CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From Dayton, Ohio

Ladies and gentlemen we are live from Dayton Ohio for another exciting edition of Monday Night Turmoil!

And does it get any better when our Fearless CCW T.V. Champion faces The Air inside a solid Steel Cage in our Main Event!


t Don't be fooled everyone, Double S is still under the impression Brad Bauer is not our Television Champion, Chris Ryder is still safe and sound as our T.V. Champ.

If Chris Ryder is the T.V. Champ then why doesn't he have the T.V. Title around his waist? Fool.


t Err...also on tonight's program we have Otomo taking on Alex Cooper, as well as the beginning of the EX...I mean 17 Stones and Under Determination League!

Don't forget we get to see Double A smash in the humungous nose of the #1 Contender to Brad's T.V. Title, Puddle's of War's own Trips.


t And the Best Damn Tag Team Tournament ends tonight as the Dark Bloods take on Tyler Ewanchuk & Justin Time in the finals right here tonight!

Enough jibber jabbing Rivers, Gabe Richards is about to make his way to the ring.


The crowd greets Richards with a chorus of taunting. "YOU SOLD OUT...YOU SOLD OUT...YOU SOLD OUT"

Richards: Thank you...thank you. Thank you all for once again pointing out the obvious. That Mr. Richards has yet again, managed to offer up a showcase of talent and display of creative match making that has easily Sold Out...another arena.

Crowd responds with more jeering and booing.

Richards: Tonight's show will not only feature 2 action packed EX-Division matches for the 17 Stones tournament, but you will also see in action tonight...The Finals for the Best Damn Tag Team Tournament. The winners will go on to face the World Tag Team Champions.

Crowd Pops

Richards: You will also see in action tonight...Ohio's very own, Double A squaring off against Trips!!!

Crowd Explodes at this blockbuster match, and because it's Double A's hometown state.

Richards: Settle down...settle down. And in our Main event of the evening. The Air will collide one on one with The CCW Television Title holder BRADBauer!!!

Richards does the stupid BRADBauer!!! arm gesture to get the fans riled up.

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!!

Richards: Where you will see Brad Bauer physically dismantle the Air...showing you why in fact, Brad Bauer is the man that deserves to wear the CCW Television Championship.

Crowd begins to chant: "BA-UER STOLE IT clap clap-clap clap clap...BA-UER STOLE IT clap clap-clap clap clap"

Richards: And as for Geomon's ruling last week, The CCW Board of Directors and I are discussing the matter...and while "They" do not recognize Brad Bauer as the Television Champion, Brad Bauer has asked me to assure you, the fans of CCW, that he in no way, intends to surrender the CCW Television Title on Geomon's order. And well, it's my show, so I'm not forcing him to do so!

The crowd again responds accordingly with boos.

The board has, however, ordered that Trips receive his title shot against Chris Ryder. The way that I see it, if the two of them want to fight over the right to call himself the Champion...then so be it. That match will take place right here LIVE ON TURMOIL!!!

The Crowd Pops!!!

Richards: Next week...(long pause) another another another sold out arena.

The Crowd sighs and begans an "ASSSSHOLE.....ASSSSHOLE" Chant.


Richards: Well you aren't going to get him tonight.

Crowd: BOOOOOOOooooo

Richards: You see, I decided to give Chris Ryder the night off. I don't need any interference going on in my main event tonight.


Richards: Oh, and before I go...there's one more thing that I'd like to add. When Trips does meet Chris Ryder to determine who "CCW" will declare it's new Television Champion...a Title less Champion I might add...I have decided that we don't want any outside interference. Therefore, I am assigning a special enforcer at ringside. This enforcer will ensure that we have a clear winner without any funny business. That special enforcer will be none other than BRADBauer!!!!!

The crowd chants: THIS IS BULL-SHIT...THIS IS BULL-SHIT as Richards hands the mic over to the ring announcer and heads to the back.

t You've got to be kidding me...

What?! Bauer will be an upstanding enforcer for next weeks match. Jeeze Rivers, it's called equality.


CCW cameras cut to the backstage area of the arena. Deano is seen walking the corridors towards his lockeroom. A person can be seen walking towards Deano.

As the person approaches his face becomes clearer. It's OCW superstar Leonheart. He is wearing old and dirty looking clothes. Leonheart approaches Deano...

Leonheart: YOU! {points at Deano} tell me where Versus is.

Deano looks behind him as if in disbelief Leonheart is talking to him.

Deano: Are you talking to the Excellence of Sexcellence?

Leonheart:{Leonheart takes a deep breath, and grits his teeth} If you could just point me in the direction of Versus, I will be on my way.

Deano: Ok the first mistake you made was approaching his Sexcellence with that disgusting stench...

Leonheart lifts his arm and smells around his armpit.

Deano: ...and then the second mistake you made was raiding that jumble sale for those shoes you found!

Leaonheart: {looks down at his shoes} I bought these shoes!! Look, I lost alot of money at a Casino and then got sued for trashing a room. People are playing games with me, I'm here to put a stop to these games. I just want all this to end.

Deano: The fact of the matter is I have a trio of blondes in my lockeroom, theres going to be alot of baby oil and champagne involved. I have an important announcement to make later on and I really haven't got time to listen to your sob stories. So if you will just excuse me Randy, I'm very busy...

As Deano mentions the word 'Randy', Leonhearts face drops. Anger is clear in his eyes.

Deano: ...Seriously go steal some shoes or something.

Deano walks away from Leonheart and can be seen entering his lockeroom down the corridor.

Leonheart: Someone is going to pay for all of this!

The scene fades to black as Leonheart walks away from sight.


The camera turns to Michael Heaton waiting in line at an OCW merchandise booth. His hair is combed down to cover his face, and a temporary tattoo covers both of his shoulders. Heaton is at the front of the line, eyeing the row of OCW costumes.

Heaton: Hmm…you know, I think it’s cool that you can have any kid look like Ed Reed, but do we really need black leg and arm sleeves to make the kids “more authentic”? And that shirt for Guy is much too solid, it needs to be more see-through.

Cashier: Uhm…sir?

Heaton: Hmm? Uh…ah, what?

Cashier: Sir, there are people behind you in line, so if you don’t mind, how may I help you?

Heaton: Oh!...oh. Uh, I’d like one of those Leonheart costumes. Oh, in a Large. I mean, Medium.

The cashier shoots Heaton an odd look as he hands him a costume. Heaton begins takes the costume out of the bag and looks over it.

Heaton: What is this? This looks horrendous. For starters, the cobalt is way off-tone, it’s almost a cyan. Not to mention that the blue is on the wrong side of the black. Also, feel these knee pads! They have no padding whatsoever! And-

Cashier: Sir!

Heaton: What?

Cashier: Are you going to buy it or not?

Heaton: …oh. Uhm, sure. Here’s $10. Later!

Cashier: Sir, they’re $25! Sir!

Heaton begins walking his way through the crowd back to the OCW locker room.

Rivers: “Now joining us for commentary for the following two matches is Richard Blood, our World EX…”

Double S: “17 Stones and Under.”

Rivers: “17 Stones and Under Champion. So tell us, Mr. Blood, what brings you out here tonight?”

Blood: “I’m here to bring some analysis out here, something that you two buffoons never really do effectively.”

Rivers: “…Well good day to you too.”

Double S: “Michael Heaton faces off against Justin Time…Mr. Blood, your thoughts?”

Blood: “Michael Heaton has about as much chance of winning this tournament than Brad Bauer has of getting attention through ethical means.”

Rivers: “He did beat you once before…”

Blood: “That was a fluke, and September 2 Remember should have proved that without a shadow of a doubt. He’s a disgrace to this sport, why is he even being given the remotest opportunity for another match against me?”

Double S: “And Justin Time?”

Blood: “Who? A man with a ridiculous pun of a name who hasn’t accomplished jack squat here? I should care about him why?”

Rivers: “Do you have anything positive to say about anyone?”

Blood: “I’ll praise someone when they, definitively, prove they are the better man. None of these disgraces I view as a threat. I await the day where I’m proven wrong.”



And he earns 2 points with that win, always good to start off that way.

Blood was right about you Rivers, totatlly useless and predictable.


t Your lucky you even have a job here Scott...well folks I just recieved word Defecto failed to show up tonight and will be dealt with a loss and Strider will earn 2 points and a Win.

Brad Bauer wouldn't have missed that.


The scene fades into the Meditation Chamber. Versus is seen sitting in his usual position, with the CCW Heavyweight Championship sitting in front of him. To his left sits Alex Cooper, sitting on a barstool that looks as if it’s about to collapse, mainly due to his weight. The door opens, and in comes Richard Blood in his tan business suit and dark sunglasses. He carries the World EX/17 Stones And Under Championship over his shoulder, and a large dusty book in his hands. Versus looks up acknowledging.

Versus: “Dick.”

Blood rolls his eyes and looks down.

Blood: “Let’s cut the small crap. I’m here to inform you of something and nothing more.”

Versus: “Knowledge is power. Go on, Dick.”

Blood gives an irritated shrug as he opens up the book in front of him. Cooper chimes in facetiously.

Cooper: “Oh boy, is it story time? I love story time!”

Blood: “Cute. What I have here is a copy of the OCWFED Official Rulebook. There is an interesting little blurb I came upon recently.”

Versus: “Lay it on me, Dick.”

Blood: “Yes, how clever. Refer to me in a sophomoric way. We get it. But without further delay…”

Blood clears his throat and looks down at the book.

Blood: “Oh, and for the simplicity of this reading, I shall refer to this great title on my shoulder by its former disgraceful name.”

Versus: “Get on with it.”

Blood again clears his throat.

Blood: “Rules and Regulations Regarding the OCW World Extremist Championship. Unlike most singles titles holders, The Extremist Champion has a special permit due to the restrictive weight limit of 240 pounds. Due to this restriction, Extremist Champions are permitted to compete for other single titles such as the North American Championship, or World Heavyweight Championships, whereas one normally would not be able to hold both the World and North American Championships.”

Versus: “Give me the condensed version.”

Blood: “I’m coming for your title. I proved it last week that I was the best pure wrestler here, and with this new revelation, I may as well make it official, while simultaneously proving the dominance of this belt here once and for all.”

Versus: “Another challenger? Get in line.”

Blood: “Oh, certainly. I’m a patient man. It’s only a matter of time.”

Blood does an arrogant bow before leaving the room, smirking.

Cooper: “So everyone’s after ya, now, eh?”

Versus: “Seems that way.”

Cooper rubs his chin.

Cooper: “So…I was thinking…”

Versus: “Not you too…”

Versus looks up slightly annoyed.

Cooper: “…Kidding.”

The scene fades.

Backstage in the DND Locker-Room, Brad Bauer is polishing the Television Championship, Double A is playing Halo 3, and Richards enters.

Bauer: Richards, when is my name plate coming in. I'm sick of disgracing this Title by having Chris Ryder's name on it.

Richards: Uh..err...well, I've been meaning to tell you.

Bauer: Meaning to tell me what?

Double A: That you suck about as badly as having a pair of elephant nuts dropped on your forehead.

Bauer: You shut brainwashed video gaming Halo loving neanderthal!

Double A continues to play Halo in his brand new Halo 3 custom "Ghost CockPit" chair.

Double A: You're just jealous that you suck at Halo and that I completely own.

Bauer: own alright. You own with your little video gaming chair and your ownage of 13 year old kids worldwide.

Double A: Don't hate on the "Ghost CockPit" chair. (Imagine something along the lines of the Gaming Chair in "40 yr Old Virgin", only custom designed for Halo) I had this thing custom built for the ultimate Halo gaming experience.

They certainly got the "Cock" part right when it comes to you. Go figure...they made a Chair for a giant human Cock to Pit himself while he mindlessly mashes buttons for 12 hours a day. When's the last time you went to the gym fatty?

Richards: Guys...guys...

Bauer: So where is my new name plate for this title?

Richards: The CCW Board of Directors would not issue one for it-

Bauer: That's all I keep hearing from you...the CCW Board of directors this...the CCW Board of Directors that! Who runs this Brand?

Richards: You have to understand, my hands are tied temporarily on this. But, soon enough, you'll have the nameplate to go along with that title belt.

Bauer: Good...say, do we have any Duct Tape around here? I think I'm going to tape over his name. Then I can just write my name on it with a sharpie until I get the new nameplate.

Double A: You are an idiot!

Bauer: You're just jealous!

Double A:
I've got a live mic with my name on it. Afterall, Its not too often I get to address "MY PEOPLE" live on Turmoil. I'll catch you tool's later.

Richards: I have some things to attend to as well. I'll be back shortly.

Richards and Double A both leave the Locker-room. Bauer sets the TV Title down.

Bauer: I wonder what all of the hype is about...I've got a few minutes to kill.

He picks up Double A's 360 controller and looks around to make sure nobody is watching. He then sits down and starts playing. The Crowd Pops for Halo 3.





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