CCW Turmoil Unleashed


"Your Disease" by Saliva hits the P.A., the crowd pop as Chris Ryder walks out from behind the Curtain and makes his way down the ramp, with a microphone in-hand. He walks up the steel steps, and takes a look around the Arena, with a smile on his face. He gets into the ring and walks over to the centre of it.

Ryder: "Well, you people are ready for a show I take it?"

The crowd cheer, as Ryder laughs off-mic.

Ryder: "I thought as much. Well, I hope you enjoy it"

"Now then, why I'm out here. Well as most of you know, this past Sunday, was Devil's Night"

The crowd pop once again.

Ryder: "Now I'm guessing you all saw what happened, in my match with Carlos Cruz"

A few chants for Carlos can be heard, much to the surprise of Chris, but he continues.

Ryder: "Now Carlos Cruz is no longer contracted with the Company. Which at the end of the day, was he own wrong-doing, to be frank, he deserved it"

A mixed reaction comes from the crowd, which again, surprises Chris.

Ryder: " Well, that was unexpected... Anyway, I do wish Carlos the best, but I have a feeling he'll be doing far from it in the next few weeks"

Chris walks around the ring, as the crowd give off another mixed reaction. Chris stops, finally hearing enough of it

Ryder: "Hang on a second, am I hearing that right? Do I sense some Cruz fans in the building tonight?"

The faint chants get a little louder, as Chris raises an eyebrow.

Ryder: "So you people still care for Carlos?"

The crowd start a loud chant for Cruz.

Ryder: "You people are willing to forgive him?"

The crowd start to cheer, as Chris thinks to himself for a second.

Ryder: "So you people wanna' see CARLOS CRUZ TONIGHT?!"

The crowd let off a huge pop, with some people head chanting "We want Carlos!".

Ryder: "Well if you people can accept Carlos after what he did then ... What does that say about your loyalty ... to me?"

The crowd go quiet, as if confused.

Ryder: "I really can't believe you people, after EVERYTHING he did, you'd forgive him .... I never thought I'd see you fans turn to this ... "

Chris rubs his face with his hand.

Ryder: "I can't BELIEVE you people, after EVERYTHING HE PUT ME THROUGH! You'd accept him?! Is that right?!! WELL?!"

Chris' face is starting to show anger, as he walks around the ring, looking out at the crowd.

Ryder: "If you're all willing to forgive him, you're forgiving Bauer! you're forgiving Steve! You're forgiving Morrison! ... you're even forgiving Trance ..."

The crowd start to boo slightly, as Chris looks out at the fans, in disgust.

Ryder: "All of you, you're *BEEP*ing sheep! ALL OF YOU!"

The boo's get a lot louder, as Chris looks around the arena, sickened.

Ryder: "I can't believe I didn't see this before, Bauer, Steve, Morrison, Trance, Carlos ... they were right, YOU PEOPLE AREN'T WORTH MY TIME AT ALL!"

The crowd begin a chant of "Ryder sucks".

Ryder: "Then ... what does that say about everyone in the back? Are they the same? ARE THEY JUST AS *BEEP*ING SPINELESS?"

Chris begins to trail around the ring, in complete shock and anger. As the crowd continue to chant that he sucks.


Chris walks over to the ropes and stares at some of the people in the front row, they continue with the chant, right in his face.

Ryder: "You think I suck? After I put my life on the line! Just so you can stab me in the back?! YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO TAUNT ME?!!"

Chris storms back into the centre of the ring, and stares right into the Camera.

Ryder: "All this time, I did nothing but fight for all of you. And I'm repaid with betrayal ... Well I've got just two words for the lot of you, GOOD RIDDENCE!"

Chris slams his microphone onto the mat, before sliding out of the ring. He walks up the ramp with a look of anger showing off his face. He doesn't even turn to look at the fans jeering him, as we go back to ringside.


Hardcore title bout




Valmont with one of the better matches of his career right there.

What the hell are you tal...

Durka Sinead O'Connor durka balala...

Yep, Valmont's match of his life right there!! Ay bud? See...we agree!!

Mmm hmmm.



**The scene opens back to the office of Regan. Gaines is seated at his desk with his feet up holding a picture of Regan and his wife**

Gaines: Damn she's fine...what I would give to just

Deano: Already tried, She "Just said No"

**Just then Bloodline walks into the office looking none to pleased. Smythe who is still banged up from his grueling match with Nate Ortiz two nights ago. Behind him is Parker Stevens who is banged up but still looking ready to put someone through a table or hit them with a chair as he proudly displays his Hardcore Title. Next to him is MMM who is holding a sledgehammer and looking straight ahead(The sledgehammer can not be seen by any members of I-Gen). Finally next to Smythe is Wesley who is looking upset about what transpired at Devil's Night.**

Smythe: Saw the match card... I was flattered... but really do you think were as stupid you guys are... there's a reason why were the best faction in OCW today... but on top of that... were also the smartest... so while you dreamed up a bunch of dream matches to jerk your chains to... they just won't be happening...

Parker: Let me remind you Gaines, the only reason you're in charge is because you took out Regan. Bloodline was in charge of Riot because we are the most dominate faction in OCW. With the most dominate Hardcore Champion of all time, and the most dominate tag team champions of all time. Last night your boy Kang got lucky.

**With this Deano steps up to Parker. Deano is smirking at Parker and looks at MMM**

Deano: See I guess it's always gonna be interesting when the self-proclaimed greatest Hardcore Champion goes one on one with the Original Hardcore Champion.

Wesley: Either way we have the most lethal and destructive men in the business on our side.

Valmont: As I recall the self-proclaimed greatest was only inches away from beating me at Wrestlution. After I go through my Hardcore Tour, I'll make sure that the inches become seconds, as in one two three

**Gaines who has been sitting in the GM's chair this whole time finally gets to his feet and walks right up to Smythe**

Gaines: The irrestable force meets the immovable object. On Riot I said that I-Gen would pick our spot to make sure you know the warning shots have been fired. When those shots our fired you better be ready for a war that hasn't been seen in OCW. We'll make Revolution Inc and Theater of Pain look like a tea party. I suggest that tonight you take care of the task we've placed in front of you and move along because tonight you don't want a war to start. A War you know you won't win.

Smythe: are you insane.... you..

** MMM cuts in front of him and lets Smythe know that he'll handle this one. As MMM appears from the back, Gaines Deano and Valmont all step back when they see him with a sledgehammer.**

MMM: As a former member of Theater of Pain let me remind you of the destruction and chaos we caused. If you think that was a tea party you better be ready for a nucular war. As far as a warning shot for the signal of war? Consider this our opening statement

**MMM takes a sledgehammer right through the desk Gaines was sitting at. After destroying the desk, Smythe walks right up to Gaines**

Smythe: Well Gaines if you want a war it's gonna be your funeral.

**Smythe smirks and pats Gaines right on the cheek. Bloodline then turns around to leave as they tip over a few more objects in the office**







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