CCW Turmoil Unleashed


Live From Anaheim, California!

And we are back once again for another week of Monday Night Turmoil! I am Johnathon Rivers with always my partner...

I am not your partner. Because the white man forced me to sit next to you 4 Monday's a Month and once on Sunday's for PPV's does not mean I am your partner.


t ...Double S...Well after quite a short edition last week, we plan to blow up this week with one heck of a show. Including the beginning of a Best of 3 Series for the CCW T.V. Title between Chris Ryder and Trips!

2-0 for Trips. Ryder will be exposed this week for being nothing but a Champion in Name.


t A new man returns to CCW here tonight, Steven Jones is back and is ready to take on The Air.

No drugs, less bad-ass, less ratings. BOOOOOOOOOOOooo.


t Seth Irving will also make his in ring return tonight against Pugh, and CCW vs. OCW takes place as Hardcore Champion Venom battles against Tyro Kraven in a non-title match!

And to point and laugh, we get to watch Deano Horse against Carlos Cruz from last week in costumes! I've got money Deano comes out as a giant bottle of KY.



RD stands in the ring while taking in the loud reaction from his fans. RD then takes off the CCW title and sling it on his left shoulder while grabbing a mic from the ringside annoucer.

RD Money: "Thank you everyone."

Crowd continues to chant for Greatness then finally settles down as RD is about to speak once more.

RD Money: "I guess this is the official Greatness celebration ceremony since I could not be with you all last week. You see... I am a man on a mission these days and I am all about my money. The moves have been set in motion and the world will be taken by storm. Digital Greatness will be number one in the coming years further stretching my money. But tonight, we are not going to focus on that because last week at Devils Nights, a man decided to put his life in his hands."

Chants of Steve Jones can be heard throughout the arena

RD Money: "Steve Jones made his triumphant return to OCW looking to right the wrongs he have commited over the last year. And what does he do... he attacks my friend Versus.

Crowd boos

RD Money: "But thats not all ladies and gentlemen, he has the balls to tell Greatness he is next!"

RD looks into the camera

RD Money: "I'm next for what, Steve? I assure you that you do not want to go to war with Greatness. I'll make you want to pull your lip over your head and swallow yourself. Don't be fooled by you're false hopes in thinking you have a shot at taking down the Greatest wrestler in wrestling history!

Many before you thought they could stand the test of Greatness. At the end of the day those mutts found out that one quote holds true. Punks jump up to get beat down. So I suggest you walk away while you are still able or you will just be another to feel the wrath of Greatness.

Now I know you are not going to listen to my warning so I will leave you with this. You are not on my level and you are not on my shelf, but you can and you will be just other notch on my belt. Make a move... "

RD hands the mic back to the ringside annoucer as his music starts to play. He exits the ring while holding the CCW championship in the air with one hand. Cameras then fcous on the commentators.



A close contest that came down right to the end. Would'nt mind seeing that one again, maybe under Hardcore Rules?

Who does this guy think he is? An extra from Dead Presidents? I hope he never comes back...goths.


Ov Terror is seen walking down one of the arenas hallways talking on his cell phone

Ov {on cellphone}: Manny. for the last time leave me alone.

Ov hangs up the phone as he stands in front of the DoW locker room. Ov reaches down to the handle and opens the door to reveal a wrecked locker room.

Ov: What in holy California has happened here.

Ov begins to walk around the locker room towards his locker examining the mess along his way.

Ov: Recon is gonna be pissed at this.

Ov looks at Venom's locker and sees the handle is broke. Ov walks towards the locker and peeks inside

: Holy Shit.

Ov looks inside to reveal a voodoo doll of Venom with Pins in the arms and legs, the doll's head inside a mousetrap and the body wrapped in barbed wire

Ov slams the locker door and walks to his locker and notices a note stuck to the door. Ov pulls off the note and begins to read it.

Ov {reading the note}
: Dear Scumbags. I told you I had a surprise package waiting for you,your just unlucky that this mess and the doll isnt it, you'll have to wait for the package. Yours fuckfully. Anon. P.S Watch your back!.

Ov tears the letter up into a thousand pieces and leaves the locker room in rage. As Ov turns the corner a noise is heard, the cameraman runs out of the door to see a masked man kicking Ov in the chest and punching his face. The masked man looks upto notice the camera focusing on him and then he begins to run down the hallway leaving Ov in a bloody mess.




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