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Live From Miami, Florida!

We welcome you back to another week of Turmoil! Hows it going folks, as always I'm Johnathon Rivers and with me is Double S!

So many old people.


t On tonight's show the CCW Champion and runner up in the Super S Cup, RD Money tackles the CCW T.V. Champion Trips.

He let down CCW Rivers, he should be stripped of the Title along with being tarred and feathered.


t 3 Matches in one night is quite the feat Scott, he still did CCW proud. Also tonight, The Rumble Road Winner Brad Bauer takes on nobodys favourite, Matt Spears.

Jason Michaels steps into a CCW ring for the first time tonight against Banjo Grimm. And more...unfortunatly.


Steve Jones Walks over to the side of the ring and calls for a mic. The ring announcer complies and Steve heads toward the center of the ring as he waits for the applause to settle down.

Steve Jones: Last week in my interview, I posed the question to the CCW Champion RD Money…I wanted a match at Chill Faktor, a shot at the CCW Championship. I also gave him a little incentive, that if I don’t defeat him, that I would forfeit any shot at the CCW Championship in the future while he was the champ. I figured with that he’d would have given me an answer as soon as I walked in the arena door, but now it’s…whatever time it is and still no response. So, I’m out here to call out the champ and demand an answer. RD Money, come out here and give me my answer.

A few seconds pass by as the anticipation begins to rise as RD Money's music hits and heads down to the ring to confront Steven.

The crowd settles as RD slings the CCW Championship over his shoulder. He heads over to the side of the ring and requests another mic.

RD Money: At first it was nice and now it's annoying, Steve. I am the Greatest CCW World Heavyweight champion to ever step foot in a ring. You call me out? Have you fell and hit you're thick skull? How could I even begin to take you seriously after you attack Versus without standing up like a man?

Steve Jones: First of all…champ, you shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. Like I said last week, I did it for Versus’ own good. He knows that and I know that. He needed time off to find out who he was again, and I provided that to him.

Was it the most conventional way to do it, probably not. But you know, that’s between me and him, not you. You shouldn’t be worrying about what happened in the past, you need to be concerned about the present…and the man standing right in front of you.

RD Money: I see you are trying to pluck my nerves, Steve. And far as me needing to be concerned about the present, you need to be concerned about what you are trying to get yourself into and how you're life will change at this current rate.

RD clutches the CCW title with a serious look on his face.

Steve Jones: I know exactly what I’m getting myself into, champ. Do you think I would have made that stipulation if I didn’t know what I was doing?

RD Money: A lot of mutts have put there brain aside. I mean look at are nuts for having the audacity to call me out. You may think you know what you're doing, but let me assure you that you don't.

Steve Jones: Listen here RD…I am not a patient person. I’m sick of this song and dance we’re doing. It’s a waste of both of our time, and the more we go in circles, the angrier I get. RD, you’ve seen me angry before, and you know it’s not pretty sight. I’m trying to avoid that. I want, for once, to try to do things the right way, not try to annoy, belittle, or attempt to kill to get what I want. So again champ, I challenge you to a match at Chill Faktor for the CCW Championship. What do you say?

RD Money: I am a fighting champion and I have never backed down from a challenge. you think you got what it takes to dethrone Greatness, eh? I'll show you why I am the Greatest champion of all-time. You wanted got him, Potna.

RD extends his hand toward Steve to shake hands, and Steve accepts. As they shake hands, RD pulls Steve toward him so they are face to face as they look eye to eye at each other.

RD Money: You see this title on my shoulder? This is MY title. You got your shot at it, but I’ll be damned if it leaves my shoulder.

Steve Jones: You’ve never fought someone like me before RD. At Chill Faktor, you’re going to see two years worth of frustration and disappointment come to an end when I become the new CCW Champion.

RD Money and Steve Jones continue to stare down each other for a moment. Then, RD Money’s entrance music begins to play over the PA and RD leaves the ring and heads to the back, followed afterwards by Steve Jones.


Michael Heaton comes through the entrance ramp passing both Steve and RD and heads into the ring and begins leaning on the ropes of the Turmoil ring. With spiffy sunglasses on his head, and a microphone in his hands, he looks to the crowd, enjoying the reaction he gets from his fans.

Heaton: Good evening!...all you people here in...uh...

The Miami crowd waits eagerly for Heaton to remember his current whereabouts.

Heaton: ...well, back up. It's hot as's humid as Hell. Back up a little bit...getting my baggage from the airport...was Hell. Finding my way to the stadium...was Hell. Running from DJ Chino lookalikes...scary as Hell. My conclusion - I'm in Hell.

The crowd boos Heaton with some mixed laughs.

Oh come on! A guy with a puppet says it and it's okay! Work with me. Anyway! The reason I'm here tonight was originally to participate in a 3 on 1 Handicap match with CCW Main Eventer Justin Time.

The crowd boos a little louder.

Heaton: Hey! I'm not a heel! Besides, I didn't book myself in this match. Uh...right, back to this. Uhm! Uh...well...right! The match. I'm very sorry to say that the scheduled match will not be happening. Apparently, Seth didn't feel like beating the crap out of the jobber, Nemesis was off doing something with Banjo I could make a Brokeback Mountain joke about, and if you really want to see me beat him to death, you could go to - there's a plug - and go watch the match of me beating the crap out of him.

The crowd laughs a bit, with some unintelligible shouts heard.

Heaton: Speaking of archives, I've pulled a match out for you all today that I think you will enjoy. Harken back to the days Guy Fausto was scared of his own fireworks, and Majin...was...uh, someone else's tag partner? Remember the days where Mad Michael Morrison was the only Michael on the block, and Val Finale was the guy everyone hated. Not much has changed, and that's why I'd like to show you all one of my favorite matches from 2006...2007? Who cares? Enjoy.

Heaton drops the microphone as the arena lights dim and the titantron kicks up.



The Miami crowd is fierce with boos as Bauer chuckles to himself and cerimonisously paces the ring. He removes his sunglasses and drops them into his shirt pocket. He's handed the mic.

Bauer: Last night...ah last night.

Crowd continues to boo, letting up briefly for Bauer to continue.

Bauer: Last night was a tough road, a long road, and for 19 other superstars it was a rocky road.

Bauer leans over the rope and points out a heavy set fan.

Bauer: NO! Not that kind of rocky road. Jeez, I heard cubans were chubby but this is ridiculous!

The crowd begins to chant: YOU GOT LUCK-Y...YOU GOT LUCK-Y...

Bauer: Luck had nothing to do with it. Precision, is a much better word to think about in situations like these. As I was saying, 19 other superstars had a rocky road last night. But I, Brad Bauer....(pause, followed by a fist in the air) BRADBauer!!!!

BRADBauer!!!! followed by boos.

Bauer: I was the ONLY man on the Rumble Road!

The crowd continues to uproar against Bauer.

Bauer: I out lasted, outwilled, and out wrestled 19 of OCW and CCW's finest. Most importantly, I outsmarted everybody. There is no man smarter than I in this entire organization.

Just then DND's music hits. Richards and Double A make their way down to the ring. Bauer looks miffed at the interruption.

Bauer: My friends have come to congratulate me.

Double A grabs the microphone away from Bauer.

Double A: Congratulations...

Double A stuffs the microphone back into Bauer's chest. Richards is calling for his own mic.

Bauer: What's your problem?

Double A shakes his head and turns his back on Bauer and Richards.

Bauer: Back to how I am the smartest man in this organiz-

Richards: Don't you mean how "I" am the smartest man in this organization?

Bauer: Assigning numbers doesn't make you a genious Richards...

Double A takes the microphone from Richards this time.

Double A: If you were assigning numbers, how in the Royal hell did I get the number one entry? Do you know how embarrassing it was last night, to be in my hometown, getting tossed over the top ropes by Michael Heaton?

Bauer: Richards didn't have any control over you drinking a twelve pack before the match...nor did he have any control over your inability to handle the little guy.

Double A: Funny, your girlfriend said you have the same problem....

Richards separates the two men.

STOP IT! STOP IT! When the entry order was determined the CCW participants were delegated their order of entry based upon a totally unanimous system. I can't help it if I "happened" to select Brad's name last.

Bauer: Don't sour my moment Double Ass....its bad enough these neanderthals here in Miami are making this arena smell like bacos and nacho cheese.

The crowd begins to boo again.

Bauer: The fact is, I defeated 19 other men, including become the 2007 Rumble Road winner.

Double A: You only had to face two competitors...and neither were hardly good enough to win anyway.

Bauer: We can agree on something for a change...

Double A: All I'm saying is that I got screwed last night....

Bauer: You mean the the twins after the show?

Double A: Screwed twice...err three times then...

Bauer puts an arm on Double A's shoulder

Bauer: Don't hate, celebrate!

Double A:
You're a real piece of know that?

Double A hands the mic back to Richards.

Richards: I have one more announcement to make. but I think I'll wait until later this evening to announce it.

The crowd boos Richards for leaving them hanging.

Bauer looks upset over this mention of a surprise announcement. He consults with Richards and Double A as they leave the ring and head back up the ramp.






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