CCW Turmoil Unleashed



The show kicks off with Gabe Richards in the middle of the ring. Over his shoulder, he holds a Championship Title with a white strap. He waits for the crowd to settle.

Richards: Tonight.....Tonight marks the re-crowning of the true and rightful holder of the CCW Television Championship.

The crowd boos. Richards presents the title in the air for all to see.

Richards: Last week on this very show, Chris Ryder STOLE the CCW TV Title away from ringside after clearly losing his match against Trips. Not only did he strike Brad Bauer with the title, but he made off with it.


Richards: One thing is for certain...Chris no Champion!

Crowd boos Richards.

Richards: So without further adue....I give you, the CCW Television Champion-

Brad Bauer's Theme hits and he strolls down to the ring with a scheming smile across his face.

Richards hands Bauer his new Championship Title. Bauer runs his fingers over the gold before throwing it up onto his shoulder. Richards hand's the mic over to Bauer next.

Bauer circles around the ring, the crowd is stirring. He raises the mic...and then lowers it.

The Crowd beings a "YOU SUCK" chant. Bauer removes his shades and hangs them off of his shirt. He raises the mic again.

Bauer: Last week.....Chris Ryder thought that he could steal MY Title. And while he did leave the building with what used to be...the CCW Television Title...he in fact, did not leave the building as the Champion.

Bauer clutches the top rope while addressing the main camera at ringside.

Bauer: You see, the referee in last week's main event clearly dropped the ball. He missed the call. He counted the wrong man out. Roll the footage.

Footage from last weeks main event airs.

The crowd cheers Ryder after seeing the footage.

Bauer: If I hadn't been in that ring at the time of that pinfall, a travesty might have ocurred. The wrong man's arm may have been raised in victory. After careful viewing of the footage, it IS clear that both men had their shoulder's pinned to the mat. Both men were pinned....and therefore, both men were...and still are, my book.

Crowd Boos

Bauer: Trips is no winner. Sure I raised his hand momentarily....but then I dropped him with the "Headliner". There is no man in CCW worthy of carrying this...MY...Television Championship, other than the man wearing holding the title. That man...THE me. BRADBauer!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!

Bauer: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, possession is the law here in CCW, and he who wears the gold, wears the-

The all too familiar theme for Trips registers throughout the arena. Trips is wearing what appears to be another replica of the Television Championship. Trips enters the ring without hesitation.

Bauer lays his title down across the mat in front of Trips. Trips pats his title that is wrapped around his waist.

Bauer: Surely you don't think you can prance around here wearing a fake Television Championship?

Trips snatches the mic from Bauer who stands his ground.

Trips: That's like calling the kettle black...isn't it?

Bauer motions for Richards to get him another mic. Richards asks the ring announcer for another mic.

Trips: You might as well throw that thing (refering to Bauer's title) in the Trash...because it's worthless. This title is indeed the CCW Television Championship.

Bauer gets his mic from Richards.

Bauer: Not only do you have no credibility due to the fact that you come out here in drag...but you didn't win anything. I am the CCW Television Champion. Richards is the General Manager of CCW and he awarded this title to me!

Richards nods his head in approval. Just then, GEOMON Pops up on the XTron.

Geomon: Richards, you really have to be careful who you assign to officiate at ringside. This is the second time your plan has failed. Brad Bauer decided that Trips was indeed the winner of last week's bout. And while I can't nor will I over-rule that decision. I will in fact, enforce it!

Crowd Cheers

Richards takes the mic from Bauer who stands there puzzled.

Richards: This is CCW, you have no reign under my program. I'd suggest you'd start looking elsewhere for trouble, and minding your unemployed business.

Geomon: Oh Richards...really. Just because I'm no longer a general manager of an brand, doesn't mean I'm completely powerless.

Richards: The only power that you've ever had, came from injecting your veins with andro.

Geomon holds up a contract of sorts.

Geomon: Watch it little man. You're speaking out of your place.

Richards: What's that, another General Manager contract? I doubt it!

Geomon: No....Better....It's my paperwork as the elected officer of the board...THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS!!!

The crowd erupts.

Richards: You can't be serious!

Geomon: Oh...I'm as serious as a heart attack. And because Mr. Van Bauer over there was so quick to raise the arm of Trips, and declare him the winner. The CCW Board of directors has officially named Trips as the CCW Television Champion!

Mixed reaction from the crowd. Bauer takes the mic back from Richards.

Trips: There is only room on this show for one Television Champion, and that man is-

Chris Ryder's theme hits and he makes his way out onto the stage.

Ryder stands atop the stage holding the original TV title. The crowd is going nuts for him. He also has a mic.

Ryder: Forget about Geomon...forget about Gabe Richards...forget about fake titles and imposters. I have the CCW TV title. It's right here.

Ryder sets the title on the ramp in front of him.

Ryder: A champion is not measured by "Who has the gold". A champion is not measured by wins and losses. A champion is not measured by who has the bell rung in his favor at the end of the night.

A champion is measured by his heart. By his will to rise against the odds. A champion is ME...Chris Ryder.

Crowd Erupts!!!

Ryder: I don't care if you bring out ten titles a piece. The fact of the matter is, I have the CCW Television Championship....and neither of you will screw me out of it again!

The Crowd begins to chant RYDER...RYDER...RYDER

Bauer: The one sure thing in this matter...Chris that you are clearly not the champion. You are a THIEF!

Crowd Boos Bauer

Ryder: Funny you of all people should point that out.

Trips: I'm the Champion!

Bauer: You're wrong...I'M THE CHAMPION!!!

Ryder: You're both wrong....

Geomon: Chris Ryder, as the officer of the CCW Board of directors, I demand that you destroy that title immediately. Richards...Bauer...the same goes for you. You will not make a mockery of the CCW Television Championship.

Bauer hands his mic over to Richards.

Richards: NO! As the General Manager of Turmoil, I demand that both Trips and Chris Ryder turn in those bogus titles.

The Xtron splits in half. Vic Vimes appears opposite to Geomon. The crowd begins to Frenzy. They chant HOLY SHIT...HOLY SHIT...HOLY SHIT!!!

Richards: What in the red, white, and blue hell do you think you're doing on my show??????

Vimes: Clearly you don't have any grasp or control over what is happening...on your own show!

Crowd POP

Vimes: It seems that your favoritism towards Brad Bauer...and Geomon's blatent hatred for Chris Ryder is causing a power struggle over who indeed is the TRUE CCW Television Champion.

Richards: Bauer!

Geomon: Trips!

Vimes: You are both wrong. Chris Ryder has been run through the ringer by all of you. He's been screwed in and out of the TV title for well over a month now. This nonsense comes to an end.

Richards: Why don't you stick to sinking in the ratings....which is what you do best.

Vimes: Funny, my ratings last week were clearly higher than yours Richards.

Richards kicks the bottom rope frustrated. Bauer trys to calm him down.

Richards: Who are you to make matches on my show????

Vimes: This matter won't be handled any further on YOUR show. It will instead be settled on OUR show! We bring this to an end on Sunday October 28...LIVE in Grand Rapids Michigan...on Pay Per View. DEVIL'S NIGHT!!!!

The crowd explodes!!

Vimes: I'm using MY pull as the General Manager of tenure, to bring this threeway dance to an end. Since neither yourself or Geomon care about the good of the CCW Television Title, or the integrity of what a championship match should hold. I am ordering Trips and Brad Bauer to meet Chris Ryder in a Triple Threat Elimination Match!!!!!

Geomon: Vimes, You don't have the authority over CCW...but I-

Vimes: We will eliminate one imposter at a time. 3 men will enter that ring, and one by one, they will be eliminated until one man stands as the CCW Television Champion! Afterwhich, the two fraudulant title belts will be confiscated by OCW officials to prevent any further confusion as to who the rightful title holder is.

Richards: I won't allow it.

Geomon: Neither will I!

Vimes: I have the contract already signed...

Richards: I haven't signed anything!

Geomon: I wouldn't sign anything!

Vimes: Neither of you have to...there is only one signature in OCW/CCW that is required to make anything happen.

Vimes holds up the contract...he points to the signature line.

Vimes: X.... Jaysin Sensation....

Richards gets out of the ring and begins screaming up at the Xtron. Bauer stands behind Trips in the Ring. Ryder, from the ramp, doesn't take his eyes off of Bauer or Trips.

Vimes: Good night gentlemen!

The Xtron goes black as Vimes and Geomon cut to black.

Suddenly Double A emerges from the backstage area and levels Ryder in the back with a Chair. Trips looks on with a great deal of pleasure...but fails to realize that he has been set up as well. Bauer measures Trips in the ring from behind and squares him in the back of the head with his version of the CCW Television Title belt. Bauer exits the ring as DnD's theme plays. Bauer taunts Ryder with his title as he steps over Chris who is broken down from that Double A chairshot. DnD along with Richards, leave the stage.

Who would have thought out of all people Vic Vimes would bring justice to CCW! Now that is how you kick off a show!

Midgets have no pull around here Rivers, this isn't the Wizard of Oz.


t What?

Think about it....


t Errr....Moving along, tonight we bring you a show that should keep everyone steady till this Sunday at Devil's Night! Tonight we come 1 step closer to finding out who will advance in the EX Determination League.

Yada, yada, yada. We all know Blood will beat whoever wins that anyways. On to the real matches people came to see, and that is two watch DnD destroy 2 imposter T.V. Champions, Trips & Ryder.


t That should be a great contest indeed Scott. Carlos Cruz will also take on one of his biggest challenges to date the body guard of Versus, Alex Cooper.

That theif is going down hard. Almost as hard as Versus as he takes on the Mad Man, Michael Morrison. Morrison will give Versus the proper "Training" before the Perfect Circle at Devil's Night!


CCW cameras cut backstage to the lockeroom of Deano 'Horse'.

Deano is talking to someone on the phone.

Deano: Diarrhea huh. Yeah thats too bad.

The person on the other end of the phone speaks.

Deano: ...thats disgusting the colour description was uneeded. Ok thanks.

As Deano hangs up the phone Regan walks in with a gorgeous blonde in tow.

Deano: Hey Regan I just got a phone call, Eddie Allen is gonna be unable to compete tonight.

Regan: I know you wanted to make up for your match against Poison but maybe it's for the best. I can imagine Leonheart is looking for revenge after Riot.

Deano : I taught Leonheart a lesson on Riot. I'm not worried about filthy sweathog, besides I have spoken to someone special to me and that person helped me find my innard peace.

Regan: {Chuckles} Deano, I take it you have spoken to Versus again and its inner peace.

Deano: No, no, no. I haven't spoken to Versus I spoke to beautician. She gave me a colonic irrigation. Man my innards are at peace.

Regan: I should get one of those...

Regan is abruptly cut off by a thud as a short spotty man bursts through the door.

Man: Deano, Deano I....

Deano: {Cutting him off} Woah, woah, woah. Ok lets take a few steps back. First off you don't just enter MY lockeroom and you address me like I told you Clive.

Clive the car park attendent slowly walks backwards and out of the lockeroom shutting the door behind him.

Knock, knock, knock.

Deano: I'm busy.

Clives voice is muffled as he speaks from the other side of the door.

Clive: But sir its important.

Deano: {Sighs} Come in.

Clive: Your Sexcellency. I have word from from the general vehicle facilitating area.

Deano: Whats happened in the parking lot Clive?

Clive: Leonhearts vehicle is parked up.

Deano: Ok Clive good work and here take this {Deano hands Clive a small white card} thats the number of my cosmetician. Get her to sort out the full scale war that your skin is launching on your face. You are actually making me feel sick just looking at you. Go home ring that number, watch some DVD's, have a soak with some of your Spongebob bubble bath, watch some I love Lucy repeats.... whatever you do just don't leave the house untill you have been medically cleared.

Clive lowers his head and leaves.

{talking to Regan} He's a nice kid. As ugly as I am dashing but a good kid.

Regan: We need to watch out for that little emo now we know he is here. That little bastard.

Regan stands up quickly and clutches at his ribs which are still tender from the attack by Leonheart.

Deano: Easy Regan don't you worry about this. I'll make sure I take care of Leonheart. I will be back, just let Kellie take care of your back.

Deano winks at Regan and leaves the lockeroom.




Will that be too late for him? Only time will tell.

Man these crackers got some funky outfits to wear. And it looks like our next match is on its way.





T Oucccccch, now that's got to hurt.

Hour of Power baby.





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