CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Brussels, Belgium

Live from the Heizel Stadium in Brussels


Blade lowers his hood, looks around the arena smiling at all the fans cheering at his Riot return. He takes it in for a few moments then he takes a mic and waits for quiet

Blade: Well, here we are, just about 1 year later and the master of the Revolution is back baby! *Crowd cheers* I’m back after finnaly overcoming the nasty spell of chronic narcolepsy, a condition that plagues my family for generations. Thanks to modern medicine I can lead a normal life again! Although this does involve me taking a lot of pills, of course cleared by OCW wellness policy. *Crowd laughs* But all the while, all the time I was rehabilitating, I saw on OCW programming, Pay Per Views.....was the transformation of someone I once knew, I once called my friend, I once called my fellow revolutionary.....Versus
*The Crowd Erupts in boos* sorry, Mr Montpellier, Versuse Francois Montpellier.....*Blade looks about the smile from his face gone replaced by a deadly serious look* This made me trust in people, can I really trust someone to be who they really are....I trusted him.....I trusted him more than anyone else in this business....

*Blade stops visibly angry and upset*

.....more than anyone......and then he aligned himself with Sensation....his greed and ambition had finally overcome him and he lost who he really was. He became something else. Something I can’t recognise. He looks like Versus but it’s not the guy I remember....not anymore..... So I came back, not to Save Us....not to Save Me....but to Save....Him....If that means I get the old Versus back or.......We don’t have any more Mr Montpellier....

**VFM's Entrance hits, and he strolls on down to the ring.**

Bladey boy! Mah man! My brother in arms! Look broseph, I know you're thinkin that behind this $4000 suit, there's a new money hungry, greedy, selfish character. But it's still me, always has been, always will be. You should know that.

Blade: I thought I did.

VFM: Thought? Come on now, we've been squirrel huntin together. You tell me how it's possible to turn on a friend that you've been squirrel huntin with?

Blade: You do have a point. Those squirrels were viscious. But you had my back.

VFM: And if we were attacked by those little bastards, I'd have your back today too.

Blade: Cheers mate. You're right.

VFM: Now listen, I have matured a bit. I won't be trying to catapult myself into Red Sox or Patriots games anymore. But my intention is still, and will remain the same. I want to change OCW for the better. **Crowd boos**

That's something I'm gonna have to get used to. People booing revolutionaries.

VFM: Sometimes jackasses can't see the forest through the trees man. So they boo, because they're scared of change, and fear the future. You know best out of everyone Blade, that...not to steal MMM's line, but there is definitely a method to my madness. So tonight, you know that I'm gonna make your return memorable, and most of all, safe. Shoot, who looked out for ya when your narcolepsy kicked in? Not only that, but how often do I ever look out for anything involving the word "narc"?

Blade: Valid point. Alright, know I'm not used to getting booed, but let's go out there and bring back some fond memories! Rev Inc back for 1 night!

VFM: Hell yeah.

**VFM and Blade stand in the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd.**


Ladies and gentlemen we welcome you to Turmoil, live from Brussels Belgum

Belgum the capital me out here..

How bout Belgan Choclate

Anyway, tonight we have a packed show, lets get right into it with a 4-way Battle Royal.!





4-way Battle Royal

Ryder vs Amart vs Seth Irving vs Kip Conrad




Blink and youll miss it!

I think my brain stroked for a second S




**The Scene opens in the I-Gen Locker Room with Valmont and Kang James both off doing their own thing in the locker room. All of a sudden the door opens and both men stand up expecting a possible fight. Just then they smile and Deano Horse and Nathan Gaines stand in front of the camera. Valmont and Kang both go over to greet Deano Horse.**

Kang: Kang thinks he sees an old friend, but that can't be.

Deano: Oh it is living breathing and in the flesh!

Valmont: So you went to find your smile aye?

Deano: I guess you could say that. You're on the Hardcore Tour, well I went on a tour of my own

Kang: Kang thinks pony boy went on a tour of different states?

Nathan: He already did that back in the day.

Deano: Kang, my friend so cliche. I toured the alphabet of course.

**Valmont and Kang look quizically at one another**

Nathan: Deano made sure he loved every letter of the alphabet if you know what I mean. That must have been hard to find an Q,U,X, and Z

Deano: You're telling me Q was a large piece of chocolate, U was Russian and didn't understand english but that was fine with me, X was stripper with a banging body, and I'm pretty sure Z might have been a tranny. Either way the Horse is back in the stable

Kang: Kang is happy to see pony boy back, but we've got some issues to tackle. The emo turned his back and decided to sell out, Bloodline is slowly becoming a pain in our ass, and Regan is hot on our case. Kang won't tolerate anymore sex tours.

Nathan: S.E.X. Tours.....well Kang there might be just one more S.E.X tour tonight

Deano: Don't get me wrong I still sport the I-Gen colors, but tonight Nathan and I are going back to the roots. Sexually Erectifying Xchange is back in business tonight

Nathan: It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, tonight there's a good chance Versus and that other guy are going to get "double penetrated"

Deano: That other guy who the hell is he? It's not Sideshow cause he wore more make-up.

Nathan: Definitely not Kage cause he didn't look like he had just bound raped and killed someone

Deano: Might be Casey Paine

Nathan: She did have some male qualities

Deano: Trust me she was woman where it counted

Kang: WHAT!?!!??

Deano: Dont' worry about it

**The scene fades out as I-Gen is left talking in the locker room and catching up on missed time**










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