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And that ladies and gentlemen was return video #4259087 and that's not even the half of them!

Todd the Janitor returned this week, but did he get a video? Noooooooo.


We see Sean Strider walking backstage preparing for his EX-title defense. When he just walks around the corner he sees a monkey sitting on a trashbin.

Sean Strider: He little fellow I thought you were taken by the RSPCA.

Monkeyman Doodles: oeh oeh ah ah!

Sean Strider: Well I guess you don't! * Sean grabs his mobile phone * I'll check with them now!

The Air suddenly comes from the opposit direction Sean came from: That won't be necessary!

Sean Strider looks up: Didn't know you got your monkey back, Air?

The Air:
Yes, I did!

Sean Strider: By the way don't think for a second you have a chance tonight remember how that royal ended.

The Air: You got lucky and I'm gonna take that nice little strap around your waist tonight!

Sean Strider: Hahahaha! Don't make me .... *Clunk*

The Air kicks an unconcious Strider in the face: "Lesson number 1: You shouldn't turn your back too a monkey, especially if he has a metal pipe in his hand. That's for the luck you had last time. I'll teach you lesson number 2 in the steel cage: How too lose the Ex-title belt too The Air? Cya champ! * Air picks up the monkey from the container* I'm very proud of you, Doodles. You did well! * The Air strokes the monkey over his head *

Monkeyman Doodles gets an erection: Oeh!!! (Feels good!)

The Air drops the monkey: Stop having an erection when I carry you!

Monkeyman Doodles: Ah! ah ie ie oeh! (Auw! You dropped me on my ass!)





Incredible match! But when doesn't the EX Division deiliver the finest action in all of OCWfed?

Now your kissing the Midgets asses now eh?


After the EX title match the camera pans in on Smythe and Leonhart who are sitting in the front row

Smythe Dawonder: I told you he’d job.

Leonheart climbs over the barricade and nails Sean as he was just about to leave. The crowd begin to boo.

Leonheart: Where do you think your going?

The cage has been raised up and Leon throws Sean into the ring. Smythe throws The Air out.

Leonheart: Gabe I kept my promise that I would not interfere in the match but that wont stop me from now beating the crap out of him. Rachel if your back there, if you could lower the cage again that would be great.

Smythe Dawonder: gotta love loopholes... haha...

The cage begins to lower, as Smythe and Leon get ready to beat up on a battered Sean Strider.



A Limo is seen pulling up in the back. Stacy Clark and the camera crew rush over to the limo.**

Clark: Ladies and Gentlemen I think this could be it. I think this could be Nathan Gaines.

**Stacy goes to open the door but before she can it opens and out steps Gaines, Jeni Gaines.**

Clark: Mrs. Gaines?

Gaines: That's Mrs. Wilson-Gaines

**Jeni Wilson-Gaines is dressed in a black leather mini-skirt, and a pink strapless tube top. On top of that she has a business jacket on that is buttoned halfway up. She is carrying something in her hand, and has a smile on her face**

Clark: Jeni may I ask where you husband is. We were expecting him to respond to the challenge layed down by long time friend and former mentor Recon to face him at Chill Faktor.

Wilson-Gaines: Lets just say that tonight you'll still get that answer.

Clark: How about your brother where is he. Despite their epic struggle at Summercide, there has been some notification in recent videos that have played that Matt Wilson and Nathan Gaines along with long time friend Samuel Von Kerin might be returing together to reform the Militia.

Wilson-Gaines: Matt Wilson is at home in Knoxville, Tennessee. That's all I can tell you

**Jeni Wilson-Gaines makes her way past Stacy Clark and enters the building.**

Clark: I guess we did get a Gaines to appear here tonight. Wonder how she'll deliver Nathan's answer.




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