CCW Turmoil Unleashed




Newark, New Jersey

Live from the Bears and Rivers stadium, Newark


The camera fades in backstage, in Regan's office. A knock is heard at the door.

Regan - Come in.

The camera pans towards the door, and it's Aries, with a cast around his arm. Crowd boo's.

Aries - Hey Regan...listen, I don't think I'll be able to do the match tonight.

Regan - Why the hell not?

Aries - Well, as ya see, I have this cast around me arm from when Trips attacked me backstage on RIOT. I'm in no condition to compete. To think, I wanted to debut a new move tonight, and rack up another win.

Aries puts on a sad face.

Regan - And how is this my problem?! I wouldn't care if you had gonnoreah, syphilis, and AIDS. You'd still compete against Cruz...mainly because I hate you both.

Crowd pops.

Aries - Well, that's unfair! I even brought this note from me doctor damnit!

Aries pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. Regan snatches it out of his hand. He puts on his glasses, and begins to read it:

To Whom this May Concern,

We are sorry to inform you that Arius McMillan may not compete under any circumstances for the next week due to his arm. He has an injured duodem, and will suffer from severe diarreah. Should you decide to book him, you may want to pad the ring mat with plastic. Thank you.

Dr. Carl Oscruz

Regan takes off his glasss, and puts the letter down disgustedly.

Regan - That is the most repulsive bit of information I have ever read.

Aries - Yes, the facts are pretty gross once you get a look at them in depth.

Regan - I agree. Ok, you get the night off tonight. I will find some jobber to take your place.

Aries - Thank ya Regan, ya won't regret this.

Aries walks out of the door, as Regan ponders who to get to replace Aries in his match with Cruz.



Good evening everyone, and welcome back to OCW Tuesday Night Turmoil! We were supposed to have a nice themed night of "Impersonate your Opponent" but it seems that some of tonights competitors chose not to abide by the request of the GM. We've heard that Regan's not thrilled about this situation, but guarantee's a solid show none the less. Here, as always, my co-host Double S!

Not a great idea to piss off the boss...whether it's JCS, VFM or Regan. So, let's get over the b.s. and on with the program. I'm going to start up the card from main event and work backwards!

You're crazy!!

Shut it Cheryl. Tonights main event is Smythe DaWonder....lately re-establishing his title as Smythe DaJobber, looks to end his losing ways as he takes on iGen's own Excellence of Sexcellence, Deano Horse. There's nothing more that can be said about this match, these two are as good as it gets, and I could see them putting up a match of the year for sure.

Next, The Bloodline's own, The Steve, goes 1 on 1 against 1/2 of the Madmen, Parker Stevens. Both of these men can pull out a victory from just about anyone, and I wouldn't call either one of these men winning, 'an upset'. Then we have a tag match of repetitive-awesome proportions! When igen face off against Death Row. I certainly hope this is the 1 match that followed Regan's special stipulation!

Following that, our resident Mexican...and with that, our resident landscaper, goes 1 on 1 with an extremely talented OCW vet, Trips! I have to say, my money's on usually is. But Carlos has been proven to surprise me before, so we'll see how this one goes down.

And finally, we have a triple threat featuring some rookies, and some guys that just like to fight. Kavito, Trance and the newcomer already making waves, Donny T Fourstar. That match is going to be a crazy cluster fourstar, or Kavito will end up showing a secret, powerful side that he's failed to show thusfar.

No matter! Let's get down to the action!


Jacob Trance vs Donny T vs Kavito



That's nothing like what you predicted, jackass.

Well, esp isn't in my job description.

Neither is being a whiney bitch, but you seem to exceed at that.


(Scene opens. The camera is located in turmoils backstage. Here we see a guy shouting.This person is no other than Kavito )

فإن الجحيم الذي تغير بلادي أغنية".. I really don't appreciate my theme being changed. Me want to know who did it, I want to know right damn now! "

(the voice gets scattered around the area, but no one responds)

"I'm serious I'm not going anywhere till I know who did that! "

Laughs"Remember me?"

(Kavito turns around as quickly as he can to see who it he is. Kavito gets right to his face when he realises it's K Dangelo standing infront of him)

Laughs "What up Kavito, you do remember me? It's your former tag partner.Yes do take what I did personally .Remember I told you that we weren't finished just needed to get your attention and I did a good job of it.

"It was you? You كس! you want joke with me!? I'll have your arms torn off! عاهرة كس."

: "Well my friend.. looks we have some unfinished business we need to handle. "

(K dangelo walks away with a smile on his face. While Kavito is left completely confused)

لم تكتمل.." ؟ ... "




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