CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Shot earlier this week, we follow Mad Mike and Parker Stevens as they tour the Berlin area. Parker exits one of the many underground clubs that populate Berlin and notices Morrison talking to two lovely women. When he approaches, the woman politely wave but then quickly take off.

STEVENS: I see you’re making friends already.

MORRISON: Hardly… unless you bang your friends and then never speak to them again. In which case, we seriously have to discuss the future of Mad Men, because I don’t need that kind of ….

STEVENS: Oh, ****-off with that noise. Who were they?

MORRISON: No idea. They gave me this pamphlet for a nearby hostel. They said it’s full of hot, easy woman who look just like them. Some are even hotter. See, says so on page two.

STEVENS: ………so it does.

MORRISON: What? Crap like this happens in real life all the time. Just check your porn.

STEVENS: Right. You go ahead and check that out. I’ll gladly sell your comic-book collection when you don’t show up for the flight home.

MORRISON: What did I tell you about that?

STEVENS: Sorry… I’ll gladly sell your “graphic novels”.

MORRISON: Not my fault you never invested in anything. You know how much the first appearance of Batman goes for these days?

STEVENS: Enlighten me.

MORRISON: $300,000.

STEVENS: Get the **** out. Wait, you weren’t even alive when that came out. How much did you pay for that thing?

MORRISON: Nothing, I stole all of them from Guy’s locker when he disappeared.

STEVENS: What kind of guy keeps a comic… a graphic novel worth three hundred grand in his locker?

MORRISON: I don’t know. The guy bought a freakin’ jet at one point, so maybe he’s like Richy Rich with a death wish or something.

STEVENS: What ever happened to the jet?

MORRISON: Two things happened: Casey Paine and Yager.

Camera cuts out and starts back up but further into the night at some kind of techno dance club. The camera peaks over Morrison’s shoulder as the same two women from earlier are pretending to understand anything he’s saying. They continue to giggle senselessly while he finishes his story.

MORRISON: So… a poisonous snake bites Geomon on the leg and after 5 days of excruciating pain, the snake dies. True story.

Morrison notices the camera.

MORRISON: Oh, hey Spielberg, no cameras in here. The fine ladies here say it’s not permitted. Something about no one can know the location or something. Cut it off.

Camera cuts again and starts back up the next day. Stevens is polishing his Hardcore Belt when the camera-man interrupts.

CAMERA-MAN: So, where’s Morrison?

STEVENS: No clue; disappeared last night with two mysterious brawds.

CAMERA-MAN: Is that normal?

STEVENS: Depends on what you mean by normal. For example: To some, a camera-man with a large HD camera up his ass may seem odd but in OCW it’s a sign that someone was asking too many annoying questions. You get what I’m saying?

Camera cuts off one more time and starts up two days later. The camera-man is trailing Stevens as he approaches one of the remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. The sun is rising but it does nothing to warm the chilling air.

CAMERA-MAN: Why are we here?

STEVENS: Someone told me they saw Morrison near here… and what did I tell you about the questions? This isn’t MTV Diaries.

CAMERA-MAN: There he is. I see him.

They approach Morrison, who looks like he was dragged out of an old sewage tunnel. He’s stacking bricks while singing “Du Hast”. Stevens stands next to him but Morrison barely reacts to his presence, as if he was expecting company. Stevens looks at the wall and chuckles.

STEVENS: Let me guess, you’ve been rebuilding the Berlin Wall.

MORRISON: Ya, das is true.

STEVENS: What happened to the two frauleins?

MORRISON: Rather not talk about it.

STEVENS: Fair enough.

MORRISON: I’m gonna miss those two crazy chicas though. For what it’s worth, they were my kind of crazy.

Stevens notices some writing on the partially rebuilt wall.

STEVENS: “The wall shall rise once again. So says Chris Ryder and the nation of purity. PS: Hasselhoff is a fag.”

MORRISON: You don’t think it’s too much, do you?

STEVENS: Which part: The rebuilt wall or the fact that you put Ryder’s address on there?

MORRISON: I was referring to the Hasselhoff part. Apparently they love him here. Some even think he single handedly brought down the wall in 1989.

CAMERA-MAN: You really are a twisted sumbitch, you know that.

MORRISON: Damn right… that’s why they call me Mad Mike.
{end scene}

Berlin, Germany

Live from the Olympic Stadium in Berlin


*Camera fades in as Vincent Valmont is slowly making his way from the parking lot, as he's just arriving. He's dressed in street clothes, with his gym bag strapped over his shoulder. The camera keeps focus on Vincent slowly walking down the hallway, until suddenly he turns the corner and gets stopped directly into his tracks, as he bumps into someone unknown.*

???: Your excused Valmont...

*The camera shot fades around Vincent, as Seth Irving is shown standing face to face with Vincent. A smirking Seth Irving slowly tries to step around Vincent but gets strongly pushed back*

Valmont: Why don't you excuse your self?

We going to have a problem here, Vincent?

*Irving sets himself again after being pushed back, as he gets right into Vincent's face. A intense stare down begins happening*

Valmont: I’m not even going to bother wasting my time on you. Because I know the only way you will do something is when you have Mace with you.

Irving: If you want to talk about wasting time lets talk about your little hardcore tour. I mean honestly, how could you consider yourself a contender? You have never fought a man who could actually fight back. Let's not forget, what happened to A-Mart can easily happen to you!

*Vincent grins, and slowly takes off his shades and puts them into his pocket*

Valmont: ...and this coming from the man that got his ass kicked by a Light weight last week? *Crowd pop*

Irving: That was a fluke and everyone knows it.

Valmont: Keep telling yourself that. Are we done here yet? I mean I actually have a match I need to prepare for so if you don’t mind...

*Irving laughs and pats Vincent on the shoulder, as Vincent quickly pushes Irving's hand off him*

Irving: How about this? Seeing as A-Mart is on "vacation", and you need a new replacement. Let's finish this little convo of ours in the ring, and seeing as I got beat by a lightweight last week then you'll have no problem in accepting this I correct?

That’s fine with me, and maybe I can accomplish what everyone wanted you to do on riot and shut you the f*** up. *Crowd pop*

*Vincent pushes his way around Irving and continues down the hallway*

Irving: We'll see, Vincent.....hardcore tour 6-1.


Hello again everyone from Tuesday night Turmoil, coming to you live from Berlin Germany. Where the beer flows like wine, and the women flock like the salmon of Capestrano!

Flows lik...ohhhhh kay. Well, regardless of what my partners beer inspired rant says, he is right in some respects. We ARE coming to you live from Berlin, Germany! Although I haven't seen many women...

That just about says it all doesn't it?

Screw you alchy.

I'm not an alcoholic, we're in Germany! And when you're in Germany you drink beer until your liver explodes. That is, of course, if you piss standing up.

I told you that I have a bladder disorder that won't allow me to do that!!



Wow, that was a bit much. Bah well, one more down the hatch!! **downs a beer** Alllllriiiiiight!! Now, we have a stellar card for all of you wonderful Germans!

We're broadcasting FROM Germany and TO the US/Canada and other portions of this earth. Not JUST to Germans.

You know it all son of a bitch, if I didn't know any better, I'd say not only are you being a douche...but you're...being a...a douche.

That's right, keep drinking. Let's get on with the matches shall we? First on the card this evening, is the next stop on VV's Hardcore Tour! Valmont #1 on the Most Wanted list again.

And number 2 in our **hiccup** hearts!

This stop will be a triple threat hardcore matchup, quite the test for Valmonty because he's not going against a couple jobbers. He's got Kavi....ok, well, he's also got to go up against Seth "Mega-Mouth" Irving.

What!?!? Is Seth Irving talking again? Does he EVER shut up?!?!

So true, so true. We have a rookie face off to see which one is more useless, when Kevin Mero faces Braddock!

Who took a Braddock? And what the hell's a Kevin Mero?

We'll find out...hopefully! Next up, what's sure to be a stellar matchup when Aries goes one on one on the full time sex machine, Deano Horse. Deano's coming off a big win against, also returning, Blade with VFM by his side. He'll really get to test his chops tonight against a determined Aries.

Next up we have the Honkey Tonk Man facing off against George W. Bush for the intergalactic title of niceness! **Passes out on the table.**

Much better. Although there's not going to be a battle for the intergalactic title of niceness, there will be an international battle tonight. When Smythe DaWonder, a Canadian goes one on one with a not so jolly, as of late, Englishman, Blade. There's no better way to relieve yourself of ring rust, then facing off against one of the hottest wrestlers today?


Hear that people? That right there is the sound of peace and quiet in the land of Rivers. Ahhhhhhh. Ok, and finally tonight, we have VFM fresh off of what he calls a "flawless victory" against Nate Ortiz, goes one on one with the KANG! I have very high hopes for this matchup. And I'm sure Double S does too, ok...let's get on with the show.


Braddock vs Kevin Mero





My night of relaxation continues. That match was not at all what I, or anyone else was expecting. I have to say though, I was quite impressed by the underdog there!




*Braddock tries to get up as Leon Punt kicks him to the head. Leon then throws him out the ring as the crowd boo.*

Leonheart: Thats why they call me Mother Fucker of the Year.

*Leonheart paces up and down the ring as he is pleased with himself.*

Leonheart: This Riot your OCW Champion Mr Sensation will be in my corner when i face Nate this Riot.

*The asshole chants begin.*

Leonheart: ME and Jay are going to make sure that Nate doesn't even make it to Black Sunday. You see Nate should have never have came back. He should have stayed retired but no he robbed me out of the OCW World Title and then gets hired again by the board of directors? Not only is he back but he then gets put into the OCW title match and what pisses me of more is that you people love it?

*The fans scream Hell Yeah!!!*

Leonheart: Just like i did tonight. I am going to beat the living hell out of Nate until he lays on the ground in a bloody mess. Then he will wish he stayed...

*Leon gets cut off...*


Nate calls for microphone, still breathing heavily from the events that have just taken place.

Nate: That was for last Thursday… Leonheart you just don’t seem to get it. I’ve told you before but it looks like I have to tell you again. I am not a door mat! I am through letting people wrong me without consequences!

EMTs run down to the ring but stop at the ring apron, afraid to enter thing ring with Nate. Nate knees on the mat close to Leon’s motionless body.

Nate: You don’t think I’ll make it to Black Sunday? I have been burned, buried alive, thrown 20ft onto a cement floor and I am still here. Leon if you knock me down, I get back up. I dust myself off and I get even. It has been the story of my career and it won’t change Sunday.

Nate stands running his hand through his hair with one hand as he speaks again.

Nate: What do you think I did while I was put on the sidelines? I thought about this moment, this Sunday, the day when I would get pay my father in law back for everything he’s done. For you to think you are going to stop this moment, when the time is at hand, is completely asinine. This is was not your fight. This has never been your fight. It has been about me and Jaysin since the beginning and for you to make it about yourself, and your, “self-pity” party shows everyone here just how much of an idiot you truly are. I tried talking since into you last week, but now it seems I’ll have to beat it into you. Those beatings will begin on Riot and it won’t end until the final bell tolls Sunday and I walk out OCW Champion for the 6th time.

Nate drops the microphone and exits the ring leaving way for the EMTs to tend to the fallen Leonheart.





The camera fades in, showing Chloe Taylor getting ready for an interview. She puts her microphone on the snack table, and begins making some coffee. Rapid footsteps begin echoing through the hall, as if someone was running from a ghost. Chloe looks over to the left, and notices Aries, clutching the International Title in his arms.

Chloe - Aries!

Aries walks passed Chloe, not paying any mind to her, mumbling to himself.

Chloe - ARIES!!

Aries looks over his back, and before he knows it, trips over his own two feet. He falls face first onto the concrete, and slowly looks up. Chloe walks over to check on him. She extends her hand to help him up.


Chloe - I'm sorry. I just...


Chloe - ...

Aries gets up and brushes himself off. He then proceeds to pick up the INT title, and clutches it back into his arms.

Aries - I'm s'arry. I've b'en paranoid all w'ek. Not b'en me'h'self lately.

Chloe - Its....ok Aries.

Aries - So...wot' did ya want to interview me'h about?

Chloe - One sec.

Chloe walks back over to the snack table to fetch her microphone. She tells the camera man to follow her back to Aries.

Chloe - Ok. Aries, last week on Riot, you stole Kang's bel...

Aries - Mine.

Chloe - I'm sorry, excuse me?

Aries - 'Et's MINE. Not Kung's belt. 'Et's Aries' belt.

Chloe -'ve never pinned Kang to win it. And it still has his nameplate on it, look.

Chloe points to the nameplate. Aries quickly covers it up.

Aries - I don't know wot' the bloody 'ell y'a're talkin' about. I don't need to beat Kung to prove that th'es title 'es mine. I don't need to beat Kang to prove that I AM better than 'em.

Chloe - Actually, you do need to beat Kang to take the ti..

Aries - Shut 'ap! Who the 'ell do ya think ya are anyway? Ya fat, useless heffer.

Crowd boo.

Chloe - Excuse me?! Why I never!

Aries - Well, now ya 'ave sweetie. Now, allow me to do th'es interview me'h'self...get y'ar fat arse a-steppin'.

Chloe takes her mic and walks away angrily. Aries looks directly into the camera.

Aries - Ya want me'h to prove that this is me'h title, ah? Ok, well since I can't prove it to anyone tonight...I'll just try to do one better. T'a'night, I WILL beat Deano..and the way I'll do it...ha. I'll beat that Prima Donna Princess with his own leaders finishin' move. And when I do beat th'es little fairy...the people won't be screamin' f'er Kung James...they'll be screamin' f'er KUUUUUNGGGGG.....

Aries pauses as the crowd boo.

Aries - .....ARIIIESSS!! Well...that does 'ave a nice ring to it...doesn't 'et?

Aries smirks as the crowd continue to boo him. He slowly, but surely, walks off camera.








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