.

Ryder: "I'm the man of GRUNGE, CHRIS RYDER!"

Chris starts to head bang, while fake playing his Guitar, his wig almost falls off as he catches it and puts it back on.

Ryder: "That was close, I don't wanna' ruin this stuff, it's not mine"

Clark: "So, what's with the get-up?"

Ryder: "It's a 90's style match Stacy, and one of my favorite Genre's of the 90's was of course"

Chris starts to spin his head around, while hitting random notes on the Guitar.

Ryder: "Grunge ya' spunk lovers!"

Clark: "Not to be mean Chris, but the attire isn't exactly Grunge .... wait a second, Spunk what?"

Ryder: "Never mind love, and don't start taking the mic out of my stuff, it was a last minute addition, but ANYWAY, you wanna' know what I think about that French twat I'm facing tonight, right?"

Clark: "French? Isn't he ... "

Ryder: "OH WAIT, I KNOW, DON'T TELL ME ... err ... Spanish right?"




"African American?"




Clark: "Are you kidding me?"

Ryder: "If I were kidding you Stacy, would I be standing here, wearing this wig, and rocking out on my Fender Strat?"

Clark: "... Err"

Ryder: "Exactly, now onto bigger matters, right?"

Clark: "... Yeah, right! Carlo and Trance are apparently not here tonight, your thoughts on this?"

Ryder: "Well that blows a big one, I was hoping they'd stop by for a chat, maybe then we could have a cup a' tea, talk about Politics and such"

"BUT! I guess we'll have to do without them won't we Stacy? I mean, it's not like they're gonna' try and sneak into the Arena tonight, to try and attack me from behind, NOOOOO not Carlos and Trance. They would never do that, I know them too well"

Clark: "hehe nope"

Ryder: "Hey, do you hear that?"

Stacy listens for a noise.

Clark: "No ... what is it?"

Ryder: "The sound of fear Stacy, that's what it is, if Carlos or Trance were man enough, they'd be here, face to face with me, but they're too busy running for their lives, because both those twatbags know what I'll do to them once I get them in the ring"

"But tonight, I have a bigger, more ..... I wanna' say Dutch?"

Clark: "Let's go with that Chris ... hey, are you actually gonna' be wearing that to the ring?"

Ryder: "I wish I could, but if I rip a single thread from it, I'll be in trouble with the shop I rented it from"

Clark: "That sucks"

Ryder: "More than a rich man's maid Stacy, talk to you later"

Chris walks off-screen, Stacy stands there for a second, thinking to herself.

Clark: "More than a what?"



Good evening everyone and welcome to a little humble, grotesque town called "Topeka" in the vast boring planes of Kansas. I can't WAIT until this show is over!

Negativity ensues from good old reliable curmudgeon Double S! Hi everyone, welcome to OCW Turmoil! It doesn't matter where we're coming live from, we're bringing the HEAT tonight! We have an incredibly "Themed out" show!

Tonight is the night of Decades! Let's give the people the rundown, shall we?

Ok, first up, we visit the 1990's between known Nazi supporter Chris Ryder and rookie, closet, Nazi supporter, Max Magnus!

Couple of Nazi lovin, black blooded Germans...this is BOUND to be a good match! Next up we revisit the 1920's when Kip Conrad goes one on one with Mr. Egosentric, Smythe DaWonder!

Special theme or not, that match will be one to keep an eye on for certain. Of course, it'd probably be better if we had a mic in there. Imagine the smack talking!! Next up a 1970's tag team match that leaves me not knowing who to cheer for, when Guy Fausto and Coop, team up against the Madmen!

I'll tell you who to cheer for, and here's a hint...they both wear makeup!


Whatever, know-it-all.

After that match we revisit the 60's, when Deano Horse faces off against Trips!

Did the UK even have the 60's?

You probably showed so much promise as a young student. But then discovered stupidity, and never turned back.

Finally we have a great, GREAT main event. When former CCW Champion Seth Irving, and current OCW champion Leonheart, face off in a 1950's throwback!!

Gee, which one's gonna be the Beav!?

You're a beaver, jackass. Now..ON TO THE SHOW!!


Maximillan Magnus vs Chris Ryder



Chris gets to his feet, as the crowd start to cheer, Magnus rolls out of the ring and kicks the barricade in Frustration. He looks over to the announcers table, then looks at Ryder in the ring. He walks over to the Table and picks up a Chair, he walks back around, to the point where he's behind Chris, who's still celebrating ...




That match was WACK!!

I saw what you did there...NOT!

Man, that joke that...can't get any older. Never say that again.


VFM: “You.”

The scene fades in as VFM displays a scornful look on his face.

VFM: “Why are YOU here?”

The Camera pans back to reveal Guy Fausto, standing there, holding a suitcase and various ribbons and medals strewn about his person.

Fausto: “Just checking in so you jerks don't sue me for breach of contract. I'm about to scram again as soon as I fulfilled my required standing around and doing nothing backstage. There are cats to get out of trees, just so you know.”

VFM: “You need to scram allright. I know what you're up to. Sizing the situation up so you can ruin my plans, maybe snatch up Jay's rightful title match that he worked years for to earn.

Fausto: “No intentions.”

VFM: “You're a known liar. Maybe pathological, but damn sure at least a liar. You'll be looking for anything to cause me misery. Cause me misery is your middle name.”

Fausto: “My Middle name is Ignatious.

“I don't care. I don't want to see your stupid face around here. I've kept you off bookings for a reason, why are you still here?”

“Jay will sue me if I don't show up. Unless I'm suspended or injured. Jay likes money and making me miserable, so I deny him the chance to gain both. Instead I just give him the latter...although I do give him the former when I show up. Damn Catch 22s.”

“...Hell. You got an answer to everything, don't you?”

“I was voted most likely to answer questions that don't require logical answers logically in high school.”

VFM: “Whatever, just get the hell out of my building before I send you the way of Nate Ortiz!”

“Oh...if only. Don't suppose I can put my career on the line in a match, can I?”

“No. Now get your carcass...”

VFM rubs his chin.

“Oh. No. Take your time, Guy. Stand around. You keep that up. Doing a damn fine job of it.”

VFM storms off. Fausto shrugs and stares at his watch, waiting for the time when he is allowed to leave.




(OCW PRIDE Champion Kip Conrad is in his locker room on his cell phone.)

Kip: Yeah This Dumbass GM Regan had some crazy idea to put me in a 1920's themed match against SDW.

Phone: **inaudible**

Kip: I have an idea to swap out Mr. DaWonder's outfit with a little something special I brought.

Phone: **inaudible**

Kip: You heard of flappers?

Phone: **inaudible**

Kip: Wait I think SDW is leaving his locker room I'll call you later....

(Kip see's Smythe exit his locker room and walk down the hall, in a rush Kip Grabs one of his 2 black bags and runs over to Smythes room. He swaps out the bag and quickly takes Smythe 1920's outfit and looks around he see;s the maintenance crew removing a dumpster so Kip tosses the bag of Smythe's into the trash as it is removed from the arena. Kip makes his way back to his locker room as he see's Smythe returning. Kip peaks out his door as Smythe grabs his stuff black bag included and walks out of sight.)

Kip: I'm so AWESOME!

(Scene fades.)




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