CCW Turmoil Unleashed


We head backstage to see Chris Ryder talknig with Jeni Gaines, Chris is leaning back against the wall while Jeni drinks a soda.

Ryder: "Well I it all works out okay for you, seems confusing why he would be doing that"

Mrs. Gaines: "Yeah ... I dunno', maybe he'll be okay ... I'm just at a loss as to what's going on with him right now ... but enough about that, I hear you're pushing for a rematch against Trips' at Chill Faktor for the TV Title"

Ryder: "... Maybe, I've been thinking about it a lot and ..."

Just then, Ed Reed walks into shot clapping his hands, the crowd can be heard jeering.

Reed: "Look who we have here, the FORMER Television Champion, well how are things? Chump? It's been to long since we had a nice chat Chris, I believe the last time we talked, was when "The Movement" was around, am I right?"

"The faction that was obviously carried by myself and Sean"

Chris rolls his eyes.

Reed: "Oh you know it's the truth"

Ed looks over at Jeni.

Reed: "Just because your man and this idiot over here couldn't hold up there end of the bargin, to carry there bagage, we lost a lot of respect from the guys in the back"

Chris jumps up and gets in Reed's face.

Ryder: "Excuse me? Didn't hold up our end of the bargin?! You've got some nerve, wasn't it you and Strider who lost the tag team gold to Team Underdog?"

Ed's face turns red as the crowd can be heard cheering.

Reed: "First off, that's NOT the point. Second, IT WAS A FLUKE! And we'll prove that point when we win the title back"

Ryder: "Oh give it a rest Ed, all you're trying to do is hind behind Sean because you know you couldn't handle the heat of a solo career ... you can't can you Ed? ... You just don't have what it takes to fight on your own do you?"

Jeni looks on as Chris and Ed stare face to face for a few seconds, Ed grins and steps back.

Reed: "You know what? Forget it, you just aren't worth the trouble. I have other things to deal with, so I'll see you later ... Chump"

Ed walks off screen as Chris goes back to his conversation with Jeni.




The fans cheer as the arena lights dim and Thrice starts to play, at the top of the ramp Jason Michaels appears and struts down to the ring, every now and then he hobbles a little and tries to feign injury...

After climbing into the ring he gets handed a microphone and the crowd start to boo as they realise they are about to get yet another lecture by the cocky rookie...

Jason (Looking smug):
So I guess Recon has his shit being tested right now with Nathan Gaines, and even though I couldn't care less about that piece of shit, at least he is getting his arse handed to him.... So I guess its time to move on and re-start my career right here on Turmoil... And where better then by getting the man they call 'Mr Can't Win a Match' out of this damn company and off the air, this guy he couldn't run a bath... Hell its clear you can't polish shit and he my friends is shit!

The crowd boo and Jason laughs as he struts around the ring cockily

Jason: Yeah I mean if he was given a lightbulb to change he would need to call his momma!!! The little bitch has no......

The British national Anthem starts blaring around the arena, with Red, White and Blue lights flickering round. A Search light begins flying around the crowd, Michaels begins to depart the ring when the darkness is interupted.


Paul Pugh is standing in the centre of the ring, and Michaels is still outside. Pugh takes up a Microphone and stares at his adversary.

Pugh: Listen Lambchop... Can you not read? I was supposed to open tonights show... *The Crowd Cheer as he continues* Why don't you grab your un co-ordinated little self, scurry on back to your rock, and perform your nightly ritual... You know, the one where you masturbate in the style of Charlie Chaplin while reading Good Housekeeping magazine...

Michaels: Wait a god damn minute.... Who do....

Michaels is stopped mid sentence by a suicide dive from Pugh to Michaels... Both men are lying on the outside while the crowd are exploding.

Pugh staggers to his feet and gets back into the ring.

Pugh: See... Wasn't that exciting...? *The Crowd Cheer* And thats what I'm all about... Excitement... Those of you who went to this past week will know that I promised something tonight... I promised London would be calling. And Ladies and Gentlemen... London is calling... but how...

Pugh plays a little to the crowd

Pugh: I promised to unveil the future of OCWFED tonight, the future of Wrestling... I said the future was British, I said the future was Brilliant, I said the future was coming...

Pugh: And On Riot..... The Future will become clear, but for now, I'll let you enjoy Turmoil... Oh and Michaels...

Pugh runs at Michaels and Performs a Baseball slide thru the bottom rope. His music hits again and he leaves.




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