CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Baghdad, Iraq

Live from the Saber Stadium in Baghdad



Mr. Sensation paces about the ring with an unmistakable aura of confidence as well as a huge bandage over his head; the OCW World Championship is draped over his marvelous shoulder. Mr. Sensation calls for a microphone and is promptly handed one by Stacy Clark who as at ringside...

Mr. Sensation looks at the ring announcer Stacy Clark and summons her toward the ring. Stacy Clark proceeds to enter the ring.

Mr. Sensation whispers something to her that is inaudible before handing her the microphone.

Stacy Clark: Ladies and Gentlemen your OCW World Heavyweight Champion Jaysin Sensa….

Mr. Sensation cuts off Stacy briefly and corrects her.

Stacy Clark: Excuse me, Ladies and Gentlemen your OCW World Heavyweight Champion Mr. Jaysin Clinton Sensation, Esquire!

The Crowd erupts into crowd deafening boos as chants of “You Screwed Leon” and “You Can’t Wrestle” echo throughout the arena.

Stacy Clark hands the microphone back to Mr. Sensation and exits the ring as Mr. Sensation while holding his championship takes a make shift bow.

Mr. Sensation: Ahem

The crowd boos

Mr. Sensation taps the mic causing a loud booming noise to emanate from the mic further inciting the crowd.

Mr. Sensation: I said Ahem.

The Crowd chants Asshole.

Mr. Sensation: Oh I’m sorry where you expecting someone else?

Mr. Sensation: Wait, Isn’t tonight I-Generations night?

The Crowd Cheers

Mr. Sensation makes a whoop-de-doo motion with his finger.

Mr. Sensation: You people must be stuck on stupid, you guys are actually cheering for a band of misfits who had the audacity to strike down an OCW General Manager, somewhere Regan is home wounded and yet here you stand cheering for his demise?

The Crowd Cheers

Mr. Sensation: Disgusting!

Mr. Sensation: That being said, I don’t care that its I-Gen’s night because guess what people, It’s also my night. So I am going to do whatever the hell I want, I jump through hoops for no one. So they can have there night right here in the land with more bombs than brains.

Mr. Sensation: In the interest of fair and balanced competition I will amuse this silly match and I and my esteemed colleague Mr.Montepellier will engage in fisticuffs tonight in a steel cage!

The Crowd Cheers

Mr. Sensation: And now then once again give it up for ME your new OCW World Heavyweight Champion.

The Crowd Boos

Mr. Sensation Sighs

Mr. Sensation: It doesn’t matter what you chant, it doesn’t matter how much you boo, because you see at the end of the day I pulled off the impossible. No one in this building, no one watching at home, and no one in the back thought I had it in me. But here I stand before you all as your new champion!

The Crowd boos

Mr. Sensation: And why? Because I am what I say I am, I am not like all you people. If I make a goal guess what unlike you people I follow through with that goal and do what ever it takes to achieve it.

Mr. Sensation: That being said I would like to send a shout out (Mr.Sensation Winks at the Camera) To Smythe D.Wonder who while wasn’t needed provided some moral support when it came crashing down and it hurt inside.

Mr. Sensation: And because of Smythe’s continued loyalty in these turbulent times I am going to honor a request of his. Next week right here LIVE on Turmoil it will be Smythe D Wonder’s Baby cousin the Wonderful William…..

Mr. Sensation digs into his pocket and pulls out a card and reads from it.

Mr. Sensation: That’s the Wonderful Wesley! will take on the current EX Division champion Omega Dragon for the OCW EX Division Champion. Whoever walks out the winner will have the privilege of facing Jacob Trance at the next Pay Per View.

Mr. Sensation continues with his thanks.

Mr. Sensation: I would also like to thank my Vice President and all around great guy. Mr. Montpellier who with his rigorous and unrelenting training managed to mold me into a lean mean, Tree Kicking, Elephant Testicle Moon Jumping, Underwater Karate Punching, Shinning Wizard Making, Cannon Drill Dropping, machine.

Mr. Sensation: Furthermore after the travesty that happened to The Steve at the hands of that punk Kang James next week on Turmoil The Steve will get his rematch with Kang James for the OCW International Championship. Guess what I-Gen, I make the rules ha-ha.

The Crowd Boos

Mr. Sensation: And lastly I also want to thank 1 more person, my wonderful son in law Nate Ortiz. Thank you for your blind rage. Thank you for spearing Leon, despite me having the match totally under control, your unneeded assistance helped me secure my win. For that thanks son!

The Crowd boos

Mr. Sensation: Now I know what you’re thinking Nate, since you speared poor Leon out of his boots and helping me maybe I would throw some charity your way. Maybe give you your old job back.

Mr. Sensation thinks for a moment.

Mr. Sensation: Should I rehire Nate Ortiz?

The crowd shouts YEA!!!

Mr. Sensation: EH EH!!!

The crowd Boos.

Mr. Sensation: I would feel more charitable if my son in law didn’t bash me over the head with a chair when I clearly had the match won, if that wasn’t enough, he dropped me on my head and to make matters worse in addition to a class 3 concussion, I think I may have a fractured rib from when Nate Ortiz damn near speared me out of my boots. Add to that I am supposed to compete tonight against a Legend in VFM, and it’s a miracle I am alive!!!!

Mr. Sensation: So no, absolutely not Nate Ortiz will not be rehired; he can stay home and collect unemployment which mind you is a generous package that was put together by VFM.

Mr. Sensation: So thanks Nate but no thanks, moving right along after tonight, I will not be competing on television.

The Crowd Chants you’re a P#####

Mr. Sensation: How dare you all, I am the main event, I am the biggest star in OCW Today he, who holds the gold, knows the role, and that role is KING of the OCW Kingdom. I go where the money goes and the money isn’t on FREE Television. So get your fill because the next time you see this pretty face it will be at the next Pay Per View. I know that hurts some of you as you are salivating at the bit, especially our emo friend Leonheart wanting so desperately to redeem himself. But I make the rules!

Mr. Sensation: We Love you Israel!!!!!

Mr. Sensation heads to the back.


Holy sh*t we're in Baghdad!

That's right we are. Of course, I still don't know how they ran out of bulletproof vests right after you got yours.

Don't worry, they don't blow up ugly people.

Then why do you have one on?! OHHHHH I WENT THERE!!!

That's right, yuck it up. We'll see who's laughing when you got an 8 inch piece of shrapnel stickin out of your right nipple.

Well, let's get this show over with then! Tonight ladies and gentlemen, we come to you live from Baghdad, Iraq. We're in what they're calling the "safe zone" but that's the equivolent of Compton being called the "Safe zone" of America. But none of that talk, let's just get going! First up, we have Kip Conrad going one on one with Eddie Mace.

Mace has been creeping up that ladder, rung by rung, and I have a feeling that he's on the verge of exploding onto the main event scene...and if Kip can whoop Smythe's ass in a dress, there's nothing holding him back from progressing to the next level either. This'll be a big match for both men.

Next match of the night is...well, I'll tell you right now, I'm marking for this match before it even happens. When you have an up and comer like Omega Dragon, and the consumate Main Eventer in Vega, there's just an assumed chemistry, and I'll tell you I'm psyched about this match. And following that...A TITLE MATCH!!

That's right, we deliver title matches in Baghdad bitches!! Possibly the greatest Hardcore Champion of all time Parker Stevens, defends his gold against former champ, Vincent Valmont. There's sure to be blood...and elbows!

Next up, iGen is putting Bloodline against each other, when Steve goes up 1 on 1 against Smythe in a bloodline bloodbath. And finally...the battle of the Bosses! iGen is testing the strength of their powers by putting the bosses to work. I don't know what to think of this...the OCW Champion JCS, going 1 on 1 with...VFM?!

Neither of us care to comment much on that match, as we appreciate our jobs far too much!! So, with that being said, let's get to the action!!!


Kip Conrad vs Eddie Mace



What a great way to start off the night's events! Kip's no pushover, ay Double S?

None of these men are pushovers idiot. That's why they're in OCW.

You know, I have a right mind to tell one of these cab drivers I'm surrounded by to come hug you and press the red button at the same time. So watch what you say tonight.

When the hell did you become Mr. Tough Guy?

When I learned how to speak Arabic, jackass.




OD sitting there with his head on his knee shaking his head as Black Dragon walks in

BD: you feeling alright

*Omega looking up at Black Dragon.*

OD: No, I'm not all right. I just had that PPV match against you and Flem this past weekend and Now I got Vega in a ladder match.

BD: ouch, but you left Devils Night with the belt like we planned. but a ladder match with vega, thats a match not for the feint of heart, but i have no doubt you can win it

OD: Thats what I plan to do, but what are we going to do with you

BD: What do you mean

OD: We are The Ronin of OCW, and you need to show them why they shouldnt mess around with the dragons

BD: Agreed, but lets talk over matters later. You need to to focus on defeating Vega tonight. if you dont chage you attitude soon vega might actually beat you.

OD: non sense, people know my name. regardless if they are starting to hate me, omega will prove the round eye wrong.

Black Dragon laughs

BD: and whats that lying next to you, what do you have that nobody else has

OD: My title..

BD: thats right, your the champ. and that means your the best in the world

OD: soon we will be in the tag team division, and The Ronin will become the best tag team in OCW and capture tag team gold

BD: who are the champs again

OD: does it matter, but enough of this, i need to focus

Omega goes back to his locker to set the belt down as Black Dragon looks on as cameras face out to ring side with Double S.*








**As I-Gen plays to the crowd we here small "We want Kang!!" chant. Gaines looks at Deano and Valmont who laugh at the lack of appriciation they're being shown.**

Gaines: Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls children of all ages....Welcome to the next generation, the Innovation Generation!!!!!

**The Crowd Pops**

Gaines: Last Night at Devil's Night, I-Gen experienced mixed emotions. One of our own was screwed out of a title that he worked his ass off for. Not only did Bloodline and VFM get involved, but one of my closest friends and former faction mates also played a part in delivering Leon's Fate.

**Some "Nate Ortiz!!" Chants Errupt throughout the crowd**

Gaines: I take nothing away from the career of Nate Ortiz, he is a mentor to me and the greatest to ever step into this ring, but I ask you one thing Nate. Do you want your last moment in OCW being the chair shot that sealed the fate for your father-in-law to steal a title he doesn't deserve? A title that you helped build, and a title that Leon carried the torch for? That's something that I think all of these fans want to know

**Gaines then turns his attention away from the camera and towards the rampway**

Gaines: As for our new "champ" Let me remind you of one thing. Last week after I-Gen took out Regan, we were annointed Commander in Chief for Turmoil. If you recall Regan attempted to screw with one of our own. So tonight Jay I suggest you stay in line because for one night only this isn't your world anymore. Tonight we're the landlords and you best believe you'll be paying rent

**Gaines tosses the microphone to Valmont who looks pissed off and angry as per the usual look of Vinny V. Vincent takes a moment, as he looks around the arena. He puts the mic up towards his mouth, but pauses for a moment.*

Valmont: For the past few weeks I've been silent. I've been biding my time attempting to pick my spot. I've watched Leon ascend to the top and be screwed out of a title he deserved. I've been beaten my own teammate and had to watch as he won a title he rightfully deserved. I've been screwed repeatedly by Bloodline and been unable to get my hands on them

**Vincent tilts his head back at the rest of his I-Gen members, smirks, and then glares back at the camera**

Valmont: This Thursday Night I start a tour unlike any other. I re-enter the Hardcore field and begin my climb back to another epic encounter with Parker Stevens. I will reclaim my stake on a title I held dear, and you're damn sure I'm gonna hurt a few people in order to get what I want. The hired Gun of I-Gen is set to establish his dominance

**Valmont then turns the microphone back over to Deano Horse who winks at Valmont which makes Vinny a little uneasy**

Deano: Tonight is I-Gen's night. We're in control and to quote one of my favorite bands, Tonight will be crazy, sexy and cool. Week after week I-Gen has been forced to to wrestle each other wrestle in handicapped matches and been forced to go through hell. Tonight it's our turn to return the favor and we figure what the hell why not have some fun in doing it. Every match tonight has a purpose, a reason for it happening. You all may scratch your heads and question I-Gen's intelligence

**Deano scratches his own head and looks confused**

Deano: While we might not be the brighest we sure no how to screw some members of a group called Bloodline. So tonight sit back enjoy the show and remember if you don't wrap it make sure she's near some stairs

**With that final parting word I-Gen's music hits and they all play to the crowd as Turmoil starts off with a bang**




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