CCW Turmoil Unleashed



And we are live from Sin City! Las Vegas is ready to host the Halloween Edition of Monday Night Turmoil! And what are you dressed up as Scott?

A man down 5,800.


t Looks like Blackjack didn't go the way Double S planned now did it?

Rivers...I hate you so much right now. So, so much. I would kick you and that Charlie Chapmen costume up and down the strip all night if I felt like doing this show by myself.


t Where is your spirit Scott? Tonight we have some great things to announce, like the New CCW Champion RD Money! Versus was able to make it past Double A, but RD was too much for the former Champ.

And...The German Adult Film Nozi somehow managed to screw Brad Bauer once more and stole the T.V. Title yet again. It was a sad night at Devil's Night folks, do not order the replay.


t Speaking of new Champion, it's time for the 5th CCW Champion to make his first apperance as Champ on Turmoil!

Footballs on ESPN.


Cameras open up with RD Money sitting in his private lockeroom with his feet once again sitting on top of his desk. Seconds later RD cell phone rings.

RD Money: "Greatness..."

Cell phone caller: "Hello Mr. Money, this is Candy and I just wanted to say congrats on your championship win."

RD Money: "I appreciate it. How is the moving coming?"

Candy: "Everything is as planned. You're personal jet will be ready for you on Friday. I have everything under control on this end, no need to worry."

RD Money: "Always gotta worry about my money. Just wouldn't be natural if I didn't."

Candy: "Have you recieved the costume?"

RD Money: "Yes, I have and it looks just like the mutt. I think everyone will get a kick out of it. But back to the money... has the copyright papers been sent to my home in Baltimore? I don't want mutts trying to get slick and claim my "Digital Greatness" trademark."

Candy: "Yes, it's all taken care of. You hired me to not make any mistake and I plan on fulfilling that duty."

RD Money: "I hired you because you were phats as all out doors."

Crowd laughs

RD Money: "I'm kidding... I'll see you Friday in New York."

Candy: "Sure thing Mr. Money. I'll see you soon."

RD Money: "Goodbye."

RD hangs up the phone and continues to lay back in his chair. He looks at the CCW championship then smiles as cameras fade.


t The Champ against Brad Bauer in the Main Event later tonight!

He couldn't even come out to the ring? It's already got to his head.



The Air is seen in the ring, with mic in hand.

The Air: "Last Night may have not of went my way. I didn't emerge as the Extremist Champion as I'd hope. But I'm still going to bring a shocking revelation onto CCW. The so called former Extremist Champion, Richard Blood, is living a lie. Everything about him is a falsehood. And tonight, I'm going to expose him, and oust him from shaming our division again with his lies. And with that said, I bring out the bearer of the truth."

Air's Monkey, Doodles, scrambles down the ramp, with a vanilla envelope in his hands. He hands it to Air then scrunches in the corner.

The Air: "This here is the official file on the man who is referred to as Richard Edward Blood- or so he calls himself. No, no, but that too will be revealed as a lie. But I just don't want to spill it plainly, I want to see the look on his face. I want to see his expression as I tear apart his world of lies, deciet, and treachery. Get down here, Richard Blood- IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME."

Richard Blood makes his way down to the ring, he leans in a turnbuckle, with a face of unamused confusion.

The Air: "You get comfortable, because I'm about to tear apart your world as you know it, you lying con artist. First, you want to know something? He lies about his age. He says he's 34, but that's a lie if I ever seen one, because this document right here says he's 64. While I do compliment you on looking so good for your age, a lie is a lie and it's just the first of my revelations."

Blood just stares at Air more confused.

The Air: "On top of that, you don't even meet the weight division requirements! The limit for competing in the OCW/CCW Extremist division is 239 pounds! This dossier right here lists your weight as 269- well above the Light Heavyweight limit- well approaching the status of what we'd call a Super Heavyweight here. While you do hold it very well, it is, in fact, a lie nonetheless."

Blood just blinks.

The Air: "What may be the most shocking revelation of all here tonight...Richard Blood isn't even a man! He must of contacted the finest plastic surgeons in the world after he signed, becaus he, or should I say, SHE, is a woman! This could probably explain why he holds that weight so well and looks so young for his age! Not just a liar, but such a vain liar too! But that's not all I have here tonight."

Blood facepalms himself.

The Air: "Yes, the pressure is on you, isn't it Richard...or should I say, Regina! Now I reveal what I've been claiming all along. You see Regina here has been claiming to hail from Blackpool, England. And this file here proves it as much of a lie if I ever saw one! You're not from England. You're not from the United Kingdom, and you damn sure aren't even from Europe! You're from a little town in North Dakota called Fargo. Hardly British, or anything close to it!"

Blood just stares at Air blankly.

The Air: "Oh, and of course...the lie of your name. No, no, it isn't that you're a woman named Richard. You're last name isn't Blood. Your name isn't Regina like I suggested earlier...because this file right here reads the truth. The one who refers to himself as Richard Edward Blood is none other than....."

Air dramatically pauses. Blood just blinks again in astonishment.

The Air: "Gertrude Irene F..."

Air stops, and has his jaw drop.

The Air: "...Wait..."

The Air double takes to dossier and Blood. He drops it, and turns to Doodles.


Air dashes forward at starts beating on Doodles.


Air continues his abuse. Blood just shakes his head and slides out of the ring silently, and goes up the ramp.


Air continues his assault as the scene fades.


t Can you beat Monkey's on live television?

You can now.


t And now it's time for Chris Ryder to battle Richard Blood. Blood is coming off losing his EX Title and Ryder is fresh of a huge win to reclaim the T.V. Title. The battle of 2 of the best Light Heavyweights in CCW square off 1 on 1!

I hope Blood mangles him into the German Piece of dog crap he really is.






Incredible victory! He was nearly done for but was able to counter his oppenants last efforts and finish the job from there!

Quite Rivers, more important things are happening backstage we must attend to right away!


Cameras are backstage in the DnD locker-room. Richards looks worried as Bauer paces the floor back and forth wearing it thin as he walks a path into it.

Bauer: I'm really getting tired of this...

Richards: What do you suggest I do about it?

Bauer: I dunno Richards...maybe you can get control over your freaking show!

Crowd reacts accordingly, as does Richards.

Richards: ME??? Your losing streak is what I am getting tired of! I set both you and Double A up for success, and neither of you could deliver! Speaking of Double A...where is he?

Bauer: The only thing that you set me up for, was a circle jerk of former and non CCW officials that mixed me up into a three way match where Ryder and Trips double teamed me in order to eliminate me from the match.

Richards: My hand's were tied.

Bauer: Yeah...SO WERE MINE! They were tied up in the ropes while that worthless excuse of a referee called for the bell.


Richards: They have a point...

Bauer: Don't go there with me Richards! If YOUR referee was doing his job, he would have seen my right arm grabbing the top rope behind me.

Richards: He missed the call...he will be dealt with.

Bauer: I wasn't even tapping out...I was trying to get free.

Richards: This isn't the NFL...there is no instant replay...there are no coach's challenges. There wasn't anything that I could do. That referee won't be seeing any paychecks in the near future...

Bauer: Yeah...why's that?

Richards: Because I aleviated him of his officiating duties here in CCW.

Bauer: Good, that's a start.

Richards: Tonight I'm giving you a chance to prove to the world why you deserve to wear Championship Gold here in CCW.

I'm listening...

Richards: In tonight's main event, You're going to be facing the NEW CCW Champion, RD MONEY!!!


Bauer: Good, he's been ducking me long enough. BRADBauer!!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!!

Richards: If you can beat him tonight, I can justify cause to name a brand new #1 contender to the CCW Title.

Bauer: I like where you are going with this.

Bauer: I'm going to go and see if I can figure out where Double A is. I'll let you know if I can get in touch with him.

Richards: Bauer, before you leave, you do realize that this is the Halloween edition of Turmoil, don't you?

Bauer: You're point?

Richards: All of the fans are going to be expecting costumes the other nonsense that comes along with this worthless holiday.

Bauer: I'm not wearing a costume....

Richards: Ratings Brad...Ratings...

Bauer: You're starting to sound like a broken record. Besides, I didn't bring any costume with me. You're just going to have to settle for Banjo Grimm or Sting Ortiz over on OCW RIOT.

Richards: I figured you would have forgotten to bring something, so I took the liberty of picking something up for you.

Bauer: Look, I'm not bringing back The Beve...or Nate Bauer...or-

Richards: No...No...No. I've got something better.

Bauer puts his hand on his chin, curious...but displeased. Richards opens a locker displaying Bauer's costume (out of the view of the camera)

Bauer: I'm not wearing that...there's no way in-

Richards: Be a team player Brad. I need this. The kids will go crazy for it, and all of the women in attendance here tonight are certain to love it.

Bauer: This reminds me of that time Double A and I went into Mexico and I woke up drunk next to some broad that starred in one of those Donkey Shows. I got so drunk the night before, when I woke up I was wearing...err...nevermind. That was still better than this. What in the hell were you thinking?

Richards: Ratings...

Bauer: I should have guessed. But I'm still not wearing that.

Richards: You are a terrible sport...

Bauer: And a terrible loser. I need to get my pre-match shower in. Get that costume out of my sight. My ring gear will do just fine.

Bauer heads back to the showers. Richards looks around, the crowd laughs as he takes Brad's gym bag and removes a few items. He goes into the locker and pulls out a black towel. He lays it down over top of the bag and leaves with a smile on his face.



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