CCW Turmoil Unleashed



London, England

Live from the New Wembley Stadium in London


**Chloe Taylor stands outside of the arena, mic in hand, awaiting the arrival of somebody. The camera pans around the parking area, only to see a new Jeep Wrangler Limo pull up. Chloe walks quickly towards the limo as the door opens, smoke pours out, and through the smoke walks VFM, dressed in a nice suit, with green pupils and red eyes, he notices Chloe.**

VFM: Hey Emo chick, what the hell are you doin with that mic in your hand?

Chloe: It's me, Chloe Taylor, interviewer for OCW?

VFM: You work for me?

Chloe: No I work for OCW.

VFM: Hahaha. No chick, you work for me. Now, you say you're an interviewer right? Well...interview me then. I'm not gonna just stand here while you oogle me like a fat bitch oogling the last piece of cake. Talk or I walk princess.

Chloe: Over the past 3+ years, you've been one of the more vocal characters in OCW. But in the past few weeks, you've been relatively quiet. Is there a reason for that?

VFM: Look princess, I'm not stoner, happy go lucky, puppies and f*ckin rainbows anymore. I got business to attend to, moves to make, and money to accumulate. I don't have time to tell everyone how useless they are, I just assume they all know. Oh...and where the hell are we tonight? My driver wouldn't, for the life of him, drive on the right side of the road, and all the ladies I met last night at this bar that only served piss warm beers, all had the most horrible teeth and their big, nasty, hairy bus.....OHHHHHHH London. I shoulda known.

Chloe: With that being said, tonight, you're going to see the first bit of action since you lost to Leon a few weeks back.

VFM: First off, I didn't lose...I scouted. You saw my wrestling protege JCS go out there, and just out-wrestle Leon. Simple as that.

Chloe: What about the interfernc...

VFM: SIMPLE...AS...THAT. Moving on Christine.

Chloe: Chloe.

VFM: Gesundheit.

Chloe: (shakes her head) One more question. We never got your thoughts on Nate Ortiz's actions at Devils Night.

VFM: Oh, right. Here are my thoughts...**ahem**...F*CK NATE ORTIZ. Just because he got tired of working the fry-a-lator, doesn't mean he gets to come back and run shop. If I see his minimum wage ass again, he'll be using that steel chair as a suppository. Any more questions c*nt?

Chloe: !?!?!??

VFM: Good.

**VFM fixes his lappelle's and makes his way to his office**


Welcome to TURMOIL everyone, I'm Double S, and with a bad case of the clap, is Mr. Gertrude Leopold Rivers!

...why am I still doing this?

The paycheck silly goose, the paycheck.

...oh yeah. Well, in that case, good evening everyone and welcome to London, Eng-a-land!

Eng-a-land? Oh, so we're in bizarro England where everyething has an ext-a-ra syllable? Shut it and let me talk for once.

I'm the lead on this team and...

And shut it sparky. Tonight we have a card hand picked by JCS and VFM's latest comerade, Leonheart! So I'm sure this is going to be a great card!

Ass kisser.

I'm going to ignore that because we have such a stellar card. First up tonight, we have the hardcore tour of one Vincent Valmont. He'll be going one on one with none other than Kip 'ladies size 8' Conrad!

It's sure to...

I bet it will! Next up, an ex battle that's sure to bring back memories of old.

Like that one time you...

Just like it. We have CJ "I think he likes blue" Hoppus, going 1 on 1 with the Ex Legend, and the only man with the same name as one of my hdtv's, Vega! This is the part of the conversation when Rivers thinks he has something substantial to say, but I overlook it. Watch.

I'm not sayin...

That's right you're not! Following that ex battle, will be yet another sure-fire fight fest, when iGen's...**ahem** KAAAAAAAAAANG James, goes one on one with Bloodlines own P2S!

I'm really...

He just doesn't learn folks. Moving on to tonight's main event. VFM Vice President and all around nice guy...


What? No comments?

I know how to pick my battles.

Smart. VFM goes 1 on 1 against Nathan Ort....Gaines!! With interruptions costing someone their career, this has the potential...ah who are we kidding? Gaines is in for a long night. Now, without any further ado...

Let's get started with the show!

...I hate you.





*With the usual smirk upon his face, Vincent walks to the announcer who gives him a mic*

Valmont: I don't got much to say tonight, other than I'm ready...

*The crowd's gives a pop, as Vincent continues to grin while he paces the ring *

Valmont:...I'm ready to add another W to my Tour, and keep the train on it's tracks. Also, I'm ready to beat a certain dress wearing champ while in the process of getting another W closer to getting my redemption on that face painting mime, and champ...Parker Stevens!

*The crowd's boos towards the regard of Parker Stevens, as Vincent starts to bounce on his feet, getting the crowd pumped up for the match*

Valmont: I know fans know it....Kip Conrad knows, and Parker Stevens definitely knows....I'm the uncrowned Hardcore champion, and like I said in the past. OCW needs a champion for this generation, no mattter what title, and I'm it's champion!

*Leaning against the ropes, soaking in the cheers, Vincent drops the mic and waves for Kip to bring it to the ring*


Hardcore Tour

Vincent "Regan hates you" Valmont


Kip "Come on Douche" Conrad



*Parker is laughing, as he keeps pausing the mic at his lips*

PeeStee: I'm sorry to give you that little distraction at the end, but at least you didn't job!

*Parker keeps pacing around the ramp, as the sarcastic laughing turns into a heavy grin*

PeeStee: Vincent, it's time for your hopes, and dreams to die. You're 0-5 against me, and you keep messing with me it'll be 0-6, and I'll make sure it's the last L you get, if you understand what I'm getting at!

*The crowd trys to flush out Parker's talking with a huge eruption of boos, but Parker gives the finger to the crowd, and shakes his head. Vincent stands there watching, still ready to fight, not caring to grab the mic*

PeeStee: Don't get me started on you losers, and your hopeless cheers for those I-Jobbers! I didn't come out here to fight, at least not right now. Instead I just came out here to give you a little warning, keep playing with fire, you'll get burned!

*Parker's theme hits the PA speakers, as the camera fades on Vincent, and Parker staring each other down*



The tour stops here folks! Great way to open up the show.

Too bad nobody got opened up! I thought this was the hardcore division, not 'ass grabbers anonymous'.

Hey...not bad. You may just be more than 10% man like I thought.







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