CCW Turmoil Unleashed




The camera cuts to a live feed from OCW HQ in New York where Nate Ortiz begins to address the crowd.

Nate: Good evening, this will be the last time you see me on a Turmoil broadcast. This coming Sunday I fight Smythe D. Wonder and then I walk away from everything I’ve helped build here.

Boos ring down from the fans in the arena.

Nate: But I’m not upset, you see losing this place will be worth what I do to Smythe on Sunday night. He made the ultimate mistake, a mistake that Kage and Majin made and they are no longer here. Come Sunday he won’t be either. The match is going to start and I am going to strike him down. He may get up get some shots in but eventually he’s going to go down again. When he does I’m going to grab a chair and introduce his face to it. Then with my bare hands I am going to bloody his face. Just when he thinks he’s had enough, If he doesn’t already, I’m going to take lock in the STF-Nate and I won’t let go at the Ref’s call. No I won’t, I’ll hold on until I feel he’s had enough.

Will I hurt him? Yes… Will I disfigure him? Yes… Will I kill him? Maybe… I don’t know. I may take it further than what I’ve laid out. I can’t be held responsible for what I do on Sunday, and with this being unsanctioned I won’t be…

Cheers ring down.

Nate: In closing I just want to say thank you all for everything. And don’t be shocked with what you see Sunday.

The feed cuts off with Nate staring intently at the camera.



* Regan joins the commentary team *


Your going too commentate about my match or you're fired!
Y... Yes sir!
Main Event Time! Regan and Malu will trash Leonheart!



Main Event

Leonheart vs Malu/Regan



Oh damn!


Never thought it would end like that?!


You want your paycheck or not?


Shut it with the AAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! This was OCW Turmoil. See you next week!




The End!








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