CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live! From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Ov enters the 'Dogs of War' locker room at the start of Turmoil to see Pugh and Parker collectivly staring at the closet. Ov stands next to them and begins staring with them.

Ov: What's going on?

The two DOW's do not break there stare but answer with a collective "Shhhhhhhhh".

Ov: Huh?

Just then he hears a loud crash from inside the closet with an "Ouch, Darnit!" shortly after. Parker looks at his watch.

Parker: 3 Minutes and 14 seconds, pay me.

Pugh: Damnit.

Pugh pull out a 5 dollar bill and hands it over to Parker. Ov looks at the two as bustling continues in the closet.

Ov: Who is in there?

Pugh: It's your ex assistant, Manny.

Ov: Manny? What the hell is he doing?

Parker: Trying to off himself.

Ov walks over to the closet door and opens it, there he sees Manny trying to tie a shoe lace around the closet rod and then his neck. Manny looks up at Ov, his eyes spark up and goes to throw his arms around his former employer.

Manny: Ov! You have come to save me! I knew you would.

Before Manny could embrace the Tall Guy, Ov plants his palm into his Manny's forehead and drives him back into the closet. Manny sits down on the floor looking a little hurt.

Ov: What the hell are you doing?

Manny: Well, I don't have much purpose in this world anymore since you won't even hug me or return my calls or send me naked pictures...

Pugh and Parker's eyes get wide and look at each other, then back at Ov. They both go to speak but Ov cuts them off.

Ov: Shut it.

Looking back at Manny, he kneels down and begins to speak softly.

Ov: You really want to end it?

Manny: Yes, but I can't get this pesky shoe lace tied.. I have been wearing velcro for years and have no use for tying knots so..

Ov: Give it to me.

Manny: Oh thank you Ov. I knew you wouldn't let me kill myself...

Ov is paying little to no attention to Manny's praise, as he begins tying the shoe lace around the closet rod.

Manny: Wait.. Ov, what are you...

Ov: Helping you.

Manny: But.. I...

Ov: Shut it and put your neck in here.

Manny shrugs his shoulders as the locker room door opens and Recon walks in followed by Trips.

Trips: What the hell is Ov doing?

Parker: Doctor Ovorkian is assisting Manny in Offing himself.

Recon: OV! You can't do that!

Ov sighs heavily and turns around, Manny has a smile on his face.

Ov: Why not?

Trips: It would be a little illegal. We really don't need Pittsburgh's finest here tonight.

Ov: Eh. They got there hands full with Kurt 'Lindsay' Angle. Besides, who's gonna call em? Nobody will even notice this little bastard is swinging in here until weeks later when his normal stench is overpowered by the stench of him decaying.

Recon: Ov. You have to untie him.

Ov: Come on...

Recon: Ov.

Ov sighs heavily and unties the knot. He pushes Manny out of the closet and towards the front door.

Ov: Alright well, get out.

Manny: But.. But...

Ov: Go.

Manny puts his head down and leaves the locker room. Ov closes the door and turns around.

Ov: Ah well, he's someone else's problem now.

Well...that is an intressting way to kick off Turmoil. Hello Ladies and gentlemen, your watching the best show going on Monday Night!

If I was Ov I'd backhand Manny to next Tuesday.


t Let's try to not talk about Manny, and rather the amazing card we have in store for you all tonight! Including the long awaited Title Match between Chris Ryder and Trips for the CCW T.V. Title!

Last time these two were in the ring a few weeks ago, Trips mopped the floor with Chris, I don't see much changing tonight. And to make sure no monkey business happens, Brad Bauer will be there to keep things in order.


t You're the only one who seems to think Brad is only out there to keep the peace. Ov Terror gets a huge chance tonight to take on the CCW Champ, Versus in a non-title match.

Not many guys in Ov's area get a chance like this, he better not screw it up.


t The Perfect Cirlce Match Qualifiers begin tonight. 2 of the 3 men will be decided tonight between, Double A against Deano Horse in what should be an excellent match, and RD Money against Eddie Allen!

Tell me why RD get's a chance like this? What in the hell has he done?


t I think his resume speaks for himself Scott. Moving along the 17 Stones and Under Determination League goes into Week 2 with Justin Time against Sean Strider and our opening match tonight, Michael Heaton v. Pugh!

All these little flippy dippy guys are starting to make my eyes hurt everytime they come out, how am I suppose to do my job under these conditions?




As the music fans the “boo’s” from the fans begin to take over as Gabe Richards continues to pace around the ring with a slight smile on his face. Gabe then extends out his hand and is given a microphone as he walks into the middle of the ring.

Gabe: This is how you treat authority around this place?

The crowd begins to boo louder.

Gabe: So I decide to give this 2nd rate city a major CCW Television Title match right here on live T.V. and you welcome me with this reaction? Can’t say I’m surprised, you people are nothing more than ill informed losers with the NFL’s most boring Football team and being proud to share the same home town as the Riot G.M. Hornswoggle.

The crowd continues to boo and quickly switch over to a “VIME’S” chant.

Gabe: Chant all you want, this is MY show and you have to be at least this tall…

Gabe lifts his hand around this same height as Vic Vimes.

Gabe: To be on Turmoil.

Richards starts to laugh as he really starts to get the crowd going.

Gabe: But enough about leprechauns, I have come out here tonight to address a certain man in CCW, a certain man who holds the CCW Championship around his waist.

The crowd begins to chant “VERSUS, VERSUS, VERSUS”.

Gabe: Last week I simply asked Versus to break out from his hippie ways and begin to do something rather than play harps, zip on herbal tea, and ask people to take bubble bathes while interviewing them. I asked Versus to do something that would get people talking for once, to do something that doesn’t put millions and millions of my adoring fans to sleep week after week.

Gabe: But what did I get in return? I got rejection…I was laughed at…I was humiliated by a tree hugging hippie with an overgrown Ape by his side and a hundred year old bartender. That kind of crap doesn’t go so well with me. And what Versus realized last week is that at the end of the day, I can do anything and everything to put a smile on my face. So with Versus not wanting to do something that will finally bring some attention to the man that holds the greatest Title in all of wrestling, I went ahead and did it for him.

Gabe: I went ahead and put Versus in a match that will finally prove weather he is the Champion you people claim him to be. At Devil’s Night Versus will not have just one match…not just two matches…Versus will have THREE! And each and every one of them will be for the CCW Championship…well they will be if he can get that far.

Gabe: And as most of you know, tonight we will know two of the three men competing in the Perfect Circle Match. But for the past week everyone keeps asking me about the third and final spot. But what fun would that be for Versus to know all three of his challengers before he even begins his night?

Gabe starts to grin.

Gabe: I have an ace up my sleeve for you Versus, if you happen to make it past the first two men at Devil’s Night…I will dish out a man that will turn you inside out and end this pitiful title reign you have had.

Gabe: At Devil’s Night a new Era will begin…a new dawn will rise…a NEW CCW Champion will be written into history. And there is nothing…absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Gabe drops the microphone as he music begins to play and exits the ring and starts to walk back up the entrance ramp with a large grin on his face.


t What a suitable name for the PPV, it really is the Devil's Night and that Devil is Gabe Richards.

Show some respect Rivers, that man is the smartest man to ever run a show. Nobody says no to the boss...not even the CCW Champion, and now he has to learn the hard way.


t There is still no reason for what Versus has to go through...but we can only hope for the best for the Champ. But now it is time for our first match of the evening, as Michael Heaton takes on Pugh!






The screen shows Heaton standing in the ring, awaiting the arrival of Pugh. Suddenly, Pugh appears on the tron, mid rant

Tell Sensation that I won't do it!

He realises he is on camera and begins to speak

Pugh: Ladies and Gentlemen. You may have noticed that I'm not in my ring gear.....(The Cameraman whispers) Zoom out then idiot.

The Camera zooms out

Pugh: Ladies and Gentlemen. You now have certainly noticed im not in my ring gear. This is because, as of this moment, I am on strike. (The Crowd boos) Shut up.. let me explain why....(He continues) I am on Strike because Jaysin C Sensation has refused to pay me for a month of work - when I have completed all of my contract obligations. Until these monies are paid in full, You will not see me in a CCW Ring. Also... A nice pension and a H2 Hummer would be nice....(The Fans laugh) That is all....

Pugh picks up a placard with the words "Strike 4 money" and holds it aloft, and which point Manny arrives. Manny drops a quarter next to Pugh and punches him in the face

Pugh: You f***er!!!

Pugh chases Manny out of view

The shot then goes to ring announcer Bobby Cruise, who is receiving word from the ref as Heaton stands in the ring looking puzzled.

Cruise: Ladies and gentlemen, due to Pugh forefiting the match, the winner for default is MICHAEL HEATON!

Michael Heaton begins to jump and prace around the ring and having his hand raised by the ref before leaving the ring getting another win in the Determination League.

So it looks like Michael Heaton has picked up yet another win in the Tournament. It looks like he is as good as in the Battle Royale at Devil's Night.

How does this punk keep getting lucky like this? Damn Heart Throbs.


Richards and Bauer are in the DnD Locker-room/office. Bauer is geared up in his enforcer uniform for tonight's main event.

Richards: I'm granting you full authority out there to enforce the rules of the match however YOU deem fit. That means that you can even enforce what the referee is doing, to ensure that he is in fact doing his job.

Bauer: And as for the title?

Richards: The CCW board of directors has made this match a binding title match for the CCW Television Title. This means, the man that gets his hand raised tonight in victory will in fact be, at least in the eyes of the board, the new Champion.

Bauer: And how do you propose I make this title officially mine?

Richards: I have a plan, do not worry.

Bauer: I don't know Richards, I heard about what you said to Versus last week, about not booking main event level talent.

Richards: C'mon, I had to get on his good side for a few minutes. Besides that, he's paying the price now. The "Perfect Circle" match is sure to cost him any hope of retaining the CCW Championship at Devil's night.

Bauer: Let's just hope that Double A can at least qualify tonight. I have to admit, that "Perfect Circle" gimmick was a brilliant idea. Double A has a hard enough time holding a stripper down for a three count, much less Versus. Having all of those opponents almost guarantees that he doesn't stand a chance in holding onto that belt.

Richards: I've also been working on that other thing that we discussed.

Bauer: I hope so, because if you can make that happen, DnD will be unstoppable. I can see it now, Ratings, Royalty bonuses, total control over CCW.

Richards: All in due time.

Just then, the door swings open and Trips enters with a purpose. The crowd boos at the sight of Trips.

Richards: Trips...

Trips: I'm here to warn you both, I'm not in the mood to be screwed tonight.

Bauer: With that accent, I don't think you'll have to worry about getting "Screwed" anytime soon.

Trips: You're a regular comedian around here, just do your damn job out there and stay out of the way. After I defeat Chris Ryder, I expect that you'll be turning that (points at the title) on over to me.

Bauer: You have to win first highlander.

Trips: Aye, and win I shall. Maybe, just maybe after you hand that belt over, I'll consider giving you a shot at Devil's night.

Bauer: I suggest you take walk before I decide to make your match tonight more difficult than it has to be.

Trips: Don't promise me a good time Bauer.

Ryder bursts into the room. The crowd pops. Ryder stops dead in his tracks when roadblocked by Trips who turns around to meet him eye to eye. They stare at each other for a few seconds without a word spoken.

Richards: What the hell do you want?

Ryder: I'm here to collect my stolen property.

Bauer: You'll be lucky to leave this arena in one piece tonight. You aren't really in a position to be making demands.

Ryder attempts to step forward but Trips will not move.

Trips: Don't worry mate, tonight after I get through with you, he'll be handing that title over to me, it's rightful owner. I haven't forgotten the last time.

Bauer: I never said I was giving anybody anything. This title is mine.

Bauer unstraps the belt and hands it to Richards. He steps in between Ryder and Trips "enforcing" a little bit of distance.

Ryder: Brad, you're going to make me do something drastic if you don't kindly return my title.

Bauer: You've got a mountain to climb before you stake claims to anything.

Trips: Namely what belongs to me.

Bauer: I don't care who wins tonight, there is only one man walking out of this building with that title tonight, and that BRADBauer!!!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Ryder: You just do your job tonight, make sure none of his War mongering friends interfere.

Trips: He's going to make sure that none of your girlfriends interfere either.

Trips and Ryder go nose to nose, Bauer separates them. We go to commercial.





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