CCW Turmoil Unleashed



Bombay, India

Live from the Wankhede Stadium in Bombay


**The Scene opens with Regan, who is in a wheelchair, in his office that is still missing a desk after last weeks actions. Regan who is visably angry at the dismantling of his desk rolls over to where it should be and looks around. Just then there is a knock on the door and in comes Kang James, Vincent Valmont, and Nathan Gaines.**

Kang: Kang is no expert but Kang believes that a GM is suppose to have a desk

Regan: Shut up I know that you degenerates destroyed my desk and damn near crippled me two weeks ago

Gaines: Only damn near? I'm upset with myself, usually my chair shots are much more effective. My apologies for not getting the job done.

Regan: Very funny Gaines. Glad to see you can still laugh. Since you're all in such a good mood. I thought I should share in your fun. Tonight Vincent Valmont will begin his hardcore tour against non other than K.D. in Turmoil Tumble Hardcore Match. As for the jokester himself, as our wonderful champion himself stated last week, you will be forced to defend your title against The Steve. However, since I'm in such a generous mood, I-Gen will be banned from Ringside, and any interference will cost you that title. As for the leader of the three ringed circus...well you'll just have to wait until next week for the suprise I have for you. Just remember what goes around comes around.

Valmont: Well boys you've heard the man he's on a power trip and all we can do is abide by his rules

Kang: The Kang thinks there's only one thing we can do for this man.

**Valmont opens the door and Gaines picks up the trash can. Kang slowly begins to creep behind Regan.**

Regan: Damn right you hoodlums should leave and take out my trash. You're nothing more than second rate wrestlers with no respect for those who came before you.

**Just as Regan finishes Kang grabs Regan's wheelchair and begins to wheel him forward. **

Regan: What in the blue hell are you doing? Let go of me.

Gaines: Well we only thought it would be fair that since you're on a power trip, we just help send you along on the way. Kang if you could...

**Kang pushes Regan forwards as Gaines covers him with the Trashcan. Valmont then gives a good shove as I-Gen sends Regan cruising down the hallway in his wheelchair with a garbage can on his head**

Valmont: Lata days Willy Mays!!!!

**The Scene fades out**


Welcome too OCW Turmoil in blood hot India.

Water! Water! I need water!

Don't worry, people I got enough water! Just not for my partner

Bastard! Gimme water!

Allright let's do a rundown. Tonight we two championships on the line. The Ex Title and The IC Title. Both made by The Champ and Bossman of OCW Jaysin Sensation. So Omega Dragon defends his title against Wonderful Wesley and Kang James defends his IC title against The Steve. This may end up being a wonderful night for The Bloodline. Over too my co-host.

Water! Water! I need Water!

Unfortunately Water is not on the match list, Rivers, but Vega vs Evan Knox is and we heard rumours that Vincent Valmont will continue his Hardcore Tour.

Last match is ... Water! Gimme some water, please!

*drinks water* Again my compagnon it's not Water that is in a match tonight. Our last match is Kavito vs Ryder.

Bastard! Gimme some water! Right now!

Not if you talk too me like that!


Chris Ryder vs Kavito




Indeed close match! In the end he was begging for water! You saw that right! Keep em calling!



*coming back from commercial break, Omega Dragon is standing by with Stacy Clark.*

Stacy: I am here with the OCW EX champion Omega Dragon. This past week you lost to some say will win the EX title before the year is over with, & the following Riot you fell in a backlash match against one of your pupils "Katinzo Hatachi" old rivals Chris Baxter. This week your schedule is slam packed of canvas bone breaking and high flying action.

*Omega looks at the belt then adjusts the title on his shoulder.*

Stacy: Tonight you face a man who has been chasing the EX title for a few months now "Wonderful" Wesley. He has almost beat you before in singles competition before. If you lose tonight it can change the course for you at the next PPV.

Stacy: How do you see these odds stacking against you?

OD: Look I hear everyone in the back doubting me, that's fine. The people who don't doubt me are my fans.

*crowd pops*

OD: The one thing Stacy you can't forget is I am champ, there is a reason I have this belt. You can be skilled in the ring but you also have to have smarts about the ring.

OD: I take risk people don't take because they are afraid to, or they are afraid to fail. Some are ground written and don't take flight to the air like the dragon does. Just look at how close I came to beating Steven Parker on one of his blazing streaks. Not many people can say they have done that well against that man, but I can. I take the risk because I have the heart to Stacy.

Stacy: We know that Omega, what about this tag match this Friday on Riot. You are pitted against the #1 contender for the belt Jacob Trance.

*Omega cuts Stacy off.*

OD: Trance isn't the number one contender right now Stacy, Wesley is. You never forget who you have to face before the other. Trance realizes this and probably would rather fight Wesley than me, I have no doubt about that when he has the tenacity to come down to the ring after a loss to Vega to trash talk.

OD: As far as me tagging with Vega this Riot against Aries and Trance, we will see who has that fear in their eye & who doesn't. Tonight against Wesley you will see the fire in the dragons eyes.

*OD walks off to go get ready for his title defense against "Wonderful" Wesley.*

Stacy: Tonight Omega Dragon takes on Wesley. Lets see if when you mess with the dragon , do you get burned?

*Cameras fade out back to Double S.*




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