CCW Turmoil Unleashed




**Blade sits in his locker room, preparing for his match, he looks at his attire**

Blade: Damm it......

**Blade takes out his mobile phone and dials a number**

Blade: Hey is that Paula?....It’s Blade.....did you get the designs?, how long will they take?......2009?......great, no no its ok, thanks.....

**Blade puts down his phone, looks over at his ring trousers and hoodie**

Blade: I sure as hell aint going out looking like a sex offender....I guess the new look will have to wait a while....

**Blade picks up his attire as the camera cuts back to the arena**




the scene opens up in the Bloodline locker room Smythe is a tad nervous about being in Belrin Germany. He in convinced that all Germans are really Nazis. Since he has a match that he couldn't have possibly prepared for in the midst of all the stress he has hired an offical scout to give him reports on his oppoments before matches. The scout is a old chinese man, with glasses, and he speaks with a horrid accent which Smythe likes apparently.

Smythe: OK... so china man... I brought you into the set... you know the crew... the bloodline... because well before Malu would just beat everyone up... but now he's on vaca... and there's chumps left and right... and I gotta know what to do and what not to do so I don't waste too much energy winning so I have energy for the ladies after the match...

China man: SMMMYYIIEEEE you no worrwee. I kno eweeting, eeeeweeting about eweeone. you ass me and I tell wou.

Smythe: OK, china man tonight I have to fight Blade the long time leader of revolution Inc... former European and tag team champion and ass kicking machine... what do I do china man.

China man: hee too old. He fight like bag of garbage. yoo no worrwee. he washed up and too old to fight yoo. wham bam boom S-D-dubyoo. You win and goo get hooes.

Wesley walks into the room as China man is talking and smirks to himself as he also finds the accent hilarious.

Wesley: aww Cuz, it's like like a foreign yes man to tell you your the greatest. Can he do that for me too???

Smythe: actually no... he's my new match scout... and he says I'm gonna be on easy street with Blade tonight... good times for all..

Wesley: right??? you do know Blade is a 3 time Euro champion and a tag champion right???

Smythe: Shaddup. The scout says he's old and can't fight. let's go talk about this china man.

Smythe and China man walk out of the scene as Wesley nods his head.



Blade vs Smythe DaWonder



Yup, that ring rust wasn't much of a factor tonight, I'll tell you that much.

What the hell? Where am I? Why is Whoopie Goldberg beating up a sex offender?

Nice to have you back.


**Blade walks back through the curtain, tired and acheing, right into four security guards**

Blade: What the hell is this?

Security 3:
Uhh yeah we’ve been ordered to escort you off the premises

Security 4: We do have a message for you before we do though

Security 5:
From Mr Montpllier

**The last security guard pulls out a piece of paper and begins to read from it**

Security 6:
I, Versuse Francois Montpellier have decided that in my infinite wisdom, to banish you henceforth from this arena, to prevent you interfering in another flawless victory over Kang....Much like Nate Ortiz suffered last week. These Gentle.....what big momma?.....yes I am sending a message to the cracker that threw Terry at you last week.......yes, Blade you might also want to know, that Big momma sends you a message....oh no you didn..

** The security Guard does the finger clicking action to go with it**

Security 6: ...If the security guard doesn’t do the action could you fire him for me.....anyway, oh yes, get out....Regards Versuse Francois Montpellier.

**The security guard puts the paper in his pocket as the other guards surround Blade**

Blade: Can I atleast get my st..

**Blade charges at a guard knocking him down as the other guards swarm him, Blade hits one with a Revolutionizer but another strikes him with a tire iron, as Blade loses consciousness...**

Blade: Tyre iron......why?......

**Blade passes out as the three upright guards pick him up and carry him out**


Smythe is in the Bloodline locker room after his match getting his after match rub down. Smythe has ice packs on his chest and his head. China man walks into the room as Smythe looks visibly upset with him.

Smythe: China man... your fired... I just fought a classic hard fought battle with the leader of Rev Inc... I went to punch him in the face and he caught my hand and said... "you will not punch me in the face"... and I said Aight... then I went to kick him in the stomach and he caught my foot and said... "you will not kick me in the stomach" and I said... cot damn china man you gonna get me killed out here... I go for the SDW he just ducks under that crap and laughs at me... you are lucky I got him still long enough to kick him in the head China man or else we would have had a serious problem...

Wesley walks into the scene on his phone as usual. But has time for one smart remark

Wesley: Yeah I saw that. He don't look so old. haha..

Smythe: Shaddup.

China man: no... you too shut up!!!

Smythe and Wesley: What!!!!

China man: you two.. two... Blow jobs. I give you good scout report and you mess up.. not me... you cyan fiwah me. you win you blowjob. you talk to that again and I take yoo money an I walk away...

Smythe: umm wow...

Wesley: I don't believe this...

China man: now you give me my check and I see you blow jobs nex week... BA A MAN...

Smythe and Wesley are both in total shock and Smythe does what any man with an unlimited source of income does when he is in shock... he got his check book out and payed China man who abruptly walks off the scene.

Wesley: You know something, there's something about that china man. He's pretty badass.

Smythe: Indeed Cuz, indeed.




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