CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From New York, New York!

Two Championship Titles are on the line tonight! The Best of 3 Series comes to a close in the final and most important Mactch 3, and it can't get anymore EXtreme than inside a solid steel cage!

Welcome to Turmoil from the greatest city and only fitting to hold my persona, NEW YORK!


t As always I am John Rivers and with me is non-other than Double S. Whenever we come to the Big Apple, we deliver Scott. The TV and EX Titles are on the line as well as some big singles matches.

The end of Chris Ryder takes place tonight as The Biggest Nose from here to Scottland is taking home gold. How does Air handle inside a cage? Time will tell as Air takes on the EX Champ Sean Strider for the gold!


t Don't forget Brad Bauer and Seth Irving, two men having there eye on the TV Title will square off here tonight. As well as Nemesis going into action against an unknown oppenant at this time.

Can't get any uglier than Nemesis.


RD Money and his assistant sit in a makeshift office put together by Angel because RD is not competing. The two are going over the latest figures on Digital Greatness when RD Money’s cell phone begins to ring.

RD: Angel will you please get those phone. I have been getting calls all day from mutts wanting to jump on the money train that is Digital Greatness.

Angel: Sure, Mr. Money.

Angel answers the phone.

Angel: Hello, may I ask who is speaking?

Voice: Put RD Money on the phone now.

Angel: May I ask who is speaking?

Voice: No you may not ask who is speaking. Now put RD Money on the phone.

Angel: (Under her breath) Jackass…

Angel shakes her head and hands the phone to RD.

Angel: It’s someone who really wants to talk to you.

RD: Thanks Angel… What can I…

Voice: You really need to screen the people you hire.

RD: Well if it isn’t the biggest mutt of them all.

Voice: You don’t talk to me like that or I’ll put your ass out.

RD: You can’t do a damn thang potna! I put the asses in the seats, and I put mutts like your self out if they don’t come correct. Now what the hell do you want.

Voice: I have a business proposition for you. You see I have a problem and I think you may be the person who can fix it. I want you at Riot again this week so we can discuss this little problem.

RD: I am a busy man, and I aint no errand boy. So what ever you plan on asking me, it better be worth my time.

Voice: So you’ll be at Riot?

RD: Yea, mutt I’ll be there.

RD Money hangs up the phone and shakes his head.

RD: No what can he want…

RD picks up his papers and continues to look through them as the scene fades.


NEMESIS v. ???


He sure got fooled there Scott, an old face using smarts over power.

Well I was wrong, it could get uglier than Nemesis.


Justin grabs the microphone and stands in the middle of the ring. He has a focused look on his face, and storms to the ring. He asks for a mic and begins to speak.*

Justin Time:
My name is Justin time, I come from the year 2349. A time where Sensational interprises and OCW has become a great power in the world.

*The crowd has a confused look on their face, and some start to boo.*

Justin Time:
You see, Jaysin Sensation's decedent has taken over OCW. He used OCW to become the most wealthiest, and powerful man in all of history. Some people view him as God, but he is far from that. He uses his power to inflict pain, and punishment amongst the people! OCW in my year is more then just a wrestling federation. It is the number one dynasty in the world. OCW rakes in more money then the rulers, and the economy isn't stable because of it! This thing needs to be stopped!

*The crowd starts to boo even more, and starting to change "Get the **** out".*

Justin Time:
You may all be mad now, but I am your saviour, your hero in the time of need. I come here to rid all of you people of this plague! I come to rid all of you people of is O....C....W.

Justin Time: A new era starts today! And all of you will be thanking me from your graves later.

*Time drops tbe mic, and his face looks like he is in some sort of trance. He walks to the back with a blank look on his face while the crowd boos.*






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