CCW Turmoil Unleashed


LIVE! From Huntington, West Virginia

I am still in shock after what I witnessed last night...I can't even do the introduction.

OOOOH I CAN BABY! Double S can finally say there is a God and his name is Gabe Richards! Welcome everyone to a new day in CCW!


t He fooled us all Scott, how can you cheer for such a two-faced bastard who sold out for nothing but ratings?!

Money Rivers! Money! And even better news, Double A is back! It's like Christmas Rivers, Christmas!


t It's just not right. Some more terrible news folks, several CCW supertars to preform on tonight's card, fell into some bad weather from Utah and won't be here tonight.

But do you know who is here? DnD baby! The boys are back in town!


t God help us.




The crowd unleashes heat like never before as Bauer stands there silenced by the sheer mass of heat that's carried over from S2R.

Bauer: (In his best hick accent) WESSSS VIRGINIAAAA!!!!! Yee haw....

Crowd continues the onslaught of boos. Bauer unstraps the CCW Television Title from around his waist and puts it over his shoulder.

Bauer: I'm sure "ya'll" are thrilled to see a real "Virginian" in your presence. And yes...for those of you viewing at home, there is a distinct difference. You see...Virginia is a state where normal, civilized, people such as myself reside. We have nice cities...nice beaches...and while they are mostly whores...we have nice looking women.

The Crowd begins a WEST VIR-GIN-IA chant followed by claps.

Bauer: And then you have West Virginia...home of the sheep screwing, sister humping, cousin banging, road kill eating, neanderthals.

Security at Ringside has to work overtime to keep the West Virginian's at Bay.

Bauer: that everybody is paying attention...except that guy in the third row right there with the pitch fork and the bail of hay.... I want everybody in this arena to pledge their allegience to BAUERISM....

Bauer closes his eyes, balls his fist and raises his arm.

Bauer: BRADBauer!!!!!

Half of the Crowd reciprocates, and pledges their allegience...the other half continue to jeer at the new Television Champion.

Bauer: We are at war....and no, I'm not referring to the Oil hunt that is going on overseas right now...I'm not talking about Sir Pugh's imposter ass kissing contest held by Al Qaeda and Team Xerox...I'm talking about Ratings.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: I'm talking about respect....I'm talking about Power!


Bauer: For too long, I've been held back...I've been side stepped and belittled by OCW's so called founding fathers. An inner circle if you will.

Bauer points at his shirt...

Bauer: Well guess what...Look who's in the Inner Circle now!!! What happens when you become DRUNK...with Power? Disorder...chaos...Ruins....and most importantly...RATINGS!!!!

Bauer paces the ring as the fans loathe throughout the arena.

Bauer: CCW is on the rise...The numbers in the ratings speak for themself. OCW was the wave of the future...and now, CCW is running away from the pack. How did this happen you ask?

Balls...guts...fearlessness. All traits worthy of, not RD Neanderthal.

Crowd doesn't know what to say...

Bauer: It's okay...we're in West Virginia...I didn't expect for you to cheer for RD Money...I expected half of you to show up wearing White Hoods and Sheets...

The crowd is quickly turning into an angry mob.

Bauer: There are no worries....I'm glad you left your Halloween costumes at home. Except that guy right there(motions to a man standing up in the front row)...You look like like you've been to a few meetings...I'm not sure what you had to do to get a front row seat....

Bauer nods his head at the guy mockingly...He then raises his balled fist in the air.

Bauer: BRAD-.....I don't think so...You should be ashamed of yourself...the way that you Treat Jews and Asians! and Nate Ortiz would be best friends I'd imagine!......PAUSE....

Bauer kicks the bottom rope at the man and turns his back to him. He looks up the ramp.

Bauer: Okay...okay...Keep your overalls on...PLEASE! I'm sure the world wants answers...and I am not the type to deprive anybody of what they've got coming to them. Bearded Ladies and well...Bearded heathans....I give you the best General Manager in wrestling today...and the newest member of DnD....MR. GABE RICHARDS!!!!!!


AA and Richards toy with the crowd. Bauer motions for them to settle down.

AA: “ Huntington….. West Virgina…”

Crowd Pops

AA: “ No, seriously. Who the hell booked us in West Virginia....this is indeed Fausto country. “

Crowd Boos

AA: “Quiet down hillbillies. Its not like I’m trying to ban incest in your relationships. This town has the saying of, “ Incest is the best, put your sister to the test.”

Crowd continues to boo, and a couple of fans throw a couple of empty bottles into the ring. AA then gets a serious look on his face. Takes his shades off.

AA: “SECURITY!!!! Escort them imbreds out of here!!!!!!! Everyone knows you throw a beer bottle up here, the son of a bitch better be FULL!!!!! In fact, grab me that bottle of Jack from that guy in the front row.”

Security escorts fan out, and takes his Jack Daniels bottle from him, and hands it to AA. Crowd boos, after seeing this display of action.

AA: “How in the hell did he get this in here...ahh well...Finder's keepers. (Long pull from the bottle followed by a sigh) Ok, now down to business. I know what you are all thinking. Double A, why have you been gone? Is it because of the suspension? The answer is no. The biggest video game release of all time is upon us. The question I have for you all, is. Do you BELIEVE?

I have been at home trying to get those F'n skulls that unlock the……

Bauer : “Hey Double ass****, get to the point, damn it, your embarrassing us. “

AA: “ Do you BELIEVE Bauer?

Bauer and Gabe both sigh.

AA: “ Anyways, you all are wondering what happened. Well its simple. I didn’t feel like showing up. Gabe gave me a vacation after the “tremendous” ratings that “WE” gave Turmoil. Nothing sells like speaking the truth. And fellow Americans...I cannot Tell A Lie"...

If you think CCW is safe. If you think were going to go away, your wrong. Well unless they make Halo 4. but that’s besides the point. We are coming to disrupt everything this company stands for. Where are all of the heroes? Who is going to stop us? “

Crowd Chants VERSUS….VERSUS…..

AA: Ah...Versus...champion by the seat of his pants. Now I'll be the first one to admit, I predicted that the outcome last night would be Sage Namaste holding CCW Championship gold. But, I didn't think ole Baldy would have come so close. I also have to admit that I was impressed with the match. I hope your tank isn't empty Versus...because I'm pretty Jealous that Bauer has some gold and I don't.

Double A begins counting on his fingers and then stops suddenly..

AA: Looks like you're all out of contenders...and wait...Look who is recently DRUNK...with Power. It's only a matter of time Fruitcake. WAR is eminant...and you my friend, have a General's star around your waist. Maybe I've been playing too much Halo...but this master cheif is looking for a promotion in rank.

Bauer: You are so weird sometimes...

AA: Shut up Bauer...I'll tell Poison where you live and he'll come knocking at your door at dinner time with some pamphlets and prayer.

Bauer:, did you see his get up?

AA: God knows...who dressed that guy!

Bauer and Richards look at AA's Shirt and try to contain themselves.

Bauer: Now Mr. Richards...I think you have some explaining to do.

Richards meets the crowd's booing head on.

Richards: WHY???? WHY??? OH WHY???? Why did you turn on CCW Mr. Richards? Why did you cheat Chris Ryder out of the CCW Television Championship?


Bauer and Double A mock: Why Mr. Richards oh why did you join DnD?

Richards: Desperate times call for desperate measures. OCW and CCW were too close in the ratings war for comfort. So what on earth am I to do? I did not turn on CCW. I've done this to re-build CCW. To destroy the giant that is OCW. And what is the best way to do that?

Richards: You have to shake things to the core. Who could I count on to help me win the ratings war? Who could I turn to in order to create the buzz necessary to blow my competition out of the water?

Richards: A few weeks ago on this very eyes were opened. My fears were options were clear. DnD were dispicable...deplorable...and uncontrollable....and guess what...You people watched. Not only did some of you watch...but ALL OF YOU WATCHED!!!

Crowd Boos

Richards: That particular edition of Turmoil was the highest rated CCW show of all time. That particular edition of Turmoil out drew Every episode of OCW weekly television programming. That Episode of Turmoil drew more in the ratings than even our August Blockbuster "SUMMERCIDE"....

The jeering gets louder.

Richards: What better way to keep my TV ratings up...than to make Mr. Bauer here, the TV Champion....why? Because that's exactly what he is. When greatness in the wrestling business is measured heavily on ratings...Mr. Bauer is indeed, a Champion.


Richards: Indeed I did....I did sell out....I sold out this entire arena...I've sold out arena's around the world for the next several months thanks to these two men. DnD is now Drunk with Power...and we are free to cause all of the Disorder that we possibly can!!!

In closing I-


Ryder stands atop the stage pacing about.

Ryder: Richards...last night at S2R... PAUSE... YOU SCREWED ME!!!

Double A: Well, he hasn't had that happen in awhile...

Bauer: I guess he was due...

Ryder: SHUT IT!!! Bauer, when I get done with you, you'll wish you were a gimp living in a box buried in somebody's basement...gagged with a rubber ball.

Bauer: Wasn't that a scene from Pulp Fiction?

Ryder thinks about rushing the ring but restrains himself...

Ryder: Bauer, you think you're so cool...clever come backs, and quick wit. I've got news for all three of you. I'm smarter than you gave me credit for. Those clever comments that you make about everybody...well, You made one last night that bit you in the ass.

Bauer: What's he talking about?

Richards: I don't know, I think he's just a sore loser.

Double A: I think he's just know, from all of that Gay German Porn that he stars in.

Ryder: You guys are all very funny. Roll the footage.

THE X-TRON airs footage from last night's S2R


Bauer puts his hand up, TV title draped over his shoulder.

Bauer: As the BRAND NEW Television Champion of CCW, I'm declaring War upon the rest of Cyber Championship Wrestling. Nobody is safe...nobody is off of the radar. BRADBauer!!! I'm on Cloud freaking nine right now. I'm unstoppable. Hell, I'd even slap the roids out of Geomon's mouth if he presented himself this very moment. Nobody can touch me. All Praise be to BRADBauer.....

After the footage airs, Geomon Appears on the X-Tron. He's live in New York at OCW Headquarters. He's looking pretty enraged.

Geomon: Brad Bauer....BRAD BAUER...BRAD BAUER...

Bauer: BRADBa-


Bauer looks at Richards and Double A. Shrugs and then gives his attention back to Geomon.

Geomon: I've been waiting for a moment like this.

Bauer: What?...I don't see any steroids laying around the ring...

Geomon: I'd kill you with my bare hands and then beat Double A to death with your limp body if I were in that ring right this moment. luck has it, I am not.

Bauer: What do you wan-

Geomon: I'M NOT FINISHED YET! Now I watched that garbage that took place last night at S2R involving the CCW Television Championship. I hate Chris Ryder as much as the next guy...if not seeing him Lose his Championship naturally pleased me. But cocky, insignificant skid mark in the underpants of Professional wrestling...You couldn't savor your victory...rather your GIFT of the CCW Television Championship without running your mouth. You almost made it out of S2R under my radar...but then....THEN YOU PISSED ME OFF!!!!


Bauer: What's your point FrankenRoids? You're not making any sense. Asylum is finito...what are you going to book me in a 3 on 1 handicap match against 3 of your employees at The TACO SHACK? How is fast food management these days? You can't touch a matter of this present time, I think I have more power than-

Geomon: YOU...HA! You don't have a clue, much less any power.

Geomon holds up a contract of some sort. He then holds up a book of Bi-laws in the other.

Geomon: My contract doesn't technically expire until tomorrow. And in the Bi-Laws, it clearly states that a General Manager can over turn the decision made by a Referee, if that General Manager feels that the Referee did not properly officiate the assigned match!

Crowd POPS

Bauer: Hey genious....the match didnt take place on happened at a-

Geomon: Sanctioned OCW/CCW PAY PER VIEW. And of course...I do have jurisdiction over both brands. How about that?

Bauer: Where's he going with this?

Richards: You son of a b....




Richards: You can't do that!!!

Geomon: Oh I can...and I just did. Bauer, You are ordered by the front office of to relinquish that Television title to Chris Ryder at once!!!!

Bauer looks at Richards for answers...Richards has none.

Ryder: I believe you have something of mine!

Geomon: Good night gentlemen! Oh, and's that for shaking things up! Nothing like doing something because I can!

DnD begin arguing in the ring. The X-tron goes black with Geomon laughing as it fades out. Bauer backs Richards into the corner. Double A is arguing with fans in the front row. Ryder tosses his mic and decides to go get what is rightfully his. Gabe Richards signals to the back for security. DnD Clear the ring as Ryder slides under the ropes. Ryder squares off carefully. Double A and Bauer both tease the thought of coming back into the ring, but decide against it. Security surrounds the ring. And then rushes Ryder. He trys to fight them off, but there are too many for him to overcome. Bauer taunts Ryder as Security cuffs him and rolls him under the ropes. Ryder is kicking and whaling his legs as security escorts him up the ramp. DnD slowly trail behind, making sure not to get to close to Ryder and his escort.


t Finally some justice! And coming from the last person I would have thought.



t Well it's time for our first match of the evening, and it happens to be the Semi-Finals of the Best Damn Tag Team Tournament. The Dark Bloods square off against Peter Stevens & Kavito.

I used to think Geo was a grade A Bad Ass Rivers, I really did. Funny how two faced some people can be







One more win and they've got themselves a shot at the World Tag Team Titles.

How can you talk about Titles at a time like this? Jerk.


The scene opens, and Versus is just sitting down for a good session of meditation, when he gets a knock at the door. He stands up and makes his way over to the door, opens it, and there stands Stacey Clark.

Versus: Namastacey.

Stacey: I...ahhhahahaah. That's cute. **Versus nods** I have some questions for you after your successful title defense last night.

Versus: I really have to meditate, so if you wouldn't mind making it quick, then no problem.

Stacey: Thanks.

Versus: Come on in, have some green tea. Do you like green tea?

Stacey: But you said keep...whatever, I'd love some green tea.

Versus: Good, feel free to ask away.

Stacey: After last night, there's a lot of commotion in the back as to who's going to get the next shot at your title.

Versus: Isn't there always?

Stacey: Not really as much as this time.

Versus: What do you mean?

Stacey: I was just passing by the lockers and people are literally arguing with each other as to who gets the next title shot.

Versus: Well...good. That means I'm getting it where it needs to be. The top, where everyone wants it. Good.

Stacey: I guess you could look at it that way. But aren't you concerned about what people will do to get it?

Versus: It won't matter what happens outside of the ring. Everything that matters is inbetween those 4 turnbuckles, and when my belts on the line, I rise to the occasion, and no amount of backstage antics is going to be able to stop that.

Stacey: What if...

Versus: There are no what if's. It...won't...matter. **Smiles at Stacey and takes a sip from his green tea.**

Stacey: So, what about The Steve's movement to expose you for, to quote The Steve The fraud The Steve knows you are?

Versus: Eh, so be it. He can expose his movements all he wants. It's not going to blind the truly enlightened, and he knows it.

Stacey: Now, with Steve's anti-Versus campaign, and all of the boys in the back coming to try to take their shots at the champ, doesn't it worry you? Doesn't with your center or something?

Versus: Not really. The center's, the center for a reason. It's an unwiltering, unwaving force that even when temporarily lost, can easily be rediscovered by the truly enlightened.

Stacey: Well, last night you definitely found your center. That title defense came right down to the wire...

**Just then, the door flies open, and Air stands with his arms crossed staring at Versus and the CCW Championship.**

Versus: Hello brother Air, can I h...

The Air: You can hand me that title now, and save yourself some embarassment.

Versus: I realize your air guitaring ability is pretty much unmatched, but that doesn't grant you a title shot.

The Air: I'm not saying it does. What I'm saying is to watch yourself, because I'm making it my mission to take that off of your hands, permanently.

Versus:'s not on my hands. It's on the ground right now. You can hold it if you wanna.

The Air: I did't come here to start a Versus fan club damn it. I came here...

**Suddenly, you see Air's head covered in a massive shadow. Versus begins to laugh a bit.**

The Air: This isn't a joke!!


**Air rolls his eyes, as he prepares to look behind him.**

The Air: Why are you even in my presence? I rocked so hard last night, you don't even know!

Soul Glo: Pshhht, you may have rocked, but you didn't have no SOUUUUUUULLLL!!!

The Air: Soul?! What does Soul have to do with Air guitar!?

Soul Glo: Everythang, ya dig?

The Air: Whatever, why are you here anyway?

Soul Glo: Well, I figured if yo pasty ass is talkin bout a title shot. Shooooot, I might as well come here to letcha know, I ain't done witcha, but if you wanna bring some gold up in this, I can dig it.

The Air: You're not anywhere near getting this title! If anyone deserves a shot, it's yours truly.

Soul Glo: Well, if ya boy's not involved, I'ma have to keep comin at you til I gets that apology you owes a brotha.

The Air: Comin at me? You touch me, and I'll rip that fro out nap by friggin nap.

Soul Glo: You try that, and I'ma be on you like, hot butter on...SAY WHAT?!...the popcorn.

Versus: Guys, guys, seriously, figure this out for yourselves, I gotta meditate. Once you figure out who's more worthy of the shot, get at me. Until then...Namaste.

**The door shuts. The Air looks at Soul Glo intensly**

The Air: You happy? We're even now. I don't even get to plead my case as to why I deserve the shot more than you.

Soul Glo: We ain't even son. We ain't even by a long shot.....CHUUUUURCH!!!

**Soul Glo and Air walk in different directions away from the Meditation Chamber.





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