CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Deano Horse is seen backstage walkind down a hallway checking every room he passes by as if he's searching for someone.

Damn. How hard is it to find one little man in this arena.

Deano carries on looking in the rooms as he continues walking down the hallway until he reaches a door with Private wrote on the front.

Ah ha, he has to be in here.
Deano opens the door and the screams of women are heard.

Sorry Ladies. I was looking for a little guy, but if your still here later I'll show you my large friend.

Deano winks at the women

Woman 1:
Eww Gross get out you pig.

Now come on, i'm not a pig i'm Deano Horse the Excellence of Sexcellence but since I hate upsetting the ladies i'll leave you be {Deano pauses for a few seconds} but i'll be back later to give you all a gift

Deano winks again.

Deano leaves the room, closes the door and turns around to see Ov Terror and Venom stood staring at him.

Arnt you guys with OCW.

Venom: Yeah, but we heard somebody was selling cheap porno vids here.

Ok. Anyway, Can Sexcellence help you with anything. Do you need help with the ladies?

We dont need anything from you

Ok. Hey Ov You looka bit bruised up, how about some of Deano's healing lotion, it heals up wounds and leaves the skin feeling like silk. Since it's you guys it'll let you have this sample for free but then on its $59.99 by special order.

Venom and Ov stare at Deano

Now if you may I have to get back to looking for someone.

Deano starts to walk down the hallway again and after afew steps Ov is heard talking to Deano.

If you looking for Carlos you wont find him here.

Deano turns around to see Venom and Ov smirk at him and walk off as Deano turns around and walks off.

The camera pans to the outside of the New York City arena where a person wearing casual cloths looks as if he’s waiting for someone. Eventual two men wearing hooded jackets walk up to him.

One of the men wearing a hooded jacket speaks:

Hooded man: So did you get us them two front row seats we asked for Ted?

Ted: Yes I did but I want my money first.

The hooded man puts his hand into his pocket and takes out what looks to be a lot of dollars.

Hooded man: Here as promised.

Ted with a huge smile takes the money and gives the two hooded men a ticket each.

Ted: There you go guys, enjoy the show.

The two hooded men walk away and enter the parking lot. They then go to the arena entrance and walk up to the counter.

Hooded man: Two front row seats for Turmoil please.

The person accepts the tickets as the person at the counter hands them back the tickets and lets them through. The two hooded men walk in.

Hooded man: Ah... it feels like ages since I`ve slapped someone around on Turmoil!!!

The hooded men begin to take of their hoodies to reveal it’s none other than Leonheart and Smythe Dawonder. Leonheart has his NA title across his left shoulder.

Leonheart: Turmoil eh?

Smythe Dawonder: You better believe it Leon... I whoop ass on both brands...

Leonheart: We need to kill some time before the show starts.

Smythe Dawonder: T-shirts and Popcorn... you can`t go wrong with that combo...

Leonheart: Not a bad idea at all.

Leonheart and Smythe Dawonder make their way over to where the t-shirts are being sold, as there is a huge line of people.

Leonheart: Screw this Smy I ain't waiting in this long line.

Leonheart and Smy start barging through the line.

Smythe Dawonder: NA champion walking here people.

Leonheart: Dam right.

The people in the line start to boo and jackass can be heared from a number of them.

Leonheart: So what t-shirts do we have on sale today?

Smythe Dawonder: where are my SDW for MVP shirts or Leon the NA champ shirts??? there huge sellers on Riot Dammit..

The Person selling the t-shirts just looks at them.

Shopkeeper: because were not OCW.

A few children run to Leon and ask him for his autograph.
Leonheart: Awwww you want my autograph?

The children nod there heads and get out there CCW programs.

Leonheart: You children are not worthy of my autograph now scram.

The children run away as one can be seen crying.
Smythe Dawonder is still arguing with the person who’s selling the t-shirts.

Smythe Dawonder: Hmmm maybe I should just buy a DND t-shirt.

Leonheart: Or a BRAD BAUER one.

Leonheart and Smythe begin to laugh.

Smythe Dawonder: Sexbomb HAHA...

Leonheart: I refuse to sit with you if you are going to buy that.

Smythe Dawonder: how about... I`m Awesome.... or Greatness Inc... These shirts SUCK... get my SDW for MVP shirt mailed in here immediatly...

Leonhart: What happened to all the Namaste t-shirts? You know what forget it ill take two of the, The Air t-shirts.

After Leon and Smythe buy them, they both walk to where the popcorn is being sold but security and Gabe Richards is seen walking towards them.

Gabe Richards: Faggots. Get the hell out of my arena.

Leonheart: No... we have tickets, tonight were just here like the fans are to watch Turmoil and to root for our friend The Air.

Gabe Richards: Tell me Leon how is Mayhem's Miracle Juice working for you? But the by the looks of you two, it isn't just a needle that's going up your ass.

Leonheart: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!???

Gabe Richards: Raise your voice to me again My Chemical Homo and I'll have security take the two of you and leave you in a dumbster. Now, if by any means tonight I see either of you anywhere but your seats, your nuts will be hanging on the front of my door as a Christmas decoration. Now piss off losers.

Gabe and his security walk away. Smythe Dawonder too busy buying his popcorn and having no idea what just went on.

Smythe Dawonder: What just happened?

Leonheart: We don't look gay together do we?

Smythe Dawonder and Leonheart make there way out all the way to front row as the show is just about to start.

Gabe Richards sure doesn't seem to happy to have those two here.

Is anyone ever happy when those two are around?



This one isn't even close to being over.

How dare he try and hurt Brad like that, what kind of sport does he think this is?


The scene opens up backstage with Stacy Clark waiting outside waiting in the Parking Lot of Madison Square Garden. She is looking out at at the opening of garage anticipating the arrival of someone. Just then Stacy turns to the camera**

Clark: As reported early last Thursday after Riot, tonight right here on Turmoil Nathan Gaines will in some form respond to the challenge layed out by Recon this past week. After some spectulation from the rumor mill it we have reason to believe that Gaines will be here in New York City tonight

**Crowd Pops at the mention of NYC**

Clark: Unfortunately, we do not have word as to what time he will arrive but we will keep you updated throughout the night.






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