CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From San Diego, California!

The power is up and it is time for Monday Night Turmoil! As always I am John Rivers and alongside me is the infamous Double S!

The underpaid who sits next to a pencil neck geek, Double S.


t Way to suck the fun out of it as always. Well folks let's not slow things down, let's get right into the action...ah well we all know who'se music that is.

Talk about kicking it off with a bang Rivers!




Bauer leans back on the top rope as the crowd jeers him. He scratches his faces and teases with the mic...he drops it back down to his side and lets the crowd stew a bit longer.

Finally after an unnecessarily long delay, Bauer addresses the crowd. They boo as he raises the mic.

Bauer: DnD...controversial, dysfunctional, power hungry, cheap, manipulative, yet seemingly unsuccessful....

The crowd lets up to see where this is going.

Bauer: All of late-

Bauer begins pacing the ring in his normal ritualistic manner.

Bauer: You see, a man's level of success is not measured by winning small battles. Success is measured by winning wars. That's what I...WE DO-

The crowd boos him after making such a crass statement.

Bauer: When nobody else could defeat Revolution Inc for the Tag Team Championships...DnD overcame the odds, dethroning arguably the best team to ever wear those prestigious titles.

The crowd chants NATE ORTIZ...NATE ORTIZ...

Bauer: When the wrestling world held there breath while we told it like it was, we shocked the world by adding our very own General Manager to the ranks of our controversy.


Bauer: That remains to be seen- The fact of the matter is, we ARE winning the war. We are doing everything that we set out to do since day being drafted over to CCW.

Crowd boos Bauer

Bauer: Now despite our recent losing streak...Key word being RECENT, we have more than proven our abillity to get the job done.

Crowd chants RD OWNS YOU...RD OWNS YOU

Bauer: The only thing that RD owns, is a wardrobe full of cheap suits and a bunch of neanderthals chanting his name...


Bauer: RD Money can only hope to reach the level of talent that stands in this ring before you...BRADBauer!!!!

Crowd: BRADBauer!!!! BOOOOOOoooooo

Two weeks ago, I nearly defeated YOUR CCW Champion. And one night prior, I was ROBBED out of my opportunity to become the CCW Television Champion!


Bauer: You should be chanting "YOU GRABBED THE ROPES...YOU GRABBED THE ROPES"

The crowd can see right through this and continues the "YOU TAPPED OUT CHANT" Bauer waits until they settle down, noticably annoyed.

Bauer: I clearly grabbed the ropes. I should by all rights, BE THE CCW TELEVISION CHAMPION!!!!

Crowd begins chanting RYDER...RYDER...RYDER

Bauer: Chris Ryder's days as Champion are numbered. And as for Trips, he's no champion...he's a fluke. I've beaten champions on more than one occassion...and I WILL do it again. The next time that happens, YOU WILL be looking at the rightful holder of the CCW Television Championship.

The crowd is frenzied in disagreement

Bauer: DnD has a plan...a master plan. That plan will be laid out for all to see in due time. But for now, I'll leave you with this-


Bauer: Well, well, well....if it isn't Seth Irving. What dragged you back out of your hole? You know, come to think of it, the last time I saw you, I seem to recall you were on the wrong end of a chain...

Irving: Well well well (Mocking Bauer) the last time i saw you , you were basicly doing the same thing. Running your mouth blaming others for your problems. But seems like to me as of late thats all you can do

Bauer: I see the only thing that's changed about you is your haircut! Now why don't you run off like a good little washed up former Champion, before I re-introduce you to the end of your career. This time that meeting will be final!

Irving: Well thats something different for once, your finally trying to fight your battles alone. Usually you have Double A do that for you, just like all the other things that I have heard he has done for you

Cute, while I'm sure the alternative lifestyle living heathens here in San Diego can appreciate your homo erotic fantasies about DnD, I'm getting bored of your stand up routine. I've got a little joke for you....

Bauer pauses...

Bauer: Then again, on second thought, that BIG joke that you call a career overshadows anything clever that I might come up with.

Irving: My Career a joke? Coming from a man who has yet to accomplish something on his own. Hell the only belt you have held on your own is one that you had manufactured, not one you won

Bauer: Not counting the various Champions that I have defeated, I seem to recall wearing Tag Team Gold on my resume. I also seem to remember pinning your shoulders to the mat on more than one occassion!

Bauer digs a finger into Irving's chest

Bauer: You might as well sign your run as CCW Champion over to me, along with your house...your girlfriend, and even your dog...because Irving, I OWN YOU!

Irving: (Tilting is head down staring at Bauer poking him) Own me? huh Well im standing right here, what are you waiting for?

Bauer: I'm waiting for you to take a long walk back up a short ramp. Come back when you're in my league...


t Barley snuck out of that one, would have served him right to stay in there for a while longer.

How dare he lay a hand on him, who does he think he is? OOOH LOOK AT MEEE....ARRR.



And next week he challenges Sean Strider for the EX Division Title right here on Turmoil!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.




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