CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Camera opens up backstage, showing Trips laying sitting up on a chair. He begins clutching his neck from the soreness of getting the "WOT!" twice. He is about to get up as Trance pops up on screen. Trips spots him, and quickly gets up, grabbing the chair.

Trance - Whoa whoa, easy there big fella. I'm not here to fight.

Trips - Then what the bloody hell do you want?

Trance - To talk with you. We're both intelligent men. We can have a meaningful conversation without violence, my dear friend.

Trips slowly puts down the chair.

Trance - That's good. Trips, let me asking you something. Are you happy helping out Chris?

Trips gives a blank look.

Trance - Hah, let me rephrase that. Are you happy helping a man who is never there for you? Are you happy fighting a lost cause, with a man who HIMSELF, is a lost cause. A man who hasn't held any titles, or had any glory since his days with the now defunct T.V. Title. A man who you yourself have had countless interactions with. Tell me Trips, are you...happy?

Trips stands there quietly, not moving, or saying a word.

Trance - That's what I thought. I'll let you sit on this a bit more. Ciao.

Trance walks off screen, leaving Trips alone, pondering what Trance just told him.

I-GEN vs Death Row



*After the tag match Leon and Kang are seen standing in the Gorilla position panting after their match against the Death Row. *

*Looks at Kang* I knew these attires would make us lose, looking like them two would make anyone job out.

Leonheart: Oh well I gotta focus on Jay now. He looked pretty badass kicking those trees
*Leon rolls his eyes*.

*Kang has a serious look on his face while looking at Leon.*

Kang James:
Look Kang right now doesn't care what you have planned out. I-Gen just lost another match out there. Does that make you happy? I mean you have your title so I guess it's all good right?

Leonheart: I...

*As Kang and Leon continue their conversation they walk into the I-Gen locker room. Vincent Valmont is standing at the door looking rather intense*

So I guess I have to prove I"m the best member of I-Gen in order to get my hands back on Steve and win that title

*Kang shoots a look at Valmont and eyes him down as if he's just spoken a different language.**

Kang: The Kang would like to know what in the blue monkey hell makes you think you're going to win that match. In case you've forgotten I'm the former holder of that title. Kang's decided that it's about time he Molly Whoop some ass and put some gold around his royal waist!!!

Leonheart: Easy their guys. We're on the same team here.

Kang James: Oh we're on a team as long as it works for you right?

*Leon stops and looks at Kang hurt by his statement*

Valmont: Well you're also the man who lost the title. You remember that Brian.

*Just then Deano comes into the picture. He's in a towel coming out of the shower, or possibly just finishing up sex*

Deano Horse:
You two whinny girls are killing the mood back there. Stacy is in prime love making position and I"m about to make her scream louder than Jay shitting his pants.

*Kang and Valmont go quiet as Leon smirks.*

Deano Horse:
I'm with a girl Leon. You usually make her scream when you're so good and going in deep. I know you don't have experience with that but their usually not suppose to cry.

*Leons smirk drops to a laugh as he tells Deano good one.*

Deano Horse: Let's just settle this talk about the International Title because we all know the leader of the Hunkamaniacs is going to drop the most erectifying elbow in all of sports entertainment and go on to win back the TV Ti....err International Title.
Kang James: Deano go back to making love to Stacy cause right now that's the only thing you're gonna be successful at.

Well at least he'll have someone to go back to bang cause once you lose their's nothing you've got left.

*Gaines all of a sudden walks into the picture and looks puzzled at the three men standing nose to nose with Leon looking dejected*

Gaines: This is pathetic. I see three four men standing divided over gold. You're all acting like children

*Leon looks at Gaines and looks sad*

Deano Horse: In my defense I only came out because they were disrupting the love making mood with Stacy
Gaines: I don't give a rat's....wait Stacy Clark? You finally bagged her?

*Deano smirks at Gaines and Gaines' who is stone faced finally cracks a smile as if to congradulate Deano. He then goes back to being serious*

Gaines: Honestly though you all better cool off and realize we're suppose to be functioning as a team

Kang James: This coming from a guy that has killed just about every faction he's been. Hell I should probably avoid talking to you right now if I want to have a chance to win this match

Leonheart: Why don't we all just try to....

Gaines: Look you green son of a bitch, you wanna start making personal attacks I can go all day with you. Why don't you man up and start acting like the leader of this faction. I didn't come out of retirement to babysit a bunch of bickering girls.

*Valmont pushes past Gaines.*

Valmont: I'll shut him up.
*Valmont tries to make his way to Kang but Leon steps infront to hold him back as Gaines walks over to Kang to start to push him away*

Kang James:
Sometimes things have to be said.

*Kang turns to look at Leon.*

Kang James: You say Jay and VFM havent gotten to I-Gen? I think they have and you Leon are also to blame for that.

*Kang puts his hands up and backs away from Gaines as he leaves the locker room in disgust

Deano Horse:
Screw this there's too much crying out here. I"m going back to Jess...err Erin ahh....

Gaines: Stacy.

Deano Horse: Yeah her

*Deano leaves the locker room meeting area and head to the back room*

Gaines: Kang had a point. Maybe you have to exam why VFM and Jay, you're enemies, have gotten to the group you say you're in. Remember who stood by you before you were champion.

*Gaines leaves the locker Room as Leon is left standing alone inside of the I-Gen Locker Room. All he has with him is his title, left alone where a group should be*


commentary He just can't seem to have any luck breaking things up.

Maybe he should talk to all of your ex girlfriends, they seemed to have no problem with it.

commentary That's not right.







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